Bigg Boss 13 Written Update, October 8, 2019: Paras chooses Dalljiet over Shehnaaz during 'Queen No. 1' task

Bigg Boss 13: The ultimate battle for the 'queen of the house' begins among the girls with the other contestants pitching for their own favourites. Let's check out what else is in store for us in today's episode.
Bigg Boss 13 Written Update, October 8, 2019: Paras chooses Dalljiet over Shehnaaz during 'Queen No. 1' taskBigg Boss 13 Written Update, October 8, 2019: Paras chooses Dalljiet over Shehnaaz during 'Queen No. 1' task
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The episode starts with Koena and Dalljiet discussing about the nominations. Koena also goes on to call some people fake. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz teases Siddharth by saying that he has become crazy in love. Later on, Koena brings out the topic of nominations yet again in front of Rashami and Devoleena. Bigg Boss gives a good news to the housemates that they can choose their partners at their own will now. Post that, the contestants have a discussion about the same.

Devoleena and Rashami check for the comfortable area of the room for their beds. Sidharth, Shehnaaz and others discuss about the same. Later on, Koena and Siddharth have a discussion about Asim. Koena feels offended that Asim asked her to tell something about his body. Shefali then comes and has a little argument with Siddharth about the nominations. Arti also indulges in the conversation and confronts Asim for talking about saving Koena if he was in Asim’s place.

Meanwhile, Shehnaaz poses as a possessed spirit and scares everyone with her acting, starting with Siddharth Dey. Later on, she tries scaring Asim too. The drama continues for some time leaving the other housemates in splits. Later on, Paras and Shehnaaz try to sort out their differences. Shehnaaz says that everyone is trying to split them up.

The next morning begins with the contestants waking up and dancing to the song ‘Dhol Baje’ from the movie Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram - Leela. They are baffled when they find a giant gate in front of the house. Later on, Sidharth and Asim argue with Devoleena about the food that will be cooked at the kitchen daily. Dalljiet passes a comment saying that Paras is the one who should look after the matter. Devoleena also says that she can’t be in the kitchen all the time. Later on, she says angrily that Bigg Boss should give the responsibility of the kitchen to the boys. She gets emotional later on and says that all the people come separately and demand for the food at their own free will and time.

Later on, Devoleena bursts out when Shehnaaz asks her about the food that needs to be cooked in the kitchen. Dalljiet then confronts Paras about the same that he is not doing his work of looking after the ‘ration.’ Paras, Koena, Shehnaaz, Sidharth and others have a conversation about the same. Sidharth bursts out later on post which Koena says that they should be given the responsibility of the kitchen to understand the same.

Sidharth then says that everyone has got some footage due to this argument related to food. Mahira then gets angry and says that everyone is here for footage only. They have a major tiff about the same. Shehnaaz and Mahira also have an argument later on. Devoleena requests others later on not to interfere when she is doing her own duty. Shefali then confronts Asim about keeping the bathroom clean which makes him angry. Paras also agrees and says that the bathroom is not clean and all. Asim then accompanies him to the bathroom and asks the latter to teach him about cleaning a certain portion of the bathroom.

Shehnaaz then complains about Devoleena not making thin rotis. Sidharth joins in and says that there is no problem in demanding big or thin rotis. Rashmi then says that there is a problem about the same as people have different demands about the food all the time. Ultimately, Rashami and Sidharth burst out at each other. Koena then tells Sidharth to let Devoleena cook the way she likes. Sidharth ends up arguing with her too.

Rashami then confronts Shehnaaz and says that she sympathizes with boys and bursts out at her for arguing with them about the food in the kitchen. Koena and Rashami have a conversation about Sidharth. Koena then calls him rude and calls out on him for his behavior. Sidharth and Rashami’s fight continues with the two of them calling out at each other. Rashami then goes on to call Sidharth a thankless person.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces about the commencement of the second task which is called ‘Rani No 1.’ The girls will be posing as the queens and will be fighting with each other to become the first queen of the house. The task resemblances a kind of fantasy movie as the lives of the queens are trapped inside earthen pots. The girls are required to break each other’s earthen pots when being unlocked by the boys and the one whose pot gets saved at the end will end up being the first queen of the house.

Henceforth, the housemates begin their planning and plotting about the same and of course, everyone tries to pitch for their favourite queens in front of others. The task begins with Devoleena breaking Shefali’s pot. This makes Shefali angry who then bursts out about the same. Later on, much to everyone’s shock, Paras ends up unlocking Dalljiet who then breaks Shehnaaz’s pot. Shehnaaz then talks about Paras with Shefali. Paras and Shefali have an argument about the same post which he says that Shehnaaz did not come to convince him even once. Paras even accuses Shefali of instigating Shehnaaz against him. Now, it will be revealed only in tomorrow’s episode as to who wins the title of the ultimate queen of the house.

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