Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra disrespects the show after being in bottom two; Says, "Laanat hai show pe"

Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharm receieve the least number of votes this week, and left everyone shocked. While Mahira seemed upset, Paras went on to disrespect the show. Here's what happened.
Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra disrespects the show after being in bottom two; Says, "Laanat hai show pe"
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The Weekend Ka Vaar Episode came as a shocker for everyone, with Salman Khan making a sudden entry through 'Me TV' and again lashing out his anger on the contestants. Not only this, he also announced that the makers have decided to extent the show for 5 weeks more, to which all the housemates had mixed reactions. Just like all other WKV episodes, Salman Khan gave inmates a report card of their behaviour during the week and how well have they fared in the eyes of the audience.

 What came as complete surprise was when Salman Khan revealed that Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma received the least number of votes. Yes, Paras and Mahira did not fare well on audiences report card. Hearing their names shocked everyone, including the two best friends, who were utterly disappointed. Paras couldn't digest the fact and in a fit of anger said,  "Laanat hai show pe." He continued saying that if housemates who are doing their best and participating actively in the happenings are in the bottom two then it is worthless. 

Hinting towards Hindustani Bhau and Arti Singh, he said that if people who aren't doing anything are still receiving votes. Mahira,who is also affected by the fact gets a little upset, but later laughs it off. Later, Arti is seen talking to Himanshi and Asim about Paras' attiude. She said that Paras must be thankful to Bigg Boss to give him an opportunity and make him a part of the show. She further said, instead of being grateful he is questioning the makers.

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During the WKV chatter session, Salman asked Mahira to analyse her game in the house. To which she said that she is playing a peaceful and calm game now, and whenever she speaks up people call her rude, arrogant and manner-less. Here, Salman Khan advised Mahira that Rashami had been evicted because of being quiet, and he also clarified that she was not responsible for saving Mahira previously. 

Do you think Mahira and Paras deserve to be in the bottom two? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Paras and Shehnaz. These two are the only reason why I am watching this show. Paras is cocky funny. It's a shame he said "lanat hai ki I on the show" Pinkvilla please re listen. Don't just type anything without validating the words. Paras is a gamer and I love watching him. Don't kick him out! I will never watch Big Boss ever again! - With love from United States.

They should be kicked out. Both of them are very irritating and stupid

Big Yes.. Definitely both of them should be out. Very irritating & loud mouth

No they don't deserve

Paras should be in number two position after Sidharth.


Both are playing dirty...shud b thrown out

Paras is playing v well.

Most irritating people in the house. Both Mahira and Paras play very dirty and ugly game, they should should be shown the door asap.

Paras and Mahira should be out of the house
Useless people

Yes both should b out khas kr mahira ko tu phainko bahir

Both Should be thrown out of the Show

Paras and Mahira both Should be thrown Out of the Show,
Both are Irritating and Thankless person, Worst Garbage of Big Boss house

Both should be thrown out of the house paras taking things for granted thinks he is the winner

Paras is playing really well..



Paras deserves but Mahira should be eliminated, she is in the house only becoz of Paras.

Paras ooff Chhabra
Playing a role playboy in TV serial and you thing you are a playboy. Don’t stay in dream you are very irritating in the show the way you portray yourself.
On that your M Sharma Involvement each and everywhere make your game ugly.
Any way this is a game check your tongue it has no bone once altered it doesn’t come back.

Paras playing ugly game audience did not like it the way he talks behave so it is naturally

Yes paras and Mira donon bahut hi jyada irritating person hi

Paras is also moofat with Salman. Paras and Mahira should be out!!

yes they should be out of the house

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