Bigg Boss 13 PROMO: Salman Khan lashes out at Sidharth Shukla, talks to him aggressively

In today’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, we will see Salman Khan talking aggressively to Sidharth Shukla
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The good news is that Bigg Boss 13 is faring well at the TRP charts so much so that now the makers have decided that the show will get an extension of five weeks and if reports are to be believed, the finale of the show will take place in February 2020. That said, we all know that on Saturdays and Sundays, Salman Khan comes onto the show to talk to the gharwale and in the latest, it is being said that on today’s Weekend Ka Waar episode, Salman Khan will talk to Sidharth Shukla exactly how he talks to other contestants and that is, aggressively. That’s right!

In the promo, we can see that Salman Khan will take Siddharth Shukla's case, in the way that the latter understands and that is, Salman Khan will talk to Shukla aggressively to give him a piece of his cake and to make him understand that the way he talks to others is not acceptable. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Salman Khan was seen giving a stern warning to Shukla to watch the way he behaves in the house, and in today’s episode, we will see Salman Khan talking to Siddharth Shukla aggressively wherein he will go from his normal tone to a loud tone, and then Salman will tell Shukla that this is how his voice in the house sounds to the outside world.

In the previous Weekend Ka Vaar episode, we saw Salman telling Shukla to come and have a one-on-one with him if he is so interested in fighting with Asim. Well, this is clearly not the first time that Salman has warned Shukla of his behavior and we fell now, it is high time for Shukla to get his act together before he actually gets physical with someone in the house. This week, Sidharth Shukla became the captain of the house, and today, he will be seen having a fight with Vishal Aditya Singh after Vishal and Rashami get a scolding from Bigg Boss for stealing the luxury budget.

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Dear Salman sir throw out sid, paras, and shanyaz they are very rude contestant paras and sid behavior is horrible don't like to see such nonsense all are good except this two this is a show where they have to show skill and not get agressive and hurt others

Asim is annoying and become very proactive person at times. Also this is a family show so what he is doing with himanshi is not decent at all

I must say Asim should be kicked off big boss and Himanshi they are both snakes sly as this is not entertainment the kids are watching only aggression from Asim seriously Sid is aggressive but he is mostly calm but Asim just gets annoyed for anything- and Himanshi the back biting just provokes she is not entertaining at all.

Sid is playing very well.. he is the way he is ... not sugar quoted person like Asim .

If this would the way he worked with his co stars
He wouldn't had been invited to participate in this

If this would the way he worked with his co stars
He wouldn't had been invited to participate in this

Yes offcourse he playing gud

Right sidh playing very well

Asim shd win big boss.
The most honourable, descent,good & playing bigboss as per his standard & i wl call him the example of a perfect human being.

M hindu & m proudly saying if Asim is Muslim, i love Allah & wl pray allah for making every child like Asim, shefali, devolina,himanshi, Aarti, bhau & vishal.

All r examples of perfect humanbeing.

I pray to god, allah & bhagwan to gv me childs like above guys.

My fav Asim, shefali, devolina, Himanshi & Aarti.

No Asim should not win the show I think it’s Sid who should win as he comes out as a decent and understanding human and follows advice when told

Seriously! Lol from what way does he follow advice. Open your eyes

Respected salman sir, now all house mates created a group.

So in nomination, the bigger group wl nominate the smaller group & as a result the good peoples in the house wl b evicted & there wl b no choice for the viewers, if asim,shefali,himanshi wl b nominated as their group is small.

So do something that we the people watching bigboss must nominate, else u play a trick for SATYAMEBA JAYATE.

Dearest & respected salman sir, u hv made common man to superstars & big stars to sadak chap persons.

So pls pls dont support any contestant if he is not the ideal person in house.
Like sidharth, paras,mahira, sanna, coz they r not playing big boss they are hurting extremly to other members of the house mentally by going personal.

I m regularly watching big boss & i think among Asim Riaj, shefali, himanshi & devolina must win bigboss, as they r playing in perfection.

I mean if playing foul, punishment in games shd b a big one.

If Asim Riaj, Shefali or Himanshi wl not win bigboss, then its not worth watching bigboss.

Rest are playing for the footage but these peoples are examples for our society.

sid is becoming useless as days passing .. when he was alone and entire house was against him, only asim was giving him full support. now when entire house is targeting asim, its sad that sid not supporting him and instead bitching against him to paras who is not deserve to be in the show for his below standards level talks.

Sidharth Shukla is playing very well. He is right in asking vishal why vishal stole luxury budget items

Sidharth speaks what he feels, he doesnt sugar coat, which is good, though he sometimes is loud, but not fake, others r trying ro copy him..he is going really good..

Big boss is an entertaining show agreed but at the same time how can a show allow contestants to disgrace women or other contestants? Siddharth is mad and at times seems God knows high on what. he is known for wrong reasons . Paras Chabbra is another fellow who dsnt think twice before insulting co contestants including women. Salman pls pull them both. They think they are the next superstars. Someone tell both that man should be a gentleman first.

right absolutly right. ........but these things will not come in the mind of their blind folded supporters
......asim has also aggration but his way of handal it is totally different he never cross his limit ......and always try to exclude women from his aggration

If people are complaining then they shouldn't watch Big Boss. If you leave the aggression behind, Sidharth is really doing good in terms of strategy and other stuff. Atleast he is better off than other contestants. It's a different format reality show. The Colors needs TRP else they will have to shut the show.

One must not watch, if getting influenced or carried away.

It's about mind game and human relationships not everyone can tolerate it.

Pakka tu Aastin k Saamp ka fan h.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement