Bigg Boss 13 PROMO: Shehnaaz Gill is upset with Sidharth Shukla & swears to never talk to him; Here’s why

In today’s episode, we will see Sidharth Shukla nominating Rashami Desai and Paras Chhabra for nominations which will deeply hurt Shehnaaz Gill.
Bigg Boss 13 PROMO: Shehnaaz Gill is upset with Sidharth Shukla & swears to never talk to him; Here’s whyBigg Boss 13 PROMO: Shehnaaz Gill is upset with Sidharth Shukla & swears to never talk to him; Here’s why
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Bigg Boss 13 is clearly dishing out high dose of entertainment because the reality show, owing to high TRPs, has been given an extension of five weeks and that means, the show will see its finale in February 2020. That said, the current episodes of the show is high on drama as Arhaan Khan and Shefali Bagga have entered the house, and in today’s episode, Bigg Boss will give a special power to captain of the house- Sidharth Shukla wherein he will have to nominate two contestants for evictions.

While Rashami Desai was an obvious choice for Sidharth for nominations but what came as a surprise was when Sidharth nominated Paras Chhabra as he said that Paras is on his side, Shukla is here for the game and thus he nominates Paras. Well, this clearly didn’t go down well with the other gharlwale and Shehnaaz Gill, who shares an amazing rapport with both, Paras and Sidhart, was deeply hurt by Sid’s actions and in the promo, we can see Shehnaaz telling the gharwale that he will never talk to Sidharth now. Well, this is clearly Sidharth’s game plan and he would definitely want to eliminate Paras from the game because he is competition to him.

In the said video, we can see Shehnaz Gill stating what Sidharth did in the task (with Paras) was wrong and she also said that she is hurt over his decision. Will this mean the end of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s friendship? Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the updates!



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Sidharth Shukla is playing good game, keep it up.



It isn't fair to give chance again to old contestants who have already been out of the show once. If they want to extend then they should only give chance to new celebs only to keep the game fair enough for everyone.

Anonymous Rashmi should think thousand times before accepting Arhaan's proposal as she already has one broken marriage. Arhaan seems to be a dominating and possessive person even before any bond. Also they do NOT match together at all. Rashmi deserves a better person. She should think of her career first and she is better of without a man in her life. Hope she reads this comments as history should not repeat and ruin her life.

Arhan and sefali re entry is very boring ,Sid is very smart usse hi bigg Boss 13 hai .sb uske piche pade hai aur o akele hai ,he is real king of bigg Boss season 13

This show should be banned encouraging the candidate shukla who shows agression and disrespects women. This is Sid Boss show not bigg boss

Don't want to watch BB now, it is now boring to watch after re entry of repeated contestants. Faltu me stretching of Bb

Sana is getting very irritating...she is very disloyal n dishonest.if she likes paras so much she shud stick with paras.but she is with shukla coz she knows he is the potential winner.Morever they brought back arhaan again and the makers will show show the irrtating pair of rashmi arhaan.
will stop watching it now as the next step will be all housemates ganging against shukla.

That's absolutely true

Seeing Arhaan is really boring. Re entry of Arhaan is bakwas. Whenever he talks I mute my TV. I am big fan of big boss. If unable to see the show same day. I watch online next day. Don’t want to see Arhaan in big boss

Arhan nd Rashmi should be thrown out of bb house.

Only arhan should be thrown out

Now Asim is playing very bad he should understand what sid is doing and why? Sana is making the things more worse for Shukla and now whole house goes in against with Shukla. The re entry of contestant makes the show more worse and dirty . Don't want to see BB again . Sad for all bb fans that the show is not what it was earlier.

Bigg Boss is getting stupid with every passing day .. re entry of few contestants was the stupidest thing to do... show should end now ... n Rashmi Desai n Arhaan Khan both should be thrown out


Re-entry of Arhaan is bakwas . Now not interested in watching Bigger Boss


Sukla is very smart. Hes knows between paras n reshmi. Reshmi would be eliminated. Paras is jus a bait. His real target is reshmi desai.

But paras got less votes than Rashmi in the last week So don't you think paras will be eliminated

Arti has always backed Siddharth....For once, I feel Siddharth actually backing Arti (and that too openly) is good.

Paras and Saba playing very dirty. Saba is no saint!!



This show is getting more cheap and dirtier. Celebrities can get so low and abusive. All for TRP. It's boring to see the loud fights and same pushing and shoving like local trains

Certainly no rules , when Mahira and Paras were nominated, unnecessarily they were saved , R we fools who keep voting and no decision is made , now power given to Sidharth Shukla . Who is he ? Producer of show or contestants. All fake and dirty show . Stop watching it and stop voting if the votes r not considered

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