Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai, Paras Chhabra call Shehnaaz Gill 'flipper'; Hina Khan says 'It's her personality'

The Bigg Boss 13 housemates turned against Shehnaaz Gill and accused her of flipping sides always. Hina Khan, who came as a guest, expressed her opinion about the same. Here's what happened.
Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai, Paras Chhabra call Shehnaaz Gill 'flipper'; Hina Khan says 'It's her personality'
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If you've been following Bigg Boss 13, you might be well aware that TV actress Hina Khan, entered the controversial house for the third time this season. The beautiful diva stepped in with a unique and one of it's kind mission. She hosted the interesting 'BB elite club', where the selected housemate would be saved from the nominations for the coming week. Yes, the winner of the BB elite club, would be empowered with immunity from the nominations next week. 

Hina was seen choosing the first member of this club between two strong contestants, Asim Riaz and Shehnaz Gill. She asked both of them to prove why they are better then each other and why they deserve this special membership. While Arti Singh defends Shehnaaz, Rashami Desaic came out to support Asim. Both the contenders take the task seriously and go on to point out their positives and the opponents negative. While doing so, Asim accuses Shehnaaz of being flicker-minded. Rashami Desai and Paras Chhabra also jump into agree with Asim's opinions and call her a 'flipper'. Arti comes out in support of the Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif and reveals that she might have flipped but she changes sides only when she thinks people have not respected her. 

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Hina Khan also interferes in the conversation and tries to defend Shehnaaz Gill. She says, 'Maybe that is her personality. She is not faking it all here. Everyone in the house has flipped in the house.' After all these heated arguments, and disagreements, Hina declares the task concluded and goes on to make the decision. 

What are your thoughts on the same? Do you think Shehnaaz Gill cannot be trusted in the house? Also, what do you think about her current love and possessiveness for Sidharth Shukl? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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She is the most IRRITATING house mate. She is fake and flipper. How can people like such personality who kisses every person and just wants attention for no reason.

Shenaaz is a drama queen who is trying to grab viewers attention by her tactics. Who beats themself and crying. I've seen people cry like that in some parts of India during death of person they are specially hired to create scene like that shenaaz is best suited for it. She is faking everything to grab attention. What she does is not cute at all, she is more cunning than everyone in that house.It's so irritating.

Sidnaaz is the most boring thing in Big boss . And Big boss makers repeatedly showing sidnaaz thing even after Sunday drama.

Sana is an immature uneducated girl. She does not understand the meaning of any English terminology amongst them is the word " possessive". Her behavior on the task was unacceptable. Yes she is been marked as a jealous person by none other than cunning Paras, but what about Mahira? Who all the time watching Paras like a hawk ?
Talking about the Elite member of BB club, Sana cannot come close to Asim.Sana does not have any dignity or self respect about herself. Very happy to see at last all understand the meaning of "Elite" & the crown goes to Asim.
Talking about Sana-Sid relationship, Sid is taking full advantage of Sana's foolishness & immaturity. And also Arti should be blamed for it as she is playing her game getting involved with these unbearable two.

Sana is not fake, she has a clear heart, paras and mahira have made a feel like this paras is split personality and mahira is his puppet. Sana is genuine and fyi all have flipped see Shefali jariwlaa what cheeky woman. Rashmi is lost case. Asim has also flipped so has Vishal and Madhurima. Siddharth and Aarti are very nice and the queen of the house is my Sana I’m being biased I watch the show for her. I’m disturbed after Salman Khan made fun of her emotions it’s very unfair

She is very clever but yes her behavior in house is irritating n she keeps on boring doing same stuff daily....don't know what she wants to prove....she is not real and keeps on changing her behavior....she is not clear what she is saying...n yes if she loves Siddharth in reality then plz tell him and she should definitely stop doing these idiotic stuff

No she is acting like this. She is very clever and very clever in playing her game. She is not jealous from anyone like mahira is more jealous and bachi. Without paras she can't do anything. Everytime she needs someone support. Real flipper of the house is zariwala. Ya Sana actions are some time irritating. In a nomination day she is the one who play smartly. Aarti,madhurima,vishal,zariwala and mahira most boring and backwas. Koi game hi nahi hai.

Plz sana ko abhi nikalo. She is 25 not 5.her behaviour not right for anybody.Sana is Most of the immatured and discusting girl in bb house. sid ke sath jo kar rahi hai use sochna chahiye ke ye programme uski ghar ki family member bhi dekh rahi hai. Itni irratate pahele kabhi big boss dekhne mai nahi huyi jitni isbar ho rahi hai. Paras bhi thik nahi hai. Bb koyi matured sofisticated insan ko jitna chahiye jo akela lar rahi hai.

Some say she is too clever some say she is too stupid some say she is fake and some say she flips... She is the only girl who is entertains us.. She is the only person cz of whom we watch the show.. She is the only one who knows how to love.. She is the only one who has been used misused and abused ..and she very much deserves the attention she demans... Whats wrong with all the haters.. Love her cz thats what she wants n thats what she deserves.. She isnt punjab ki katrina kaif.. She is Indias shehnaaz Gill... Her own identity is magic!!

I vote for Ashim,shana is the unstable player,she cannot
be a winner.

Sana biggest fake .. irritating seeing her all the time hugging Sid.boring seeing this all the time.

We too felt that she is cute n kind she became irritating...where we all supported her to win the show n hearing that she keep shukla above the we are a fools to vote her....she is the most intelligent girl in the house....she is clear with her game in her mind but acting smart by showing innocent to herself...

Sana’s behaviour makes her seem a bit mentally unstable. She may be attached to Sid but is sticking to him only because Paras doesn’t give her any attention and she knows Sid is the strongest contestant. Her childish behaviour trying to control Sid is getting annoying now.

Shehnaz is fake n she is just doing al this drama for footage.Its irritating watching only her in daily episode specially her crying drama

She is simply using shukla fr a game..her eyes are set on paras d trophy...she is annoying to watch d extremely bad example of how girl should b...

Sana says thing how it is so everyone uses her to make themselves look good and her bad. look at Paras to make himself look really good he has used the two girls against each other for his own good.

LOL you guys take this too seriously. they all playing a game. Sana i being targeted as she says thing without thinking about it. Paras is playing a big part in making her look Fake.. but they are all Fake look back at all the clips they have all had issues with each other but now using each other to win votes.. at least she has the guts not to talk to someone again if they have crossed her..

Everyone in this house has flipped.she is not fake.just needs attention as I think she never got one when she was kid. She must have had some past due to which she is like this. But she is in love as pyar karo to shiddat se karo warna na hi karo. She does not like jealous word ...I am sure everyone has their own fear few people get to know but few dont.I am for shehnaz and I can somehow understand her.

She Shenaaz is completely most fake person, dramebaaz, now it's becoming irritating watching her, Sidharth is mature stop giving her footage n spoil your image...

Yes she is flipper... Fake person in d bb house.. Plz sid stay away frm her...

Vote for Asim n vomiting for shanaz

Shehnaz is only interested in hugging n kissing Sidharth.which is the most irritating part of biggboss13.

Whatever she is..shez expressive nd not fake...she deserves to b there in elite club

Shehnaaz kaur is not stupid . It’s all drama to fetch attention. In her mind her game is clear. She fakes it all. How come so innocent on Friday’s and so clever with homies. She is not a kid just behave to be one. Fakester

I completely agree, she is the most clever person in this house and trying to fool everyone with emotional drama since day 1, she is the most fake person I have ever seen.

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