Bigg Boss 13: Sambhavna Seth and Shefali Bagga SLAM Paras Chhabra; Say, 'He has gone overboard this time'

Sambhavna Seth and Shefali Bagga took to their Twitter to lash out at Paras Chhabra for commenting on his financial status, looks and more. Take a look.
Bigg Boss 13: Sambhavna Seth and Shefali Bagga SLAM Paras Chhabra; Say, 'He has gone overboard this time'
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A day without fights is not possible in the Bigg Boss 13 house. Even after all the lovey-dovey tasks, the atmosphere of the house doesn't seem to change and spats erupt out of everywhere. The recent to create a mess in the house is 'Sanskari Playboy' Paras Chhabra. Yes, we're talking about Paras and Asim Riaz's ugly fight in the latest episode following the luxury budget task. Things turned extremely ugly and went out of hands between the two. To put it simply, Paras turned a small mole into a hill house. 

The fight started when Asim was washing utensils. Paras and Asim entered into into a verbal spat where the Paras commented on Asim's looks and called him ‘chikna launda.’ He even went on to comment on Asim's financial status. While Chhabra uttered nonsense, Asim controlled on his tongue and fought in a rather smart manner. He did not say anything gibberish and kept his cool. But, Paras' demeaning comments have angered Asim's fans and supporters, who are calling him out for stooping so low. Many users have backed Asim and slammed Paras Chhabra for being arrogant and throwing unnecessary attitude.  

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And after receiving support from Netizens, former Bigg Boss contestants Sambhavna Seth and Shefali Bagga have also backed Asim Riaz. Shefali Bagga who has been a part of Bigg Boss 13, took to Twitter and slammed Chhabra for his ridiculous behaviour. She said she agrees with whatever Asim told Paras near the pool area. Lashing out at Paras, she said that he has gone too low today. Praising Asim for taking a stand for the women in the house, she said that she is proud of him. 

Bigg Boss 8 contestant also expressed her views on Asim and Paras' fight on her Twitter handle. She said that Paras went gone overboard and he was speaking total shit. She also added that Paras considers himself a player, but today Asim played with him. Asim instigated him to speak bad and make him the villian of the house. 

It will be interesting to see how Salman Khan reacts to this fight on Weekend Ka Vaar. What are your thoughts on the same? Comment down below and let us know. 

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Paras and Mahira are the most irritating characters in the house. They think they are playing smart but in fact it is the opposite. Their fans are really angry with them.

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