Bigg Boss 13: From Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz to Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma; A look at the UGLIEST fights

As Bigg Boss 13 is spinning through it's last days, here is a look at all the ugly fights that took place in the controversial house.
Bigg Boss 13: From Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz to Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma; A look at the UGLIEST fights Bigg Boss 13: From Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz to Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma; A look at the UGLIEST fights
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Bigg Boss is a reality show that is specially designed to churn out all human emotions. There is love, there is drama, there is emotion, there is laughter and there is action. And, Bigg Boss 13 was mostly about that last bit. Yes, BB 13 has been full of controversies and fights. There has never been a day that has gone without anyone getting at loggerheads with each other. From fighting over food to getting at war during tasks to dragging each other families in the tussle, the 'tedha' season has crossed all limits when it comes to aggression. 


Whether it is past contestants or host Salman Khan, everyone has bashed the housemates for turning extremely violent on the show. Not only have they broken BB rules, but they have disrespected the show's format. While some have called BB 13 bizarre, some think it is disturbing and violent. As the show nears its end, today we take a look at all the ugly and dirty fights that took place in the house. These fights not only left the makers shocked but also fans of the show aghast. 


Take a look at the ugliest fights of Bigg Boss 13: 


1. Asim Riaz Vs Sidharth Shukla 


The Ram- Lakhan of BB 13 house, have got into such nasty fights that one cannot forget (even if he/she tries to). From verbal fights to abuses to pushing and dragging families in their mess, they've done it all to prove themselves as villains. Not once, twice or thrice, Asim and Sidharth Shukla have indulged in dirty fights several times. In fact, sometimes even every alternate day. However, their first fight will always be remembered, because it from there that the friends turned into enemies. It happened during ‘Shehnaaz Ka Swayamvar’ task when their verbal spat took a violent turn. This was the first time that people in the BB 13 house engaged in physical violence as both of them pushed each other aggressively. Ever since their, their fights have been going down the hill and have become got unbearable. 

2. Rashami Desai Vs Sidharth Shukla

Rashami and Sidharth have a history of ugly fights. The Dil Se Dil Tak co-stars have been on a cold war even before they participated in Salman Khan's show. However, things in the house only got nastier as they came on loggerheads several times. Situations went out of control when Rashami, during a heated argument with Sidharth, spilled hot tea on him. That's not it. In return, Sidharth went violent and not only threw tea back but also tore Arhaan Khan's shirt, who was supporting Rashami. It only added fuel to the fire as the two stooped to new lows by calling each other names and abusing each other on national TV. Well, all of this happened right in front of Salman Khan's eyes, who was taken aback with their ugly personalities. Though the former lovers are on good terms now, they have created enough ruckus for the season to leave everyone shocked. 

3. Rashami Desai Vs Mahira Sharma 

Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma cannot stand each other, and they've made it extremely clear. From kitchen duties to calling each other names, the two have engaged in multiple spats. While Rashami called Mahira a stupid and immature kid, the latter went to call the Uttran actress 'aunty'. Rashami has often accused Mahira of misbehaviour and in one of the recent WKV episodes, Mahira yelled saying, 'I hate Rashami.' 


4. Paras Chhabra Vs Sidharth Shukla

Though they're good friends now, things were not smooth between Paras and Sidharth at the initial stage of the game. The two got into a major tiff during the 'ladder task' as they both tried to win over each other and destroyed the opponent team members' ladders. Their fight took a nasty turn as they screamed on top of their lungs and called each other dirty names. Ultimately, they did not allow anyone to complete the task and Bigg Boss had to cancel the task. 


5. Shehnaz Gill Vs Sidharth Shukla


They are touted as one of the cutest couples of BB 13, however, there have been ample of times when the two have had differences. Though most of the times their nok-jhok was sorted out within a day or two, there was a time when Shehnaaz burst out in anger and turned to physical aggression. It all happened when Sidharth tried to make Shehnaaz feel jealous as he got close to Mahira Sharma. He kept praising Mahira and called Shehnaaz a 'jealous person'. Sidharth's behaviour made Shehnaaz upset and she started sobbing. Later, when Sidharth went to convince her, she lost her cool and got mad at him. She slapped him repeatedly and also pushed him away. Not only this, but she also used the 'chappal trick'. 

6. Mahira Sharma Vs Paras Chhabra

Another BB 13 couple that was pulled out for hitting each other is Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma. Though the two have been playing the 'just friends', their chemistry has attracted many eyeballs. But, the became the hot topic of discussion when Mahira gave a tight slap across Paras’ face for planting a kiss on her cheeks without her permission. Well, Mahira's attitude was not liked by Paras, who told her to behave nicely as he cannot tolerate women who disrespect men.


7. Madhurima Tuli Vs Vishal Aditya Singh 

Ex flames Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh created a big ruckus inside the BB 13 house, following which Salman Khan had to throw the actress out of the house. All this happened as the former lovers engaged in a nasty fight where Madhurima lost her cool and hit Vishal aggressively with a frying pan. Things went so out of hand that BB ordered them to be in jail until Salman decided their fate on WKV. Ultimately, since violence is not allowed in the house, Salman asked Madhurima to leave the house. However, this was not the first time that the duo got into a war, before this, Madhurima had hit Vishal with a 'chappal' (slipper) for which she got nominated for two weeks. 


8. Shefali Bagga Vs Shehnaaz Gill

Now, they're best of friends, but back then, the two also got into a cat-fight. It so happened during the 'Snakes and Ladder' task. When Shehnaaz tried irritating Sidharth Dey, Shefali accused her of touching boys and getting close to them. Shehnaaz felt that she had character assassinated her, and cried her heart out. Later, she launched an attack on Shefali, who got extremely irritated and wanted to leave the house. 


9. Paras Chhabra Vs Asim Riaz



Many have accused Asim Riaz of provoking people to get into a fight. Paras and Asim have never liked each other and have maintained distance. But a fire broke out between them when Paras crossed all limits and body-shamed Asim. From his financial status to his social outlook, Paras stooped to new lows to prove that Asim is a weaker section and has no character of being a star like him. However, this wasn't the first instance, they previously fought over rationing duties and Asim also accused Paras of hiding tea. To which Paras threatened to slap him for calling him a 'chor.'


10. Siddharth Dey Vs Arti Singh

Siddharth Dey and Arti Singh also engaged in a word or wars that turned out to be nastya and ugly. Well, Dey's 'do kaudi ki ladki' remark did not go down well with Arti, who hit back yelling at him. During another task, in an attempt to get Dey out, Arti tickled him and he passed yet another bad comment on her. He said that he doesn't need a massage as her tickles were enough and she tries to come close to men purposely. Dey's derogatory remarks were slammed by many including Arti's brother, Krushna Abhishek. 


11. Sidharth Shukla Vs Devoleena Bhattacharjee


While now they've been seen flirting with each other to no limits, but their fondness wasn't from the beginning. They've screamed at each other like no one in the history of BB ever has. Well, initially the differences came up due to Devo's closeness with Rashami, who happened Sidharth's arch-rival. However, things worsened further when during a task Devoleena accused Sidharth of using physical aggression on her and even threatened to put a #MeToo allegation on him if he dared to touch her again. At multiple instances, Devo had accused him of losing temper and behaving inappropriately with women in the house. 

12. Shefali Bagga Vs Devoleena Bhattacharjee

A fight broke out between Devoleena and Shefali Bagga during the 'BB Money' task. Not only did they shouted at each other but they also got into a physical fight of sorts. In a bid to get themselves saved, they pushed each other exercised no caution. Just like all other fights, things got messy and beyond ugly between the two bold women.


13. Devoleena Bhattacharjee Vs Shehnaaz Gill

Devoleena had been tagged as the 'chota packet bada dhamaka' of BB 13. She had been several times accused of getting into physical fights with the housemates. Well, no one had been away from Devoleena's radar, not even the cute Punjabi Kudi Shehnaaz Gill. In an episode, Devo got extremely furious at Sana, and it went up to a level where she even was seen hitting the latter hard after a few missed attempts. Devo received a lot of backlash for her aggression and Twitter users tagged her as 'dumbolina'.


14. Devoleena Bhattacharjee Vs Vishal Aditya Singh


Devoleena did not even spare good friend Vishal Aditya Singh of her anger. During a task, Devoleena revealed a secret to Vishal regarding Sidharth Shukla’s plan. Sidharth got to know something is cooking between them and asked him to tell the truth. Vishal (being the nice guy), uttered out everything to Sidharth, following which he confronted Devoleena about the same. Devo got massively upset with Vishal for opening up to Sidharth about something that she'd told him out of trust. This resulted in Devoleena screaming on top of her voice and calling Vishal a liar. Vishal also got furious and shouted back at her saying that she will have to leave the house before him. 


15. Himanshi Khurana Vs Shehnaaz Gill

The Punjabi Kudi's have had a history, which only got uglier in the BB 13 house. While initially, Himanshi kept a distance from Shehnaaz, things took an ugly turn, when the got in a verbal spat. It happened during one of the captaincy tasks when Himanshi accused Sidharth Shukla of applying force and hurting her. Shehnaaz jumped in between saying that there is no need for false accusations as she had not done anything like that and there are cameras around to keep an eye. Infuriated by Shehnaaz's interference, Himanshi retaliated and aggressively pushed her away. She raised her voice and asked her to back off. To which, Shehnaaz also replied, 'Muh tod dungi.' (I will break your face). 


Which fight shocked you the most? Now, that the 'tedha' season is soon going to end, which rivals do you want to see as friends again? Do you also think that BB 13 was the most aggressive of all other seasons of the show? Let us know in the comment section below.


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