Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla doubts about Shehnaaz Gill's loyalty; Says 'You can't be loyal to anyone'

Bigg Boss 13's cute jodi Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill have not been on good terms since a few days and looks like matters will only worsen in the coming days. Here's what happened last night between them.
Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla doubts about Shehnaaz Gill's loyalty; Says 'You can't be loyal to anyone'
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Bigg Boss 13's most-loved jodi, Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill's friendship has the rocks. Yes, the two best friends have not been on good terms since quite a few days. And if you're thinking it is their cute nok-jhok that will be sorted soon, well it doesn't seem like that. Sidharth is adamant that he will not talk to Shehnaaz ever again. He was seen telling Shehnaaz that he doesn't want fake people like her in his life anymore. But, the Punjab Ki Katina Kaif also remained stubborn and said that she will keep nagging him until he talks to her again. And this is what happened in the latest episode. 

While Sidharth was sitting in the garden area trying to be peaceful after his ugly fight with Asim Riaz, Shehnaaz noticed him and started irritating him again. She came near him and giggled saying that she know's he is angry and upset with her, but she cannot really control her laughter on seeing him like this. She puts in her best foot forward to influence Sidharth in talking to her, but the angry young man doesn't pay any heed. In a fit of anger, he asks her to go away and says that enough is enough now. However, Shehnaaz seems to have taken Sidharth's anger lightly as she jokingly asks if he is going to behave in the same manner for the left month in the house. 

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She keeps asking him about why is he annoyed with her, but Sidharth does not answer. Later she rests her head on Sid's shoulders, which annoys him further and he pushes her away to shift on the next sofa. He is heard saying, “I was not talking with you for all this time as time-pass. However, lately after noticing and meeting many people, 'I've understood many things. If you cannot be loyal to your parents, then you cannot be loyal to anyone else.' He leaves the area saying that he does not wish to keep in touch with such disloyal people.

Upon hearing such harsh words from him, Shehnaaz looks deeply hurt, and she follows him to the washroom area. She confronts him about the harsh comments that he made. To which Sidharth replies, 'Look Shehnaz, you and I have invested enough emotions and time in all this, but now I cannot do it anymore.' This angers Shehnaaz and she tells him to not talk about things he isn't completely aware of and leaves from there. She is later seen sobbing and shedding tears uncontrollably in the bedroom area. 

Well, SidNaaz fans are sure going to be upset by all this. But, why do you think Sidharth is behaving in such a manner with Shehnaaz? Do you think he has understood Shehnaaz's game? What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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This Day That Year


Shahnaz n sid both r playing their own game. Sid is so arrogant, abusive n hot headed. If Sana plans 2 move ahead with him then that's a wrong decision. If Sid wins then I would say BB is fake. That guy should be thrown out.alongwith him paras, mahira n shefali should b thrown out

Sid saw how she behaved around Kartik Aaryan and Gautam Gulati. That irked him only a little until she avoided talking to him for a bit after that and was later seen talking to Paras which must have irked him further since he must have been made aware by her for what her father advised her. Sid realizes he’s falling for her while she may flip after the game show when given attention by likes of Kartik and Gautam. By now, if you really like each other, there should be a boundary on how you behave with other temptations around which clearly Shehnaaz doesn’t understand or is too smart and knows well how she is using Sid for the game. Whatever may be the case, Sid’s reaction is obvious and understandable. He is trying not to say too much but it’s difficult for him as well to be by himself and he is disturbed which led to all issues with Asim!

agree with you. but Still should have chosen better words to say so Sana

Hugging and kissing in ugly way on national television proves that she is not loyal to anyone Siddharth had never done like her. She told Rashmi that Tisra bunda hota to use bhi vo love karti. What is love did she knows 25 years girl is not like her buchhi. Still Siddharth took care of her and done whatever she told.. How aggressive he is.. Still he never showed his aggression towards her when she was irritating him.. But still I want both of them together. I think this is all channel's stretagy. Maker's playing game।. Sidnaaz best Siddharth Shukla the winner. Please post this

sid is the worst one in the house, a narcissist. If someone does not agree with him they're not his friends anymore and wrong, he needs slaves not friends

Bigg boss sucks if he wins

She is either too clever or too dumb..

Shehnaz is totally fake and Siddhart has understood her game. The girl who seemed to be totally in love with him and to the extent that even Salman had to warn Siddhart of her obsessive behaviour, suddenly says in front of Karthik Aryan and Salman that she loves Karthik and not Siddhart in that way. What about all those things she said to Siddhart. People were concerned about her and she is making a fool out of everybody. Maybe Siddhart has realized her game.

Sehnaz has no game except Sid.

sana was doig burayi of sid and thodi der baad phir aa gayi suke paas ki baat kar

agar aap kisi ki burayi kar rahe ho to kaise us se nazre mila sakte ho

pleaseeeeeeeeee post

thank to god
sid ko pata chal gaya, sid is great

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee post

Sehnaz is very clever and fake...

sana thinks its only her emotions that counts and nobody else, sid on the other hand had loads of affection and love for her. her act of getting on over gautam gulati and going mad and saying that siddhart isnt important and kept on going mad over gautam and kissin him all over wasnt taken well by sidharth, same happened when kartik aryan came into the house. whereas when kangana came inside the house and danced with sidharth that didnt get down well with sana and she created a ruckus. sana is a flipper and has taken sidharth for granted whereas sidharth always maintained a good relationship with her, its due to the recent gautam gulati and kartik episode when sana made a mockery of self that sidharth had to put his foot down and take a decision.its better to get away from such fake and flip person than hurt yourself

Siddharth genuinely grew attached to Shehnaaz, and we could all see how he's been protecting and caring for her since the beginning. However, the way shehnaaz misbehaved hugging and kissing male guests at bb house without restraint, just proved she's like this with everyone. It showed she has no real attachment with Siddharth and has been just Ben faking with Siddharth and using him. Also she pays no heed to her own fathers advice, speaks to Paras and then also doesn't seem to mind him talking bad about him, Salman khan felt more bad about it rather than she herself. Shehnaaz used to be my favorite but as time has come, Its evident that she has no loyalties, no stand, no ideals, no integrity, loose morals.. She received so much love from Salman, public and Siddharth Shukla who treated her like his queen but she proved she doesn't deserve even to be a friend.. Sidharth is very emotional and it will be best if he ignores her the remaining days..

That’s so rude of Sidharth. Actually I feel he’s lying ... he himself has fallen in love with Shahnaz which he’s not able to accept for some evident reasons. He’s trying to be away by giving false excuses ...

Shehnaz is a big flipper...and she has shown.this again n again..if she flips when the team.needs y is she shedding tears if sid is saving aarti n.mahira...she taught the concept of FLIPPING ..wat u sow that u reap...gud sid...stay like this...

Yes. He understood her game. If she tells Paras that don’t bother abt what her Dad said n forgives Paras for saying bad things abt her Dad then what kind of a daughter is she? Was using Sidharth all the time. She only told Rashmi that she doesn’t love anyone.

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