Bigg Boss Season 13: Teejay Sidhu REVEALS Sidharth Shukla will not be penalized for his aggression; Here's why

BB12's ex-contestant Karanvir Bohra's wife RJ Teejay Sidhu has called out to the violence in house. Read what she has to say.
Bigg Boss 13: Teejay Sidhu REVEALS Sidharth Shukla will not be penalized for his aggression; Here's whyBigg Boss 13: Teejay Sidhu REVEALS Sidharth Shukla will not be penalized for his aggression; Here's why
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When Salman Khan announced Bigg Boss 13 as a 'Tedha' season, we all were excited to see the drama unfold on the show. But, slowly and steadily, the controversial house was filled with violence and fights. It turned out to be not-less than a war zone where all housemates are have shifted their focus from winning the show, to pulling each other down. Bigg Boss is known for its crazy and fun-loving tasks, but this year especially, aggressive quarrels have made them uglier and murkier. 

One brawl that caught attention of millions on social media, was of Sidharth Shukla during the recent BB transportation task. Sid got into a distasteful scuffle with fellow contestant Mahira Sharma during this captaincy task. In fact, he ended up up physically hurting Maahi and later clashed with Paras Chhabraa. While most of the housemates demanded Sid's eviction from the house, Bigg Boss rather let him stay. He was rather given a stern punishment and nominated him for the coming two weeks. 

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While some Bigg Boss fans have called out Sidharth Shulka for his violent behavior, others are furious as they feel the makers are showing continuous favouritism and bias towards the 'Dil Se Dil Tak' actor. Speaking of the TV industry, celebs like Farah Khan, Kamya Punjabi, Dolly Bindra and also Sid's late co-star Pratyusha Baneerjee's mother have come out in Sidharth's support. 

The recent to express her opinion about the season is  ex-contestant Karanvir Bohra's wife RJ Teejay Siddhu. Though the host-cum-actor has been sharing her thoughts about the latest season on Twitter, she has now openly talked about her feelings with IWM Buzz. 

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Unlike her contemporaries, Teejay doesn't think that Shulka is being protected especially. Instead, she feels that it is a natural course of the show to support anyone who is providing drama and spice. In the same report, she also said that for drama Bigg Boss often turns a blind eye and they will not really penalize Shukla for his over-aggressive behavior. 

Pointing out to the show's violent format, she added that there are no quality players this year, as most have been consumed in the previous years. She also suggested that the makers should have taken a break as planned before. What are your thoughts on Bigg Boss 13? And do you also agree with Teejay Siddhu's views? Drop-in your comments below. 

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Sid is aggressive, yes, but he is playing right, anyone can get angry, even others too gets aggressive at times
One should use own brains and not get influence with other opinion ... to know the person attitude and observing....
And I think is not right to talk about their past ...
That is one to one talk, is their problems, why must others get involved...

Way to go big boss

I support Siddharth Shukla.

Yes ofcourse Sidharth has aggresion but He is right in his place...He haven't done anything Mahira's action again carefully in voot app...we all will know that she is really hurt or she is over reacting to prove Sidharth wrong..but he is right everyone know it

Talking about Aggression. I dont think he shows one. It is natural reaction if soneone shout at you infront of your face. Everyone knows that Sid have come across lots of Gali and taunt. What would anyone do if anyone someone provoke you? No one is saint to take all nonsense. Sid is right.i support Sid

Sid was not wrong.BT he is always aggressive.

Sorry to say but agar koi insan kisi task ya game k liye insaniyat hi bhul jata h sirf game ko jitne k liye then it's totally wrong , BB house mai aake sbko sirf khelna ya jitna hi nahi h unko realtions bhi ache banane h , it's a house right ? To agar jb baat ghar ki aati h to waha rishte pehle aate h , and the second one thing is agar jo sidharth ne maira k sath kiya same wahi chij Paras ya koi aur Aarti k sath krta to sidharth kya react krta ?think about it , don't saw the game of BB house blindly

Who is this Mahira - very irritating? Siddharth Shukla is the best man in Bigg Boss 13.

Same things

Ohh plz tee jay last time ka Apna frustration mat nikalo he is playing completely well I agree at times he gets aggressive but mahira KO dekha hain apne and he just pulled sag mahira khud giri, aur first abra ka sabra chabra ne push kiya sid KO fir sid ne kiya aur sid KO punish bhi nahin karna cahiye tha big boss ne

Sid was was a task..

Sid is best.

I completely agreed with Teejay it was normal reaction from Siddharth it was just task and Siddhartha is right during the course of time such type of incident took palace it's show because he get love from audience mahira just to get footage why all contestant target only one vote to sid

Sid is right

Sid is right

Sid is right

Yes Sid is doing good he is doing natural pls remove mahira she is only targeting Sid she doesn't have any thing to play.

Yes sid is right

Sid is wrong..y people can't see his aggression..

sid is right i like him in this show

sid is right i like him in this show

Siddharth is right.

Sid is my favourite

Sid is in the show because he has gained audience love & support. He's a hero. I support sid, asim, sana ❤

My vote goes to Sidhart Shukla

I support sid

Sid is right

I am with you sid you are the best.. A warrior man indeed

I completely agree with Teejay...i support Sidharth

I support sid

I love sid

Sidharth is not at all wrong.....we support sidharth

I too supportSid

I support siddhartha love u

Sid was right

Yes ,sid is going good
I support to Siddharth

Yes its...its was just a task...sid was right..


I too support Sid and Sana.

My vote goes to Sid Shukla


Yes i completely agree with you. It wasn't done on purpose. It was during the course of the task that the incident took place. I support Siddharth Shukla. He's the heart of the show . People mess with him and target him just to get footage . He's right in his place . During the task everyone got aggressive then why target only one man?

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