Bigg Boss 13: Twitterati slam Mahira Sharma for pointing her shoe at Sidharth Shukla; #MahiraKaun trends

Mahira Sharma faces backlash for pointing her show at Sidharth Shukla. Twitter reacts
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The thirteenth season of Bigg Boss has been high on fights and arguments as clearly, the house is divided into two groups- one being Sidharth Shukla and the other comprising of Paras Chabra. In the latest task titled BB transport services, as always, arch rivals, Mahira Sharma and Sidharth Shukla got into a fight. It so happened that when Sidharth’s team won the first round, Paras announces that Mahira will be out from the team and Asim is seen telling everyone that yes, Mahira should relax as she looks tired. Then Shehnaaz intervenes and tells Paras to take her name and let Mahira play.

And later, Shehnaaz tells Mahira that Paras decided to remove Shehnaaz from the team but Sid intervenes and tells Shehnaaz as to not lie to Mahira and tell her the truth that it was not Paras but Shehnaaz who asked Paras to remove her and not Mahira and thereafter, Sid and his team laugh over it. On seeing this, Mahira loses her cool and points her shoe towards Sidharth. In the video, we are shown that Mahira sits and points her shoes directly at Sidharth and knowing Shehnaaz, she tells Mahira to confess that she is pointing her shoes towards Sidharth. Mahira denies saying she just wants to rest her legs.

Soon after, Twitterverse mocked Mahira for her shoe act and criticized her as it didn’t go down well with BB viewers and they have expressed their views. While one user wrote, I swear by god !! #MahiraKaun is the most irritating and annoying contestant in #BiggBoss history!! Swami om , Priyanka jagga and surbhi Rana all r looking like saint in front of this annoying lady!! Throw out please #BiggBoss13,” another user expressed her discontent with Mahira and for always, targeting Sid.

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OMG Mahira Sharma so god damn annoying, her and her fake "team" have nothing better to do but target Sid. Paras is so damn annoying with her too! #AllvoteforSid to give the others a slap for always targeting him.

Sid is real hero in bigboss#23

Sid shukla is doing good in the show. Mahira should be nominated not him.

Sidharth Shukla is best

Sid is best

Sid is the best
Rest all should be out

Take Mahira out of Bigg boss house. She is so boring

Sid is the very well i love him not wrong playing


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