Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Update, January 12, 2020: Salman advises Sidharth to be careful of Shehnaaz

Bigg Boss 13's today's episode witnessed a task between Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma. Read on to know more.
Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Update, January 12, 2020: Salman advises Sidharth to be careful of ShehnaazBigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Update, January 12, 2020: Salman advises Sidharth to be careful of Shehnaaz
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The Bigg Boss episode begins with Salman Khan making a grand entry on stage and greeting the audiences. Thereafter, he enters the house through Me TV. He congratulates them hilariously for being nominated. He also asks Paras the reason post which he tries to explain his point of view. Salman then talks about how the opinions of the housemates differentiated in terms of saving Mahira. Shehnaaz tries to provide her own point of view about the same.

Mahira interrupts her and accuses her of giving a wrong statement. Salman asks Mahira what problem Shehnaaz has with her. Mahira says that there have been fights among them since the beginning of the show. She also cites that Paras and Sidharth are the reasons behind their fight. Salman says that Mahira also has a problem with Shehnaaz just like the latter has for her. Paras says that no one can trust Shehnaaz. Mahira says she has never spoken ill about Shehnaaz and that she feels the latter is jealous of her. Shehnaaz says she has heard things from Mahira related to ‘problem’ and ‘jealousy.'

Mahira accuses Shehnaaz of proving herself right and the other one wrong. Paras also says that Shehnaaz has been filled with attitude because of the reason that the public loves her. He says that he stopped talking to her because she creates issues. Thereafter, Mahira breaks down on being asked by Salman whether she is angry. Salman then says that this is the first time a word like jealousy has been used in the season.

Thereafter, a task is conducted between Shehnaaz and Mahira to know who among the two of them is actually jealous. Asim, Rashami, Vishal, Mahira and Arti vote for Shehnaaz citing the reason that she is the one who is possessive and has problems. Everyone break into laughter when Sidharth arrives. He says that Shehnaaz is not jealous but is actually hurt. He admits that he, in fact, talks to Mahira. Sidharth says that he does not try to pacify Shehnaaz because it is difficult to do so all the time. Ultimately, he votes Mahira as the jealous one.

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In between this, Salman asks that if Shehnaaz is not jealous then why the housemates are using the word all the time. Shehnaaz breaks down badly and asks everyone to stay away them. She says that she has a problem with that particular word. Shehnaaz asks Salman whether she is the one who is actually jealous. She then says that she does not want to stay there. Salman says that there is nothing wrong in being jealous. Mahira says that Shehnaaz is faking everything.

Shefali Jariwala and Paras vote Shehnaaz as the one who is jealous. Shehnaaz says that everyone including Salman Khan has called her jealous. Shehnaaz refuses to listen to Salman which irks him. He asks her not to do any drama in front of him and behave respectfully. She keeps on saying that she does not want to stay and leave the house. Salman then says that if everyone is saying the same thing that she is jealous then it is definitely the fact.

Shehnaaz goes towards the front door and asks everyone including Sidharth to stay away from her. She accuses them of defaming her in front of others and Salman Khan. Sidharth tries to pacify her but to no avail. She also feels guilty of behaving badly in front of Salman Khan. Mahira says that she is happy Shehnaaz’s truth came out in front of Salman.

Salman enters the house through Me TV again and informs Sidharth that Shehnaaz is in love with him and that it is a bad one. He also asks the housemates to keep Shehnaaz out of the house. He asks Sidharth to be careful of her too because she is very much possessive. Salman says that it will be worse when they will be out of the house. Sidharth goes and tries to talk to Shehnaaz. She keeps of repeating that she wants to leave the house because she has disrespected Salman Khan.

Paras talks to Vishal about Shehnaaz’s tantrums and also says how she talked about the same during the comedy show. Sidharth schools Shehnaaz for talking things about connectivity and jealousy. Shehnaaz still does not pay heed to his advice and says that she will leave the house. Sidharth requests everyone not to talk anything related to the incident in front of Salman Khan. The superstar also asks the housemates not to talk about certain things in front of Shehnaaz.

He calls Shehnaaz a stubborn child who keeps on demanding things which is bad for her. Salman then asks Vishal the status of their relationship. He asks Vishal about the ‘chappal’ incident that happened between him and Madhurima. Salman schools him for his behaviour and words towards Madhurima. He also schools them for abusing each other on national television. He tells them that their emotional bond is very strong. Salman says that the two of them have a very wrong attitude towards each other.

Salman asks Vishal what his current relationship status is. He says that the pattern of their fight has now been picked up by other housemates too. Thereafter, the housemates are shown some clips of specific incidents which leave them in splits. Salman says that the entire country is watching them. Sidharth Shukla also laughs about the same post which Salman says that it is not funny at all. He also tells Shukla that the public has taken the incident of him pinning  down in a very wrong manner.

Salman says that Bigg Boss is not a tv show or a film but is actually a reality show which is not scripted. Sidharth gives his own point of view about the specific incident involving Shehnaaz. Salman says that he understands Shukla’s reasons but many people have taken the incident in a very wrong manner. Thereafter, Salman calls on stage Deepika Padukone and welcomes her to Bigg Boss. Deepika then speaks about the storyline of her movie Chhapaak.

Later on, Vikrant Massey and Laxmi Agarwal also enter the stage. Salman calls Laxmi an inspiration for millions of people. Thereafter, Salman and Deepika pull each other’s legs regarding marriage. Laxmi then sings Salman’s iconic song ‘Teri Meri’ thereby mesmerizing everyone. Salman also sings the song after her. Thereafter, Salman and Deepika are given a task by Laxmi to make fruit salad and make the audiences eat the same who will then vote the best one among them. Salman ends up winning the task.

Salman informs the audiences that he will go inside the house to inform the housemates about the person who has been evicted. But before that he makes the housemates talk to the caller of the week. The caller asks Asim that why are the audiences not able to see him since the past week because he has been ignoring Sidharth. Asim says that the week has witnessed some interesting tasks because of which he has started ignoring fights. Salman tells Asim that Bigg Boss is not a body building show and that he does not need to fight with anyone to gain the audience’s attention.

Sidharth tries to talk to Shehnaaz again. She says that she does not want to talk to those people who have complains regarding her. She even takes off her mic after that. Sidharth says that it’s okay to commit mistakes and asks her to apologize to Salman Khan. However Shehnaaz still does not pay heed to him.

Salman enters the house and greets the housemates. He hilariously pulls Mahira’s leg by saying that Sidharth and Paras talk on her back. Thereafter, all of them get involved in some fun banter. Salman gives them the good news that Bigg Boss has become the number one show. He also asks them to bring along the cake for celebrations. Sidharth goes and calls Shehnaaz inside but she refuses to do so. Salman gets irked and calls Sidharth inside.

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