Bigg Boss 13: #WeStandWithAsim trends on Twitter after Sidharth's violent behaviour with Asim during a task

Bigg Boss 13: The recent series of events which have happened in the Bigg Boss house has prompted the Twitterati to begin yet another trend which is #WeStandWithAsim. Read further for more details.
Bigg Boss 13: #WeStandWithAsim trends on Twitter after Sidharth's violent behaviour with Asim during a taskBigg Boss 13: #WeStandWithAsim trends on Twitter after Sidharth's violent behaviour with Asim during a task
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It seems like the gossips and controversies related to Bigg Boss 13 are never going to end. The show has been grabbing headlines ever since its premiere. Moreover, the concept of the mini finale and entry of six wild cards into the house further raised the audience’s excitement. However, most of us were taken aback when there were three more wild card entries into the house recently in the form of Shefali Bagga, Arhaan Khan and Madhurima Tuli.

The recent episode was full of drama as usual but the main twists and turns happened during the captaincy task wherein most of the housemates got aggressive while doing it. The ugliest spat happened between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz as the former pushed him multiple times. Now, many fans have come out in support of Asim and have spread the #WeStandWithAsim trend on Twitter. Along with it, a similar trend is circulating on Twitter which is #EvictSidharthShukla. Check out some of the tweets below:

Many fans have applauded Asim for not losing his cool despite being pushed by Sidharth. Moreover, most of them have given angry reactions over Sidharth’s violent behaviour with Asim during the task. Some of them have also demanded his eviction from the show for physical violence. Talking about the captaincy task, Sidharth and Vishal weren’t allowed to take part in the same as their names were unanimously chosen by the housemates. Later on, Paras and Asim were also out of the task. Now, it will be seen only in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13 who will become the next captain of the house.

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Asim is so annoying .

Asim is so annoying .

Asim is wrong here. He's sooo annoying.

Asim keeps instigation Sidd. I feel the whole house is against him. Sidd is playing good. Rashmi needs to be out with Arhaan

Being a sid fan i am ashamed of myself for supporting shukla i think shukla has serious mental problems he needs a psychologist urgently. No one can do such aggressive behavior when whole world is watching you. 2nd big boss partial which sad.

Instead of #WeStandWithAsim the trend should be #BoycottBiggBoss. The show has stooped to hooliganism. The women contestants are doormated especially rashmi by shukla. He behaves as if he is ordained by Providence to set everyone on the path of virtuousness when he himself is biggest demon inside the house. Do not understand why the biggboss turns a deaf and a blind to his atrocities. His attack and verbal abuses are hailed. So its better to boycott the show rather than anything else. The show has lost its poetic justice

I am Sid fan but this was an act of loser.. Being agreesive doesnt mean you hit somebody...

Hey guys this bigg boss game is in fact a masquerade. Everybody is playing their roles as edited by the director of the show. Nobody is playing their trueself. As you can see, Asim is no saint!! Just imagine Bigg Boss without Shuklaji. Do you think it will be worth watching or will it pull the audience? NOOOOOOOOOOO! It is just an entertainment. Shuklaji has been enrolled as the HERO. That's it!!

Asim is playing dirty game.if u target someone everytime and make the house against him and U know that he is arrogant naturally,i always with sid he is one man army

Yaa.... Asim is playing dirty game... He is not loyal to maintain a friendship with Sid...

Yaa.... Asim is playing dirty game... He is not loyal to maintain a friendship with Sid...

Sidhartha is wrong he should be eliminated by now. To avoid & to divat the attention of Audience from that fighting issues, Big Boss is showing Cleverness with audience by eliminating Sidharth by his health issues, So
Big boss should be fair for all, Salman Bhai should be equally fair on that fighting issues with asim.

sid is wrong evict him right now

Sidharth Shukla crossed all lines in last telecasted episode. Surprisingly BB didn't take any action against him. It's too much. If,they want to declare Sid as winner,they should be,without wasting our n contestants time.

Big boss should give trophy to Siddharth and runners up to Paras & finish the prog. It is sickening to see Shukla running the house on his whims and fancy just bcoz he has big boss on his side? How can he push asim during task and challenge kar le Kya karega. He should be ashamed that only crazy girls are following him. No girl with self-respect shall ever get close to men like Shukla and chabra. Paras calls women by the choicest gaali (to shefali) did Salman khan object ?he got away. Salman khan encouraging Shukla dsnt spk high of him I am sorry. Paras & Shukla is insulting women contestants inside the house whereas the whole country stands together for women respect. Shame on Shukla and Chabra for stopping so low. These two are too big for their boots they should be thrown out then perhaps they will realize what humility, manners,courtesies mean. I am sure their family must be disappointed seeing their wild side.

SId is wrong here .. totally .

Asim in the wrong trying to provoke Sid to fight him

Sidhartha is cheap he should have been eliminated by now

Asim is so annoying and provoking, what is his problem, he has nothing else to do and cause fights without any reasons. Sid is sensible and have the guts to win. Asim should be evicted from the show because he has pushed sid so many times before .

Why Sid is wrong,, when Asim used to put hands in his pockets and push Sid and provocate him to fight and do wrong,today Sid did it's wrong..come on guys don't support looking at the innocence of the face....Sid is not wrong

Don't like Asim at all. What a loser.!Sid always talks mature. Feel like switching off tv when I see Asim as he is so aggressive and have no manners how to talk , all he knows is how to fight. Always like to provoke fights where it's not needed.

Though I have usually supported Sid, this time he is clearly on the wrong. He has been reprimanded again and again for his aggressive nature and he is still repeating it by pushing Asim quite hard...if it was an earlier season of Big Boss, he would have surely got eliminated.

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