Bigg Boss 13 Written Update February 12. 2020: Shehnaaz Gill gets into a fight with Sidharth, Asim

The contestants indulge in some serious question-answer business and then, comes some shock with a not so sweet surprise for them. Here's what happened in the episode tonight.
Bigg Boss 13 Written Update February 12. 2020: Shehnaaz Gill gets into a fight with Sidharth, AsimBigg Boss 13 Written Update February 12. 2020: Shehnaaz Gill gets into a fight with Sidharth, Asim
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The episode resumes with Sidharth Shukla in the Katgarha and then Rajat Sharma has a fun time asking everyone about the duties he has done throughout. This leads to a fight as well and Sidharth simply clarifies his stance. The next allegation against him is about 'dadagiri' and then follows some fun conversation and some major clarifications as well. He also talks about Asim Riaz and also his equation with Rashami Desai, and what went through in the first place. He also clarifies Rashami talking about the phone call and says how Rashami lied a lot and how he could not take it. When asked what lie, he refuses to say speak about it. He eventually also reveals how he simply wanted to apologize and then, Rashami also puts her point forward.

Finally, at the end of it, when Sidharth is asked how is his relationship with Rashami right now, he says how it is only she who knows what it is since their relationship keeps changing and says that he was rather shocked on seeing her behaviour. Rashami then clarifies her stance as well and says how she thinks that once they head out, they should be good to go. He also talks about Shehnaaz Gill and says how his bond with her is different and how his conversation with her is pointless but his energies are always good and he is comfortable with her because she is not looking at any inner meaning. Then, he asks him that after all that he knows about his family, what are his intentions after all and he also talks about relationship outside. Once again, he clarifies picking Paras Chhabra during the immunity task and also expresses his feelings for Shehnaaz. In the end, Sidharth receives advice to forgive and pick up Shehnaaz's call. Finally, he also asks him to go back to being friends with Asim. 

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Arti Singh is next in the Katgarha and she talks about being omnipresent in the Bigg Boss house and how she is always there during fights and lovey-dovey moments. She also gets talking about Rashami and Sidharth's equation, their fights, and him not supporting her in the immunity task. Rajat laughs it off when he says how she admitted her allegations and clarified them herself.

Shehnaaz is next, and the first allegation on her is being a 'khiladi' and not as innocent as she looks, to which, she says that she has come so far in the name of entertainment. She also puts forward her stand about taking sides and about SidNaaz not being her game but only because she feels good to be with him. She also talks about fighting with Asim while not being concerned when Sidharth did not choose her during the immunity task. Another allegation on her is spoiling her image herself and is questioned how she keeps blaming others, but to this, she admits having spoiled her image after all, right from her affinity towards Paras, and when questions were raised on her character but Rajat then says this is about her hitting herself and shows a footage of the same. Shehnaaz then clarifies her stance and says how she has stopped doing it after Salman's advice. Then comes the footage of times when Shehnaaz got possessive about Sidharth and their conversations and how, she has turned Sidharth crazy, but he denies it and everyone has a laugh throughout. Before heading out, Shehnaaz sings a song for the housemates. 

Finally, it is time for Mahira Sharma, but before that Rajat Sharma highlights how when Sidharth fights with people, they get very hurt, including Asim, Rashami, and Shehnaaz for instance. The first allegation on her is being a mere shadow and not doing anything inside the house, but on this, she says that she has simply kept up with the friendship with Paras, and is also questioned how she is always there around Paras every single time. While she clarifies her stance, she is constantly told how she gives more importance to Paras and also reveals how she'd want either Paras or Sidharth to win and talks some more about her bond with Paras.

On that note, after asking everyone if they feel the show is biased, Rajat Sharma bids adieu to the housemates. Meanwhile, Rashami and Sidharth talk about the article and she says how she never gave anyone an article and Jasmin Bhasin also comes into their conversation. Sidharth talks to Paras, Mahira, and Shehnaaz and tells them how he felt bad that he felt bad when he was told that he does not listen to everyone and asks them if they listen to him under pressure? Shehnaaz gets annoyed and walks away after getting into an argument and then he talks about Asim as well. Over this too, Shehnaaz gets into an argument with Sidharth. Asim tries to get funny amidst this and that leads to another argument between the two, following which Himanshi is dragged into the conversation as well.

Next morning, everyone wakes up to Kajra Re song, while Shehnaaz asks Sidharth what must she wear. Sidharth chooses to ignore her while Arti asks him what is up with him. Meanwhile, Sidharth wonders how will they face the people outside while Shehnaaz has a fun conversation with Sidharth and the two indulge in some fun banter.

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