Biwi No 1 Climax 2.0: Puja leaving Prem for career or Rupali marrying him; how would you like the film to end?

One of the most loved and comedy films of Bollywood is Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Sushmita Sen starrer Biwi No 1. However, what if you were given a chance to change the end, how would you want Karisma aka Puja to land up? Tell us as we embark upon Climax 2.0.
Biwi No 1 Climax 2.0: Puja leaving Prem for career or Rupali marrying him; how would you like the film to end?Biwi No 1 Climax 2.0: Puja leaving Prem for career or Rupali marrying him; how would you like the film to end?
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While Bollywood has entertained the audience with amazing movies and continues to do so, there are certain movies that everyone would love to watch again and again. One such film is the 1999 comedy-drama Biwi no 1 starring Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Saif Ali Khan and Tabu which is deemed to be one of the funniest movies in B-Town. This David Dhawan directorial was liked by the audience and critics alike and became the 2nd highest grossing Hindi movie of that year. The film which was a remake of the Tamil movie Sathi Leelavathi starring Ramesh Aravind, Kalpana and Heera in the lead with Kamal Haasan and Kovai Sarala in supporting role was nominated for a whopping seven awards at the 45th Filmfare Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Comedian. 

The main strength of the movie was it's amazing and talented cast. Biwi no.1 is still considered to be one of the funniest movies ever made and the title had become a household word. The movie can be deemed as a golden feather in David Dhawan and Salman Khan’s career. Known for entertaining the audience with drama, romance, masala, David Dhawan's this movie also delivered the same. Biwi No 1 revolves around Prem (Salman Khan) who is married to a lovely and caring woman Puja (Karisma Kapoor) and has two kids. They all live happily but then Prem falls in love with model Rupali Walia (Sushmita Sen) who had arrived at Prem's office to give an interview for the role of a model. Rupali is much preferable to Prem due to her modern lifestyle and fashionable choices, as compared to Puja. When Puja finds out about his relationship, Prem is forced to choose between his wife and his mistress. He chooses Rupali over Puja and moves in with her. 

This forces Puja to bring Prem back into her life. Puja gets a make-over and starts modelling with the help of Prem’s friend Lakhan (Anil Kapoor) to gain Prem’s attention. She sends her kids and Prem’s mother over to Prem and Rupali’s place to create riffs between them. They makeup stories and act as if they are ill-treated by Rupali and complain about it to Prem and this causes problems between the couple. Ultimately the relationship between Prem and Rupali breaks down. Soon, Puja’s modelling and his family’s drama grabs Prem’s attention. He soon realizes that Rupali is in love with Prem only because he provides her things while his wife stood by him unconditionally. This makes Prem realize that he committed a mistake leaving his wife for someone else. He leaves Rupali and apologizes to Puja who accepts his apology and her husband and the two get back together and live happily ever after. Rupali then realizes her mistake and she goes back to her ex-boyfriend Deepak (Saif Ali Khan) and the movie ends on a very happy note. 

But, lets pause for a second and look over things here. Do you agree with this happy ending? What if Puja who had started making her career in modelling realized that she deserves much more than her lousy cheating husband and doesn’t accept Prem back in the end and dumps him? Or what if Rupali was actually in love with Prem for how he is and Prem had at the end chosen Rupali over Puja? Or what if both had dumped Prem and moved on with their individual life? 

While there could be thousands of different ways in which Prem, Puja and Rupali's stories would have turned, director David Dhawan picked the one where Puja forgives her husband Prem and the two live happily ever after with their kids and Prem's mother. While the film still remains one of Salman's best comedy films that not only the 90s kids but almost everyone has seen, Biwi No 1 could have an alternative ending that we’re calling CLIMAX 2.0. Well, whatever you feel should have been the ending, share with us. Pinkvilla is all set to give you a chance to change how Biwi No 1 ended.

As we begin our series of Climax 2.0, tell us in the comments section on how you would like to change the ending and also Puja and Prem's life! 

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Anonymous 5 months ago

Both the women should leave Prem, follow their respective dreams, and live happily ever after. Neither needs an idiot like Prem!

Anonymous 5 months ago

It would be nice if Prem leaves his career and becomes house husband and Rupali becoming breadwinner and having fun in extra marital affairs....

Anonymous 5 months ago

If this was a modern movie, or even a 2000's movie, the cheating husband would be the villain and despite her attempts to win him back, ultimately the main character would stay a strong independent new fashion model and have ended up falling in love with the best friend Lakhan character who was there for her all along, and none of the kids or Tabu or Saif would have existed to complicate it.

Anonymous 5 months ago

These where stupid movies isko ap kaun dekhega. Show some creativity and come with something nice and new!

Anonymous 5 months ago

Climax should be as it is.

Anonymous 5 months ago

it's 20 years later maybe it's time fo a more realistic and progressive ending, a woman not taking her cheating husband back would be ideal.

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