Blackbuck Poaching case: Find out how Karisma Kapoor did not find herself land in this controversy

Salman Khan's conviction has left the entire industry grappling in shock waves. The actor was found guilty by the Jodhpur Court for killing two blackbucks in Rajasthan during Hum Saath Saath Hai shooting in 1998.
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Salman Khan is currently serving his 5-year imprisonment in Jodhpur Central Jail after the Rajasthan Court found him guilty of killing two blackbucks during Hum Saath Saath Hai shoot in 1998. 

Other actors who were co-accused in the case were Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam among others. However, they have been acquitted by the Sessions Court. 

Many wondered where was Karisma Kapoor during this entire incident. According to a 1998 report, Karisma was not even in Jodhpur during this incident. Well, that quite explains why she wasn't a part of this fiasco, thanks to her stars. 

Meanwhile, Karisma and her boyfriend Sandeep Toshniwal were spotted at Kareena Kapoor Khan’s residence last night after Saif was allowed to walk free in connection with the case.  

Meanwhile, we came across a throwback video of Salman wherein he is seen talking about the time he spent in a jail. The actor said, "I was blank. I was chilling. The only tension was the bathroom. That was it. [pause] And, the bin, and three, four times I have gone in and out of it. If someone wants to put you in, you go in quietly. When you know you haven’t done it, you go in head high."

"There were like nine or 10 rooms, and each room had 9-10 people in one room. One bathroom. One toilet. So that was...[rolls his eyes] Then the rest of the space, the Central Jail. When you go to the judicial custody, you get your own suite there," added Salman. 

Meanwhile, Salman's bail hearing will be heard tomorrow.

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at lest give proper article for ur heading... WATS wrong... The headings says karishma was not there and the matters describes Salman's jail incidents

She's looking beautiful

Could still see karisma dancing in that moviie with akshay in a yellow dress ♡

Think it was a green outfit.......mere sapno ke rajkumar.....beautiful !

The above pic is probably her best. The genes in this family though ❤

She was in jodhpur but she remain in her hotel room it is not her stars don't give fake news she do what was right

They should present other side's story or opinion as well

I can't understand this story explain about it in clearly way what's the really adventure.

The only kapoor i like from the entire lot.

I really like her, She should had been AB sr. bahu, has all the qualities - introvert, left acting post marriage, homely. Due to her surname, hopefully jaya also wouldnt had been a torture. It would had been fine for all. Babita wrong choice. In hindsight, however, good shes away from all the bachchan's family complexities
Like her progressive father Randhir kapoor though, like he said, KArishma is happy where she is, she is in love but doesnt want to marry and its upto her.

What's wrong if a woman works after her marriage ?? Please put ur shallow thinking somewhere. Karishma always had a choice.

She was always a good person from the beginning not high headed. Really respect her and God truly looked out for her

Good for Karishma. I don't know if she'd go with them if she was there but I'm very disappointed with Tabu. I thought she is smart and nice person

Always loved lolo she’s one classy women

What a good role model, how could anyone shoot innocent creatures.

She looks so pretty in the pic above.

I was wondering how she wasn't part of this as well. Good for her.

love her. she always lived as rolemodel for everyone.

Karishma not only kept herself very busy, she was never part of any group. She is an introvert and always remained away from such group outings.

It depends on the individual if you are social or have friends or not, she's not that introvert and does have group of friends with whom she is seen like Malaika, Kareena, Arora etc

Only now she's part of the Arora Sisters' Lunch and Dinner Club lol

Not really. People kept her away from their groups coz of babitas intrusion everywhere

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