Bollywood Stars and Their Much Loved Tattoos

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We've witnessed our very own Bollywood actors and actresses flaunt their much loved tattoos. Here's a close up of them.

Amrita Arora seems to be into wise sayings although we can't clearly read her tattoo's message.

Esha Deol seems to be in love with her back and had tattooed not once but twice! Can't read hindi. Can someone kindly decipher what it says in the second picture of hers?

Then we have Miss Padukone's infamous tattoo that inked the initials of her ex-beau, Ranbir Kapoor. Does anyone know if she has removed it? Last we heard, she was still rocking it.
She's also got another one on her foot that's been clicked by the media people a number of times.

Back tattoo seems to be a trend and keeping up with it, Shruti Hassan too decided to get one.

Now it's time for one of the most talked about Indian actresses, Priyanka Chopra who recently got tattooed by her wrist area which was meant for her father.

Is it "cool" to be a couple a tattoo the same thing on each other? Whatever may the discussion be, obviously this couple has chosen to go the same path.

Can anyone read the message that's tattooed on Raveena's back?

Bombshell Celina Jaitley too decided to express her love through a tattoo and therefore, got her husband's name inked on her finger.

Next we have Lara Dutta who seemed to stick to a basics of tattoo.

Now coming to our male actors, Saif definitely is one of the boldest and expressed his love and commitment towards Kareena by tattooing her name on his arm.

Ajay Devgan is one actor who carries his faith on his heart (literally!)

And then we have Sanjay Dutt who was clearly asked to pose with his tattoo in this picture.

Item Queen Malaika Arora too has a tattoo on the back. Unfortunately, couldn't find a clearer picture.

Apparently, Hrithik got Sussane's name tattooed on his wrist once she was away on one of her trips to London. There are photos available of him getting it done.

Not sure what Arjun Rampal has gotten tattooed. Perhaps, the names of his daughters?

And finally, we have the couple who went above and beyond to express their love for each other publicly and got matching tattoos only to find out that their relationship was not meant to be. Know who I am talking about? Amy Jackson and Prateik Babbar.


kapoors are the most shameless insecure basterds in bollywood,esp kareena n ranbir..they force their beau to make tattoos of their names..lols

Fri, 2012-12-14 20:45 — PizzaPasta
what is so creepy about carving lord shiva on your chest, its a representation of one's religon, isnt it the same as getting allah, om or a cross on yourself? You sound so ignorant.

PC tattoo is something I could relate to, so its her.

i like amrita and esha's

Sanjay dutt's says Sunil.

Esha's is the gayatri mantra.

Ajay's says his daughters name Nysa.

pc looks horrible in the above pic,unfortunately its her real face.........

most of them are hideous!

Deepika's nape tattoo is the most weird. Agree with pizzapasta and anon below. But I dont think keeping xbf's name is bold attitude. Its crazy and weird.

i love esha gupta and sushmita sen's tattoos.

It says NARGIS in Urdu on Sanjay's chest!

sush says, “I have five tattoos on my arms that represent various aspects of life. and one on her back.
her right arm has a tattoo that says 'Soli deo Gloria', which in Latin means 'glory to God alone',
on her left arm that reads, 'Aut viam inveniam aut faciam', which means 'I'll either find a way or make one."
her wrist“I Am”
on her right arm renee , alisah.
a tiger cub on her lower back....

And yes the worst ones belong to Amy & Prateik, they are just hideous.

Most of them look bad IMO. The gayatri mantra one is OK.

Amrita Arora's tattoo 'Love... Saves the day'

@Nabby H Cool post! I like PC's tattoo and the writing of Eesha & Raveena's tattoo is beautiful! Its the Gayatri Mantra inscribed on Eesha's back.Interesting.I like Deepika's too but must say she's quite bold to keep on that RK tattoo on her nape.I wonder if she'll ever get it removed when she marries someone else.The scariest and tackiest tattoes are of Ajay and Sanjay.That's just creepy LOL,carving Lord Shiva on your chest!
BTW "Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik"? Effing hilarious!

Amy & pratiek's tattoo is the biggest life blooper I think...

Fri, 2012-12-14 10:34 — Anonymous
worst tattoo award goes to Amy and Prateik !
thats the ugliest thing i ve ever seen
Amen and Thank you anon who translated all the tattoos
great/interesting post Nabby :)

Sushmita sen has got tattoos too... why aren't there picture of hers!!!

All just tacky.

@bebo_pclover20 @Nabby you people go to other countries but forget your own culture and then ask questions like foreigners unknown to Indian heritage...
Cant stop laughing :D

@Nabby H I cannot read Hindi/Sanskrit or any other language that has originated India - sorry. Born and brought up in London. (:

@Fri, 2012-12-14 09:29 — Anonymous and all the other anons who translated it. Oh wow!! Thank you for the translation - the meaning is really beautiful.

On that note, I need to learn how to read and write Hindi!!!

I like pc tattoo.

i love priyanka's tattoo. i also like that tattoo deepika got on her ankle.

Deepika's anklet tattoo is cool

@Vishali and other anons below:

Thanks! That's quite cool that she's got that tattooed on herself.

In Cannes photo dp's padding lol. I think her pad become more famous than her. Her nape tattoo is most weird thing in bollywood. Doesn't she wanted to marry or she wants to marry a guy with her x-tattoo. He would be the most bechara who gonna tolerate a wife with her x-bf's tattoo.

worst tattoo award goes to Amy and Prateik !
thats the ugliest thing i ve ever seen

Esha's tatoo is a shloka its called Gayatri Mantra

looks like ajay devgan has his daugher's name tattooed too (nysa)

@ bebo_pclover20
esha tatto is Sri Bhagwati mantra.Starts with Om...and all.Its inked in Sanskrit script.

I love pee cee and deepika's tattoo.

Priyanka looks hideous in this picture

these will ALL look really awful in 20 years! #oldness

Amrita Arora - Love.. Saves the day!

Esha Doel - The Gayathri Mantra which is a very powerful mantra for the hindus!

Hrtihik Roshan _ Sussane

Shruthi Hasan - her name in Tamil

Hope this helps!


Do you know what it says on Esha's tattoo? I can't read hindi but would reallu like to know. Some people have quite the wise words inked.

I luv hrithik's tattoo & the one on deepika's ankle

Love Esha Deol and Raveena's tattoos. I think the writing is just beautiful. Esha's tattoos are my favourite though.

if my husband had a tatoo like ajay devgan, i would feel awkward in bed

Priyanka and Deepika

somthing about hriticks wife looks like snoop dog the rapper!!


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