Boney Kapoor chokes up on being asked if there is a moment he doesn’t miss Sridevi; says ‘namumkin hai’

Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s love story is known to the world. After her sudden demise, Boney Kapoor and his daughter, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi were devastated. In a recent interview, Boney got all choked up talking about late Sridevi.
Boney Kapoor chokes up on being asked if there is a moment he doesn’t miss Sridevi; says ‘namumkin hai’Boney Kapoor chokes up on being asked if there is a moment he doesn’t miss Sridevi; says ‘namumkin hai’
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If there was one epic love story in Bollywood that was off the screen, it is of Late Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. The much in love duo surely were always hooked to each other and their happy pictures before Sridevi’s demise are proof of their love. However, Sridevi’s sudden death due to accidental drowning left her husband Boney Kapoor and daughter Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor devastated. Every time Boney spoke about Sridevi in the past tense, he choked up. Be it events or interviews, there wasn't a moment that he didn’t remember the Late actress. 

In a recent interview, Boney Kapoor once again got emotional on missing his beloved wife, Sridevi. In an interview with Komal Nahta, Boney Kapoor can be seen talking candidly about his work and life. Amidst that, a reference about finding support at home from wife came up and he got all choked up. Post this, the interviewer asked him if there was ever time a when Boney didn’t miss the love of his life.

Boney choked up and answered, “Namumkin Hai.” (Impossible) While it has been over a year to English Vinglish actress’ demise in Dubai, her last moments before the day she passed away were with her family and loved ones. At an event last year, Boney Kapoor broke down talking about Sridevi where Janhvi held herself and supported her father. Post Sridevi’s demise, Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor also supported Boney, Janhvi and Khushi and always tried to protect them. As per the report, Sridevi passed away on February 24, 2018, due to accidental drowning. 

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She was an icon that achieved heights that won’t be reached anymore in this digital age. A life lost too soon

I miss her

these murder accusations are crazy. you have all just spent way too much time watching low budget hindi movies, and its impacted you very negatively. Why are you so cynical of love?

Touching someone’s behind shows how much you miss Sri. We totally understand.

Boney is better than sri’s Daughters. Sri’s daughters started partying just after sri’s Death. They use their legendary mother’s name to get work or sell movie. Sri’s daughters are uglies inside out.

Nah, not better - Boney is busy trying to tailor Janhvi's public persona. He makes sure she dresses like Sri in sarees and takes her along for all sorts of weird award felicitations.


Don't think he killed her but she wasn't as big a source of income when she was alive than what he got as insurance after her death. It is well-known that every time Sridevi has made a "comeback" - be it that TV serial, or English Vinglish and Mom - it was because the funds to take care of their extravagant vacations, clothes (especially for herself and her daughters) was drying up. I mean, do you really think if Sridevi was interested in having a second innings in movies she would wait so long between EV and Mom? Compare that to how much work Madhuri started taking up after her comeback.

Sridevi was never really interested to get back to the grind for the "love of acting".

It isn't a coincidence that Boney is announcing a new film every other month since her death. I hope Khushi matures in a few years (because I have no hopes from Janhvi, she is a pushover who just nods to what her papa wants her to do), and takes investment advice from some other family member and not her dad. The girls' parents are terrible role models as far as handling finances are concerned. Arjun might be a terrible actor (and sink other producers' money), with questionable romantic relationships, but he knows what it takes to run a house and still keep up with the typical extravagance of celebrities.

2011 main he had to take a 9 to 5 job in a company, because he had financial trouble and even sir Devi returned to act in a movie, which was liked but wasn't actually a huge commercial success. These are all facts, then the way Sri Devi's hotel was changed and the way she died, just points to murder.

a 9-5 job is not a bad thing you know. the world's highest paid executives techinically all have 9-5 jobs

Yes, it is not, but when someone was worth crores and have never done that before and then in 2011 at the age of 56, has to take up a job for the first time in his life, it is not the same as everyone. Not everyone in India has an expenditure of 25 lakhs per month, that also in 2011.

Sridevi's lifestyle was extravagant.

Her daughters have inherited the same spendthrift nature from her parents - out of all the star-kids - they used to wear the most expensive clothes, bags and shoes even before both of them touched the age of 18.
It isn't just "genes" that Sridevi passed down to her daughters - it is the complete lack of self-control. Janhvi, atleast seems to have changed a bit, Khushi is a typical, entitled brat.

300 crore kay liay, seriously may be not many people know, he had already sold her properties because he has under huge debt. You can google this fact, if you want. Boney Kapoor lost lots of money because of his flopped movies and he had to be rescued by Sri Devi and it may not be enough. Apart from that there was a singer, who died a similar death in jan 2018, so may be they got the idea from there. The singer was a wester one.

are all of you seriously saying sridevi's 17 and 20 year old daughters, who were at the time, are all 'ok' with their dad despite knowing he killed their mom and continue to live happily ever after with him even after that?
COME ON. the girls can be bratty but u cant call a 17 year old, a bystander of murder!
if the girls knew/even doubted their father for their mother's death they wouldnt be as protective about him as they are!

i acknowledge that the family are hiding some facts about the death from the media but that doesnt mean boney killed her!
grow up, life is not an alfred Hitchcock movie!!

They may know as little as the rest of us know, the truth remains between Sri Devi( who is dead) and Boney Kapoor. Whatever happened was in this few minutes that Boney and Sri Devi were together. He was in the same room and she goes to the bathroom and drowns. Thats what the daughters know too, and the rest of the world. The daughters won't accept the murder, even it were true, because they are too near to boney as daughters.

Was boney with her? thats also not sure. maybe she was alone.

He said in his own interview, that he surprised her and she went to bathroom and drowned. You can look it up.

That’s y it was all under her control . Now all r free to dip into it and have fun everafter !

enjoying, make fun of a grieving family??

That’s y it was all under her control . Now all r free to dip into it and have fun everafter !

The biggest mystery in bollywood

'Ostentatious' Boney...does Komal Nahta not know how to use a dictionary??

miss sri so much im only 12yo

lol !

Never mentioned the name and role of his 1st wife in any interview..."GREAT GUY"...

why would he mention his ex wife anyway?
ex for a reason no? evidently all wasnt good between them, hence they split.
is rani talking about adi chopra's first wife or is saif talking about amrita in every interview?
besides, the interviewer asked boney about sridevi, so why would he suddenly talk about his first wife? he never owed her anything.

I loved Sri Devi as an actress, but that doesn't deter from the fact, that what she did wasn't right. Yes, even after her tragic death, it doesn't become alright. The fact was Boney Kapoor was in awe of Sri Devi much before, right from the mr India days, when Sri Devi's mother died, Mona Kapoor let Sri Devi stay at her house, and that turned to something else, so much so that Sri Devi got pregnant. Boney Kapoor's parents were against Sri Devi and Mona Kapoor stayed with her in laws till the end. As a woman, one can't say that what Sri Devi did was right, it wasn't. Boney Kapoor had a hand in it too, but if someone you are in awe of , makes herself available, you can't resist as a man.

She was not his ex wife but estranged wife. She was the mother of his kids. They were not legally divorced. He was nt in love with her true but dont use such derogatory words. she gave him two kids. The house he so often visits with his two daughters to see arjun and anshula over dinner belongs to his ex wife.

the fact that he visits his ex-wife's house is enough then. why would he talk about mona to the media? reigning in to talk about someone who you never cared about, simply for the attention of it is not his forte - that is arjun's forte (with reference to sridevi).

ahaha, and the house arjun and anshula (especially anshula visits) to see him, belongs to his present wife, sridevi.
and the fact remains, as you mentioned, that if he wasnt in love with her, why would he talk about her? who is interested in the life of mona shourie? in fact, who even IS mona shourie?

She was a housewife, started her life only after boney left her. She bought a house of her own. Thats why I mention it. Sridevi had a solid career before she married. Mona was from a well-to-do family but Future Studios was her brainchild. When she bought a raheja house, it was mentioned in magazines.

So what if she bought it on her own? Sridevi also rose on her own and she rose much much higher so i still dont see the comparison... Mona has produced one hit film in her whole life and guess who the movie starred? Sridevi.
And lol future studios was mentioned in the magazines! That must be big- its not like sridevi ever found her name on a magazine.
U can have ur opinion on whether boney did not the right thing by leaving mona and marrying sridevi but there is no argument abt professional accomplishments or talent in any scope!! Mona may have had to start her lifr after boney left her, buts a lesson to kids to not get married at age 19 when u are completely financially and emotionally dependent on a person who u dont even know in an arranged marriage

Having a successful film career isnt the only talent that counts. Nor does it make anyone else's achievements any less worthy of respect. Mona might have gotten married at 19 but between Mona and Sridevi, if a lack of strong formal education has made some impact on how they have taken bad personal decisions (going by this post, I personally don't believe it is an excuse), then it is Sridevi and not Mona.
Mona picked up the pieces and restarted her life in her mid-30s with support from her mom and sister. Sridevi's idea of starting a new life was trying to latch herself onto any man who could "save" her.
Mona didn't earn millions overnight. She bought a house ten years after her separation from Boney. She could have taken Boney to the cleaners and made life more miserable for him and Sridevi (they were struggling financially when they got together), by dragging him to court to file a divorce and demand alimony, but she chose not to.

Sridevi might be a superstar, she might have passed on amazing "genes" to her daughters (thats another thing her fans love making snide remarks about, Mona's looks), but I would rather have Mona as a personal role model than Sridevi.

Buying a house on own in Juhu is an accomplishment. That too for a housewife. Mona's mother produced that movie u r talking about- Farishtay. Mona only produced tv serials. Amitabh Bachchan praised Future Studios and told her 'jannat lagta hain' it was mentioned in the magazines. She had goodwill in the industry. Everyone has their own parameters for success. Since boney and she were not legally divorced, there was no alimony for her so she worked to get independent. Today's kids wont marry at 19, but this was in 1984.

ahahah, you are deluded if you think mona did not receive any support from boney kapoor.
an education at barnard costs half a million USD. not to forget the ecole mondiale school fees for anshula kapoor.
owning a film set will never generate that much money, not would it spurn the party life arjun was privy too, through which he became friends with the likes of varun and ranbir.
independent my ass.
today's kids also marry at 19 then they are uneducated as shit and dont know what to do with their lives.

Ofcourse it will if half the Ekta kapoor serials are shot in it. Studios generate money when they are hired, and hers was doing well. Mona herself saidin her savvy interview that though there was no legal separation, emotional and financial separation was total between them.

Mona Shourie was founder of future studios where half of the TV serials are shot. She had other businesses too. Mostly she is inspiration for all those women who are housewives at first and later forced to restart their lives. She did well in life. She was featured on Savvy cover back in 1997. If a woman is not an actress, or in limelight doesnt mean she is a nobody. I am surprised at your thought process. Do u know how it is to raise two kids alone?Anshula was a brilliant student and credit goes to the mother too. Arjun is a nepo kid agree. But please dont demean a woman like this. She had married boney when she was only 19 yrs. Sridevi died of drug overdoze. She had everything but maybe even she was alone.

yeh koi comparison nahi hai. lol founder of future studios. inspiration indeed. but you compare her to SRIDEVI'S accomplishment.
saala sridevi rose from a middle class home and became the first female superstar of indian cinema - kinte awards mila hai pataa hai? kinta recognition? kitne saare films? even mona's son arjun could not help by accept it on kwk - sridevi inspired a whole generation of actors to take up the damn profession - ab tu professional accomplishments ke competition chala raha hai with a childbride?

and btw noone knew who the hell mona was till sridevi died so technically sridevi made mona also famous. future studios was formed by mona's mother. And waise toh hotai hoga na... koi self respect nahi hai - look at amrita singh- single and independent. why? educated hai. 19 saal mein jo shaadi karta hai - life mein bohut bure decisions leta hai. and if anshula was that brilliant a student why is she sitting at home today? doosre taraf arjun flop pe flop deta jaa raha hai.
sab nepotism ke vajah se paisa kama raha hai. whole kapoor family.

Chokes? Or dramatizes. Isn’t he the one who killed her? Perhaps along with her daughters? Mr Boney Kapoor the world sees how the story around Sridevi’s death makes no sense - the fact that you could give no answers just proves you are the murderer.

The Question still remains who killed her????
It was definitely not the so called drowning

What about when you tapped urvashi's magnificent behind? Was sree on your mind then, you creep.

really, a life lost too soon. I dont know sridevi - just watched her films. and even then it hits me hard - how suddenly she passed away. cant imagine how it would be for her near and dear ones.
life is so fragile it is scary.

boney seems to be the other one who cared about sridevi.
janvi and khushbu dont seem to give a rats ass. "lets not give her any respect, lets not watch any of her films, but lets carry her name to karan's office for work".

y'all on the comments section are so mean. watch the video atleast before you come on here, to hate. its heartbreaking!!

i know this is none of my business but i have a question.
so sridevi's money goes to boney and becomes 'boney's money'.

but boney's money will go to all 4 of his kids, so then effectively, arjun and anshula inherit from sridevi despite all the nastiness??

Right, they were supposed to love her and forgive her.

The choice of whether to forgive her or not lies with them - not liking someone doesn't mean they were nasty towards her. They were more than respectful towards her in person. It just rankles Sridevi fans that they don't like her because for them, it is a constant reminder that for all of her professional accomplishments - this is what her personal legacy is all about. So they just keep whining and whining on instagram and twitter about how Arjun and Anshula were nasty towards her and evil towards her daughters.

Who killed Sridevi?

aik baar hi mar sakti thee, pesay insurance kay achay mil gaiy magar

Creep uncle.

Shut up !

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