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Boney Kapoor: Jhanvi will be loved by all like her mother

Boney Kapoor says that his daughter Jhanvi will be loved by all like her mother Sridevi.
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Producer Boney Kapoor says that his daughter Jhanvi will be loved by all like her mother Sridevi.

Boney attended Synergy, an event organised by Hema Malini on Friday, where he was asked about his daughter Jhanvi's debut and he said, "As a father, I would wish her the best. She is very hardworking and focused. I am sure like her mother she will be loved by all and I would seek everybody's love for her."

"I hope she comes up to everybody's expectations and when the time will come, all people will know it automatically," he added.

Speaking about the success of his last film "Mom", Boney said that more than successful, it is a satisfying film. 

"When a filmmaker tries to make a good film and if he gets success in that then definitely it's a nice feeling. With the release of 'Mom', we launched new director, writer and few actors as well," said Boney.

"More than that, I worked with my wife (Sridevi) in this film and people appreciated her work a lot. She did great job in it and that's why we showcased this film at the international platform as well. We received really great response for the film. I feel 'Mom' is not just a successful film but a satisfying one," he added.

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Never in a million years.

No she won't!

n one tk shridevis place not evn her daughters... she had her own charisma ... n u dont need only looks to achieve what shridevi has achieved ... lot more dedication ... brains even thought she is not edudated i liked the way she has lived her life ... but ofcourse ur karmas and destiny mould ur life .. but in the end lk hema she got what she wanted

hsirdevi had her own charisma ... no one else not even her daughters will be able to tk her place

Boney you never promoted your son this much before his debut. Why over- promoting Jhanvi and Khushi so much that people have lost interest in them even before their debuts.

She doesn't have that charm

Not really

Yes sure sir....after all the surgeries she has gone through to look what she is today....she might be liked ...another Indian Kardashian

No. Sorry. Not a chance

On another note, Boney Kapoor seemed to be someone very grounded.

comparing her body of work ( god knows when it releases) with her contempories of her age should b Wat is interesting rather than comparing her to a living legend like Sri devi. ..being parents they would obviously like to promote or pamper which is nothing wrong but yes let her week speak for herself first...All the best to Jhanvi...

rk please marry her and spare us all

Hmm, let her debut and let the audience decide that before you go on and make tall statements. To be honest, if she is talented let the work speak for itself. Though she is over promoted already, I am actually sick of hearing and seeing her. She hasn't even done anything that special and yet her parents are acting like she is the best thing ever! I get it though, she is their daughter....but this is too much. Seeing these star kids constantly is a let down, as there is so much more talent than just them. But Bollywood is so keen to promote a name rather than talent. That's what producers think will bring in the money.

I just want to genuinely like these people, not feel like I have to like them based on their parents. I like a lot of actors from star families, and I dislike a lot too. All depends on them... and clearly India no longer has the patience to watch kids they don't like for more than one or two movies.

This girl has something in her, she might be hated or loved, but she cant be ignored, just like mother.

Why? Why should we extend our love of Sri Devi to her? Just because she's her daughter? We should go spend money to watch her prance about in a film bought for her while people struggle to buy rice? She is not entitled to her mothers fame, that is why people hate nepotism so much! Grow up Boney. Moreover she's not great looking, is deceptive in how she has suddenly changed herself to cover up and look more 'desi' when for the last few years she was making a display of her legs and everything else. Keep your brat at home and give her the grand wedding her mother wanted. Yahaan kuch nahi hone wala.

Please spare us. We do not want to like her. We already not liking her.


Nope she won't. Her mom worked hard to earn it. Just some recommendations, knife job, gym and or work is not hard work. It's pampering.

Is there anyone who hasn't gone under the knife? ANYONE??

Jhanvi is gorge! looking forward to seeing what she has to offer to cinema.

idk if she'll be loved by audiences and general public, but she sure will be getting lots of offers solely because of her last name


Mister kapoor you are too confident dear friend

seems highly unlikely..really doubt she can act,,,over promoting her even before she has made a debut..has already bored the public !!!

She looks like baby miss piggy! And no i wont like her infact I may despise her if she cant act and is shoved down my throat anyways.

sridevi will never let her daughter down. she has lot of connections from north to south. she will make jhanvi a star, even though her acting is worse.

Is this the order,nepo kid should be loved by all, because of her mother! Reality check!

Here is the Real color

Its becoz of poor lighting. see sridevi is also looking same color.

Bollywood is one nepotistic hell hole.

Nepotism exists everywhere. The thing is, you are not aware of them.

It's all fun and games until the president lets his son-in-law manage the middleast -_-


Yes, time will prove her capabilities.

She is one of the most hated star kids & she has not even debuted yet!!All thanks to her overactive PR,we are already tired of her.

u have just seen 150-200 hate comments on her, but you havent seen 180k people following her on insta, and 50k-60k likes for her pics. Finally, these hate comments doesn't matter her because box office and social media aren't same. Even her mother is hated by social media, but loved by boxoffice.

The before surgery pictures are still scary

Love Sri.......

Really Boney, hope the audience straight out rejects her because India does not need another Alia Bhatt. Spare us!!! Heights of nepotism.

Alia is a good actress. Highway is one of my favorite movies. I would be embarrassed to look back and have my debut be like Alia's. Her character in SOTY was basically a Mary-Sue self-insert fanfic for Karan where she's the most beautiful girl in the world and 2+ guys fight for her... and honestly, at its heart, the movie is about Sid and Varun's relationship, her role is just a catalyst.

well alia is one talented girl - look at the age and look at the maturity in her acting in movies like udta punjab and highway.
If alia is the poster child of nepotism, then hope than janhvi follows suit, coz alia is one of the FEW products of nepotism who is genuinely talented.

shez not another alia bhatt. she didn't even debuted, first let her movie release and then talk. Don't forget that shez sridevis daughter. I think sridevi is the only actress who knows about camera angle, shot division, lighting. If she trains her daughter, jhanvi might become a good actress. If looks are considered, there are many top actresses who look average, but their acting capabilities made them look gorgeous.

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