Boney Kapoor recalls what happened on the night of Sridevi's demise

Sridevi's untimely death at the ripe age of just 54 shocked the entire world. An emotional Boney gave a detailed account of what happened on the night of his jaan's demise.
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Evergreen beauty Sridevi breathed her last on February 24, 2018, in Dubai after having a fainting spell in the bathroom. Her cause of death was revealed to be an accidental drowning. 

In a candidly emotional chat with a popular trade analyst, Boney recalled what transpired on the night of Sridevi's demise. 

Sridevi and Boney along with daughter Khushi Kapoor were in Dubai to attend Mohit Marwah's wedding. Sridevi decided to stay back in Dubai as she had to shop for daughter Janhvi Kapoor while Boney and Khushi returned to Mumbai. On the 24th morning, Sridevi had relayed to Boney that she was missing him and Boney did not tell her that he was going to surprise her in Dubai as she was not used to being alone. 

While at the airport, Sridevi received a call from Boney who told her that he had an important meeting and that his phone would be switched off for a few hours. After getting a duplicate key to her room and opening the door, the couple hugged like teenagers in love. However, Sridevi had a hunch that her doting husband would come to Dubai to be with her. 

After freshening up, Boney suggested that they go for a romantic date and that they would head to India the next night. 

Sridevi decided to go for a bath and get ready for the dinner while Boney watched a cricket match. After 15-20 minutes, Boney grew a bit impatient and called out to his wife but to respond. He then walked to the bathroom door and yelled "Jaan, Jaan." However, there was still no reply. 

He then decided to open the unlocked door only too see Sridevi inside a tub full of water from head-to-toe. Boney quickly rushed to aid his wife but looking at her motionless, he feared the worst. 

Boney never found out how she drowned as there weren't a drop of water outside the tub area and the only person to know the whole story is no more. 

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I'm scared to have a bath now if you can just suddenly drown out of nowhere.

Definitely her death is suspicious. An otherwise healthy female dying suddenly is not normal in any which way. There must have been some family tension. The video of Boney coming behind her while she is dancing is bothersome in a way because she is the one who hugged him and he wasn't really smiling or anything. Why was she alone there in Dubai? He says they typically never travel alone, but for some reason 2 and 2 are not adding up here and something is awfully wrong. Her sudden demise will never be something which anyone can get over. As Kamal said, "Sadma's lullaby haunts me now". RIP Sridevi

look at the faces of Boney and Khushi kapoor when they return from Dubai.....they look troubled

my Friend sister who work at hotel told me she died coz of drug overdose and Dubai police did not want this story to be out !

In all probability, Sridevi died even before Boney and Khushi left for Mumbai after the wedding. They left her body as just only to prepare Jhanvi for the ultimate tragedy before the media got hold of the news. Most likely, Sridevi died of drug overdose.

yeah you could be right. The other stori3s are just to protect her legacy.. It is sad if she died that way but no matter how she died we should not judge anyone. Truth should be told so people are aware of how dangerous this is.

good point and the more i think about it the more likely it seems. it seems as if boney never left sridevi alone wihtout him so him going away only to fly back within a day or two seems unrealistic unless you consider he went back to break it to jhanvi in person and then he returned. it also fits when you consider hotel staff who saw the body has said it was already bloated, which is not possible in the version of events boney has given out. they should come clean and straight out tell the truth because people will only imagine the worst anyway

This is murder. I am ashamed of being Indian as our government is doing nothing to investigate this

the indian government has no jurisdiction over the location of this crime. indian law enforcement has no crime scene evidence, no incident reports, no statements. even the body has been cremated. the case never came to indian police. wtf can the indian goverment do? don't trash india for no good reason.

The body when reached India, could had gone through post mortem.
A renowned Padma Shri Indian dies abroad and you dont even do a post mortem for your records. Shameful.

Go girl!!

I think she died due to mix of powerful pain killers/drugs and alcohol. It was an accident in the bathtub...has happened to Whitney Housten , her daughter and many other stars.
She died alone and Boney was called back to Dubai by the hotel and the police . Now they are trying to save her image . Sri Devi will always be a legend no matter how she died.

If your theory is right, she would have died in the tub the same day Boney reached Dubai. Can’t imagine the family was not communicating with her for 2 whole days. Cause there’s a phone call that her daughter apparently had with her a few hours after Boney caught the flight. How then did the hotel/police call Boney if she was alive? Confusing..

You know, this sounds like the most probable way she left. Sad that the family left her alone then..IF they knew about her dependence on pain killers they shouldn’t have taken it lightly.

Such a sudden death and no insight as to what actually happened... I guess we shall never know either sadly

i just read the whole letter on komal's blog, and it just doesn't sit right. felt like they airbrushed, sugarcoated the incident to suit a convenient narrative.

i hope they realize that disclosing someone's alcohol/drug dependency issues won't make the actor's work any less revered or relevant. instead, it can start an important conversation about drug dependency and abuse. and maybe even urge folks with addiction issues to get help. would also help quelling all the random speculation imo.


I agree. If they are hiding the truth it means they are ashamed of something. They shouldn't feel ashamed. However she has passed away they shouldn't be ashamed and hide it. She is gone now. whether it was suicide or overdose or dealing with depression people as in the general public should be aware of the dangers.

Murder. Unless you can release full investigation report and prove otherwise


Nothing is clear cut in Sri's case. Don't buy Boney's account of events. Uneasy feeling that she has been "deliberately bumped off". A thorough investigation has to be carried out for Sri's millions of ardent fans as to what happened days and hours before she died.

In the early stages of Sridevi death news when it was reported that she had cardiac arrest. The first person Boney Kapoor called was Politician Amir Singh. to inform him that bhabi is no more. The news reporter interviewing him asked him few questions to which he replied if he and Boney has not gone back to India maybe she wouldn’t have done what she did... which then reporter asked what he meant. You can find that video ad see for yourself

this is so disturbing. this contrived release of a 'recollection' is just so saccharine. 'embraced like teenagers' made me cringe. they seem hellbent on preserving boney's or sridevis reputation or legacy or whatever. whatever happened it is not something that would ruin her legacy or reputation at all in my opinion. the fact that she was a huge star and superlative actress and dancer is not affected. her accomplishments awards and honors are still there. many male actors who are considered 'legends' despite their many many scandals and alcoholism and drug use and romantic scandals. why would sridevi's legacy be affected? i can't stand to see anyone from this family anymore. it just looks like they are orchestrating a coverup.

Stop speculating. She has passed on, let her rest in peace.Yes, as fans we deserve closure but Im sure we're not as hurt as her immediate family members so let it rest and go on with your lives, God!

1. If she never stayed alone in a foreign country ,why would let her stay this time? If Boney had a meeting to attend to, why could not Kushi stay back especially it is a matter of a day to finish the shopping and return.

2. What was she doing alone in the hotel locked up without finishing her shopping for 2-3 days?

3. As every one else is asking, why would she opt for a relaxed bath in the tub as opposed to a quick shower if you have plans to head out quickly and husband is already waiting.

4. It will take a few minutes (say 5-7) to fill up the tub. How can the tub be filled, Sridevi can drown and die in a matter of 15 minutes?

5. Sridevi is 5'7. Is it that easy for her to completely drown and die in a tub in 15 minutes in a tub shorter than her?

6. Further, Boney did not say anything about what he did right after discovering her in the rub. Did he call the police or call the hotel lobby for a doctor or rushed her to a hospital right away? Should he have done one of these done? Who was the first person he called and why? How long did he take to either call police or a doctor or rush her to the hospital? Even if he thought she died, may be, she could have been revived by a medical professional. So, why did not he approach the medical professional first?

In my view, I do not believe that Boney had anything to do with the incident. Thought I may not like him for what he did to his first wife, I feel he truly loved her. He always stayed behind her to let her have the limelight without any ego or dominating her. They truly loved each other. However, I believe he is only trying to protect her and cover up something to keep her legacy intact.

he called some politician in India rather than calling ambulance and police. I also believe he doesn't have anything to do with it but is covering truth to keep legacy intact. Even what celebrities and daughters letter saying indicate that they don't want to focus on how she died rather who she was. I think they know what really happened but we never will. Obviously people will speculate because truth is not known. However stories will be told and open letters to shut us up.

Another sunanda pushker case

It’s obvious the story doesn’t add up.. and I guess we won’t know the entire truth unless it’s from the horse’s mouth (Boney kapoor) given that he isn’t misconstruing the details. I’m no expert and I won’t try to defend my views, however I believe this might be a case of drug Overdose, especially benzodiazepines mixed with alcohol which can potentiate the effects of benzos by depressing the central nervous system leading to depressed respiratory system, cognitive decline, and many other conditions which explains why she didn’t struggle as she went unconscious due to the deadly combo . Benzos are used for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and many other mental health disorders.. India is a conservative country and mental health diseases have a strong stigma due to which I believe boney and family have not revealed the entire timeline/details, however I bet she had some mental health issues (since she was a child actor, secluded, isolated and perhaps did not have a normal upbringing, she was also extremely reserved, private which isn’t a mental health disorder but I’m speculating).. think Michael Jackson. Don’t think any conspiracy is there as far as homicide or suicide.. it’s just unfortunate, tragic death. RIP Sri. Shine bright!

Struggling is imperative even if one feels out of breath for however short amount of it it is, 5-10 secs. One has to struggle initially when attack starts to save oneself and soon after can become unconscious. What you are suggesting sounds plausible if someone was asleep and due to overdose died in sleep itself without any struggle. This is not possible for a healthy, alive, conscious, active human who is in the act of bathing and moving limbs and active mind.

May be she wanted to have drugs or lots of alcohol, which she can’t do in India in kids presence, so she wanted to have her me time

May Sridevi rest in peace, the only person that knows what really happened is her, her husband is no hero, his version of events do not make any sense. Dubai is supposed to recruit the very best people surprised they got this story all wrong!

Okay, one thing she stayed at the etihad towers..According to my experiences I've never stayed at a 5 star hotel which had closed washrooms..the washrooms are just separated by a slider. Isn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong. So this whole knocking on the door story is kinda not believable.

Yes, exactly also where is the CCTV footage?

You want CCTV footage of what happened in the suite?? CCTVs are only allowed in common areas. Moreover in Dubai you need to file a police complaint first if you wish to see any CCTV footage.

why would you take a bath instead of shower if you were to hurry for a dinner

Those blaming Dubai police.... the police here absolutely Don't need bribes! The Gov here doesn't allow such practices!
They took 4 days to close the case... didnt do it in a jiffy!
RIP Sridevi

hahaha you must be kidding right?

The hotel staff must have asked Boney to return back to Dubai as she was not answering their repeated attempts on knocking on the door. The surprise story is cooked up and in all probabilities she was already dead before Boney reached. It must have been depression or her addiction to slimming pills that took away her life. If it was shopping that she stayed back in Dubai for, why was she cooped up inside her hotel room?? First one story that was circulated was that she wanted to spend time with her sister Srilata, next another story came out that she wanted to auction her paintings. So all these stories were used as cover ups. Either she died coz of drug overdose and Dubai police did not want this story to be out as Dubai is very strict about drugs and it would clearly show that there was a lapse on their behalf in not checking on her at the entry into the country.

this makes sense. the whole "delayed bellboy" story sounds off. and soo fake.

Not true, Sridevi spoke with Jhanvi on call on the day she died around 4pm as told her some movie actor at Arnab's show. He said, Jhanvi got a call in front him and Ishan Khatter and others present and she excused herself saying its a call from mom. Shouldnt create our own stories.

Hope you realise people can be asked to lie...

What I feel is it’s the case of antidepressants and alcohol lethal combination. She might be on antidepressants which isn’t something to be shameful of. So many people in USA are on antidepressants or anti anxiety pills. And she might have had a glass of red wine not knowing it might be dangerous or ignoring the deadly side effects which made her dizzy and lost consciousness while in the tub. She might have had the tap on so by the time the tub was filled with water she might have got immersed in the water and died. Hence no struggle.

While its not advisable to mix any antidepressants(SSRI/SNRI) with wine, its absolutely safe and I haven't herd one case of drowning !! Benzodiazepines are another matter altogether

Then who stopped the water. Didn’t it overflow out. The catch is not a drop of water out and she drowned. Hmmm. Both don’t go together

When the family never left her alone anytime, why did they leave her alone in Dubai? Sap when u know she has some issues?


A simple polygraph test should sort matters out.

The person above me is correct. If the person believes the lie they're speaking, it would show up as true. Also, good control of breathing etc will manipulate results.

They are not reliable as they are easily manipulated.

How can anyone believe this..all lies..sounds so cheesy like a typical bollywood romance

I find it strange that some of the so called fans of Sridevi are not even the least bit curious about the manner of her death. They somehow think that questioning it somehow insults her memory. How do they not realize if this was foul play/murder then it is a travesty of justice. A real person was potentially murdered and these folks are more concerned about having a good memory of her life...sickening

Because in countries like India family honor is greater than the justice to the dead legend.

I whole heartedly agree and I am a sridevi fan. The truth should be told.

wonderfully articulated. exactly.

If i was to go on a date with my husband , i won't fill the tub and have relaxing bath...i would have a quick bath and would start getting ready for the dinner.. -_-

same here and I'm sure most people would. Something doesn't add up

Aww, so sad for Boney and the kids. They didn't reveal the drugs/medications found in her system, did they ? Sounds like she quietly slid under the water as she lost consciousness.

People don't accidently drown in bath tub unless they are intoxicated with alcohol, drugs or something else. And who by the way keep the bath tub filled with water when clearly they have no intention of taking a bath. Something is not right. They are keeping something secret. Where is the toxicology report? She did not die from heart disease so what killed her? Toxicology report is important to know the actual cause of death.

Why did she stay there but didn’t go outside for 2-3 days? Why she didn’t answer Boney’s calls?
1. Did she have drug issues? Was she high?
2. Was she cheating on Boney and he can be assumed as the murderer?
3. Someone murdered her in the bathtub just like Joseph Smith case?

“Seizing her by the feet and suddenly pulled them up toward himself, sliding the upper part of the body under water. The sudden flood of water into her nose and throat might cause shock and sudden loss of consciousness, explaining the absence of injuries and minimal signs of drowning”.
The strange case of Joseph Smith

Thanks for posting this. It’s horrible if she went like this but it seems very likely. So sad and awful that this case has been closed.

Dis anyone else notice, that arjun kapoor went to dubai, and within an hour after he reached body was released for embalming and case was closed. Its ironic since the police were hesitant for mre than 2 days after death to release body. I wonder why arjun had to go to dubai (bribe? Or something else) when sanjay and some other family members were already with boney. there was a brief blind that, boney’s passport was siezed and was asked not to leave the dubai until case is closed.

Exactly, I thought the same, why did Arjun have to rush to Dubai. Maybe to be with his alone grieving father, not sure if Sanjay Kapoor was with Boney in Dubai. But the body was released quickly. This can seem pretty normal OR not if arjun went with cash as bribe, who knows.

But thats true, Boney was not allowed to leave Dubai, this doesnt happen in cases of natural death/accidental deaths, the closed ones are not treated like that, hence the doubt on Boneys's involvement in his wife's death. Only media channels raised this issue. FISHY

The bloated body means she had already died much much earlier and her husband is only covering up with a story.

Or may be he saw her die, left her and came back again to create this drama....

Not murder but likely accidental drug overdose.Why so may surgeries, deeply unhappy like Michael Jackson who also didn’t have a childhood. Coverup for sure to preserve her reputation. Why did Dubai authorities use the words”case closed?” How can it be without toxicology results?

The fact that Indian authorities are silent on this subject is alarming. Where is the probe? Embarrassing

Who knows what happened maybe she was depressed with her looks after that lip surgery she had recently

Yup, she looked different in those wedding pics, not like usual self.

I respect and love Sridevi and don't want to harm her image either. If I was a witness to what happened to her, I would also give out a story that doesn't destroy her image. So, let this be THE story. We all know Boney loved her like no one else could.Peace...

Whoever says it's a drug overdose is outta their senses. That too in Dubai. Waoo!

What logic on earth dictates that one cannot have a drug overdose in Dubai ? I honestly think it is very much drug overdose and that the family may be covering up to protect her image. It is the likeliest outcome ...

Srilatha, please file a case with the Indian Police so they can do a proper investigation. At least they will find out the truth and us fans can have some closure. :(

Exactly my thoughts! None there for Sridevi (

One thing is very sure..a person who's so excited about her daughter's debut will never commit suicide.. Why she has to go to Dubai then stay back just for that. There is something fishy.. If she wasn't attending her husband s call, he could've checked up with hotel people or her relatives there.. It can't be that.. What was the time of death? It's all unclear.. It's not accidental drowning for sure!

I agree its not accidental drowning every story os contradicting the next. Firstly it was told that she died of cardiac arrest.. how did they come up with that if her body was submerged in the water. If she fell linto the tub and drowned i doubt her full body would be submerged it would be some awkward position and there would be a big splash. Boney kapoot said there was not a single drop of water outside the tub. Im not sure how he had time to examine that as I would have rushed to her and quickly pulled her out to check she is alive and try to revive her. Which would have led to whole bathroom floor to be wet. Why did he call some politician ( i think amar singh) and say bhabi is no more.. rather than call for an ambulance? he rushed from mumbai to dubai coz he knew something.. we won't know the truth unfortunately

Honestly I wasnt expecting Jhanvi’s letter this early. If it was my mom who she referred in the letter as ‘everything’ would be flying to Dubai and asking so many questions to police who handled Sridevi’s case. RIP Sriji. I hope one day the truth comes out in open.

LOL AT people making a big deal out of it, obviously her time was up n death can happen suddenly aswell.. when people die in sleep, why dont they struggle? Lol at u all, grow up n stop making assumptions, she was relaxing in the bath tub n just passed away like this.. it isnt necessary that death comes with struggle, it can happen out of nothing asaell

I think it is either suicide or an accidental drug overdose. I think Boney loves her enough to cast suspicion on himself in order to preserve her legacy. I think the kids have been told the truth and are part of the attempts to shield their late mother's reputation. I also think most insiders in Bollywood have been told the truth. And I also think money talked on the Dubai end in order to preserve several reputations including the hotel's. India is a highly judgemental society still. If it emerged that SriDevi had a drug addiction of sorts or committed suicide, her daughters would never have any peace.

This story is more believable than the ones that have come out

She Couldn't do it in India, hence chose Dubai to take drugs and then to die.

I am pretty sure it was suicide. They just don't want that coming out. It is possible that she was already dead when he got there. Like he was called by the hotel because she did not leave room for days etc..

Given that she didn’t come out of her room for two days and also since her body being blown up, i am sure she had died before Boney get to Dubai.

I believed that she loved her daughters too much so she definitely didn’t commit suicide but now with all the sympathy Jhanvi is getting, with all the public support, thinking about suicide is not strange

If she had died in India instead of Dubai, we all would have known the truth

A grown up dying in a bathtub is practically impossible. Even under the influence of alchohol or a heart attack the instinct is to sit up. The tub isn't that deep esp for a tall person. It can be a freak accident but it's very very rare. Also one takes a bath during a leisurely hour like afternoon or after dinner. Something very fishy here.

They said the body was bloated. A body for 30 mins in water won't get bloated!! The body has to be over 8 hours at least in water to get bloated!
This claim of Boney Kapoor that she was there for 20 mins is false. I am not buying this.

sounds like a fairytale.
what we are reading is a cover up story clearly.
do i believe boney killed her no, from their daughters own words they were soulmates.
suicide no, she wouldnt do that to her kids i dont think.
however could be possible overdose like hollywood celebs, prob yes and the family just dont want the shame or dent in her legacy.
i mean with all the surgerys she could have got addicted to prescription drugs like the ones prince or mj took that killed them.
she was just human at the end of the day and no ones perfect.
plz post pv its just an opinion.

No drop of water outside bathtub! Impossible. Be it a suicide, murder or even a heart attack for 1-2 minutes, a natural reflex is to move limbs and try to get out of tub or shout for help or make some sound - any of this will spill water outside the tub.

She went consciously into the tub (as fainting and falling into the tub would had splashed water and created a sound) and voila died! There was no water spilled outside the tub, it means she did not try to save herself (a natural reflex) or move and stayed in the exact same position in the bath tub calmly awaiting death, without moving her hands or legs or trying to keep her face above water (you know things people do even unconsciously to save themselves when they are in death like situations) - any of this would had splashed water outside the tub. NOT POSSIBLE.

It is possible only when she is unconscious/dead and "placed" inside the tub without creating a splash OR she tried to save herself but later the splashed water was wiped and floor was dried to create the crime scene.
It could not even had been an accidental death following a physical fight between the two, caused by pushing her and she accidentally hitting the bathroom fittings. As this would had spilled blood and there would had been injury marks.
Its not even a suicide, if so, she would had eaten lots of sleeping pills in the bed and not eat pills and lie in a wet bathtub. Any other method requires moving limbs to save oneself or physical cuts on body. All of this could had been detected forensically. And most importantly, she was worried about daughter's movies, so suicide is out of question.

Sadly, its a murder. and no one other than Boney is to blame. "I dont know" what happened in the tub is a lame excuse. He has always been in financial troubles, she has always been rich esp. now with movies and appearances.

yes you are right why know water splashed if she fell and drowned. maybe murdered elsewhere and then placed in the bath they then ran it to the top till she was submerged and switched off tap? leaving to look like accident.
please dont close case look into further.

Please print the letter in entirety where it's all given out in detail . Sridevi's passing out could be due to innumerable medical ailments or due to substances like antibiotics . One thing that really stood out in that letter is that Sri apparently addressed Boney as " Papa" , it somehow came across like he represented security & love for her .

Papa is tamil means --Baby this could be what she meant also.

By Papa she means father of her kids, lots of married couples call each other that, after having kids, calling each other papa or mamma, we do that all the time.

That is " Paapa " with a longer /aa/ sound which means "child" . Sridevi's own nickname among her parents & family is " Paapima" or something like that .

Didn't these people want to grieve in private?

He is not even making an attempt to make this sound credible. Incredulous.

...and she misplaced her phone too? Komal nahata’s blog seems to suggest that. It’s weird, why don’t the hotel authorities come out with the steps leading up to the her death. Why was she not coming out of her room?

Who can trust Dubai forensics which spells drowning as drawning? How an that inspire trust or confidence??

Read up on George Joseph Smith of England.

There is something the family is either guilty or deeply embarrassed to admit.. I will not doubt boney kapoor s love for her . This version doesnt add up and only makes it more intriguing. Sridevi just simply relaxing in a hotel for two days itself doesn't go with her personality considering she has been so protected by her family and friends. She forgetting her mobile, option to sit in the tub and boney expecting her to come out in25-20min, not revealing the cause for drowning (forensic and toxicology report would go to the depths of all this) and even the surprise visit just don't add up.

I don't think Sridevi would have been alone as such as her sister, cousin (actress Maheshwari) & family were also there for the wedding . Boney had attended a business meeting with Amar Singh & they returned to India together , after it was over he went back to Dubai . If the room is one of the best in the hotel (& I think it is ) , the bath tub may be a jaccuzzi . Yes , it does seem like they are embarrassed about something coming out which they are trying to hide -perhaps not to ruin Sridevi's image & last memory.

Maybe he had doubts she was cheating on him. That’s why surprise visits. Then killed and got away too

Seriously Sherlock,give it a rest!

Never say never. You would be amazed at what the most trustworthy people do behind people's back.

No matter who speaks what, this doesn't make much sense. It s totally not believable that a woman like her got drowned in a bathroom tub. Why did they declare it was cardiac arrest in the beginning. Why the delay in taking her to hospital? Read that not even a drop of water spilled out of the tub though it was full and she was immersed from head to toe. No struggle no water splash whatsoever. And a person like her will never commit suicide.. Why did she stay back and what happened after the wedding, was she sick? She didn't go out of room? Nothing makes sense.. its a mystery , will it ever unfold? I hope it should..
Still can't believe she's no more.. Sigh..a deep one..

this is half truth or not truth at all. half truth is more dangerous. if sridevi ji was so drunk (it doesn't look like she drinks so much) that she couldn't even struggle to get out of bath tub and in such a state they planned to go ''out'' for dinner. whatever, this version is completely unbelievable. doesn't matter how much he loved her that still doesn't answer the question of ''circumstances'' whats surprising is, if a common person without any education of forensic got so many questions then how and why police ignored and closed the case with in like 2 days. RIP sridevi ji and wherever you are please protect your daughters

May be she asked for help or there was noise but as TV volume was full he didn't listen it?

they will make sure the truth never comes out..iam surprised the dubai police closed the case so quickly

There is a time lag in this story... when Boney said Sridevi didn’t return back from washroom in 15 mins he startled and called her to check on her ...why would anyone startle if someone don’t return in “15 mins” knowingly she is taking a bath not a quick shower ... just doesn’t make sense !!!

It’s all framed ....must be investigated !!!

but what so many ppl whove said she didnt leave the room for 2 or 3 days..so when did she exactly go shopping.no cctv footage of hers too.

apparently she has a history of low BP, used to faint on shoots as well. but why would she take a bath if she was getting ready quickly for dinner...wouldn't a shower be quicker. that's what's weird to me.

Even a first grader will not believe this story. Such an implausible tale. Even the worst Bollywood script would make more sense than this. Hamein ulloo samajh rakha hai kya?? If India has any spine, the case should be investigated. Poor Sridevi, she deserves better.

Toxicology reports are essential in these kinds of cases. Unfortunately we will likely not see them in here. It’s hard to believe that this woman drank enough to fall unconscious in a bathtub and drown... alcohol takes time ... unless she was piss drunk for a couple hours and somehow crawled herself to the bathroom and actually drew a bath for herself In an drunk state and fell in and drowned—? Seems unbelievable.... There has to be a reason why she fell unconscious... I have a feeling she was on some medication and it got mixed up with alcohol and while she was having a bath it she may have had a heart issue leading her to fall unconscious and then drown ...

It suggest she has a cardiac arrest.

I am sorry nothing about this story adds up. Without casting shades on anyone, let me just say the truth should come out. Was she having some depression issues ? Did she kill herself ? If that is the case, we need stop idolizing her and deal with the truth that she was also human like all of us. And it would be very sad if the truth is covered up at the cost of her image. It does not make her less of an actress or human being if she was prone to depression.

Saare Sherlock comment kar rahe h

aur watson ko gussa aa raha hai ;-)

think we should all stop speculating and let the lady's soul R.I.P. Sridevi was a phenomenal actor. The most versatile I have seen in my lifetime. We should respect the fact that her family still lives...her daughters could be reading all this somewhere and we are unintentionally hurting them. If at all Boney is not letting out details is only because it is their private matter. Sridevi was an actor .. her personal life belonged What matters living now... We can only pray for Sridevi's soul ...

"We can only pray for Sridevi's soul." No, I believe we can do more. Prayer, if not backed by action, is not prayer, and utterly useless. How can the lady's soul rest in peace? How can any of us rest in peace?


suicide ...

May she rest in peace...but how can that happen when grieving family members keep putting out statements that create more questions than answers? I hope the truth comes out.

A couple who have been married for more than 20 years, one of them stays in another country, the other go back to his own country then the next day he comes back to the foreign country just to surprise his wife! So weird

Also so weird that she died right after he got there. She had 2 days alone but why right after he got there?

I don’t know why but I can’t accept this story

So weird

I will get a lot of hate for this comment, but I find it weird that so many letters and personal information is being released by a family who wanted to grieve "privately"...! Unless she was under the influence of alcohol or antidepressants, there is no way a healthy woman of 54 can just fill a tub and die without any struggle. I am absolutely not saying Boney did anything, but he is definitely trying to cover up the truth to maintain her "clean" image. This story above just does not add up. Sorry !

Exactly, I thought it's a shock and saddest time for them, but statements are coming one after other..Didn't expect Jhanvis letter, so early she logged in and expressing her feeling??

According to him she quickly went to get reafy. In 10 to 15 mins a person doesnt sit in a bathtub to relax. They quickly shower. Since she didnt fall or anything. How did she sit and drown? Please post

i agree..why would a person take bath ...in bathtub if going out...it takes time to fill a bath...then if u consider taking a bath ..that is done to relax then 15 -20 mins ....is not enough...didnt he know that...why wud he knock the door then..if he knew she was taking a "bath"

I don’t think anybody is going to believe this story! Unless she is heavily intoxicated , which is not as per autopsy report , she must have cried for help and the husband must have heard it. If she is in a happy mood and getting ready for dinner she should not commit suicide. Again the question is how does a conscious person drown in a bathtub , without making any sounds and husband not hearing from the same room. Does not make any sense!!!

I am not a die hard fan and don't have a movie reference but this is incredibly sad! The whole thing seems like a movie, even her funeral. Feels like we will see a post on PV with Sridevi rocking a saree - like only she could - flanked by her daughters. RIP!

I love Sri Devi as much as the next fan and I hope she rests in peace but anyone with an ounce of a brain will be curious about her death from downing in a bathtub . I mean she was in a proper state of mind and unless she was drugged or drunk no way she could have drowned ... I don’t think Boney did anything but I do think she took something to make he drowsy and therefore perhaps drowning

If boney want to mislead or bribed dubai police, In the first place he will never let autopsy report out as accidental drowning instead released it as cardiac arrest and raise unnecessary controversy and speculations. Maybe he also doesn’t know what actually drowned her and thought its cardiac arrest. He is interrogated and questioned for everything.I have followed stardust and film magazines from 80s, thr whr articles that boney use to visit every place whr sridevi use to shoot to surprise her(London, singapore, switz, LA). He has done it all to impress sridevi till her dod. Its pure fate that unexpected incident lead to a nightmare. Maybe it’s something to do with srijis health issues, which lost her consciousness and eventually left us in tears and emptiness.

Lies lies. There’s more to the story.

something doesn't add up...i hope I'm wrong.

She must have been totally under the influence of alcohol and drugs. There was no struggle from her part or else water would ve spilled outside the tub.

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