Brahmastra: Karan Johar announces trilogy with Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's Dragon is now titled Brahmastra.
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A lot has been spoken about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's movie being helmed by Ayan Mukerji. The running title of the film was Dragon and the prep by the team was already started a while back.
Now, ace filmmaker Karan Johar who is producing the film has revealed the title of the same which is Brahmastra. The movie is a trilogy and will also star Amitabh Bachchan in the lead.
He tweeted the announcement stating, "A TRILOGY ...A FANTASY ADVENTURE....A LABOUR OF LOVE.....”BRAHMĀSTRA”"
The announcement says, "Dharma Productions is proud to announce one of its most ambitious films Ayan Mukerji's directorial venture We embark a journey into the realm of a fantasy adventure series which will be a trilogy Collaborating on this exciting journey with us is Fox Star Studios and Namit Malhotra"
We are honoured to have Mr. Amitabh Bachchan lead our cast along with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The first part of our big screen spectacle will release on August 15, 2019. And we finally have a title BRAHMASTRA"
Exciting much?
Check out the announcement and tell us what do you have to say about this big announcement.

The much-awaited flick is set to hit the screens on August 15, 2019.

Earlier, Karan attended the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and there he spoke about the film. He stated, "It will be a trilogy and is the most ambitious film we’ve worked on."
Karan further said, "Ranbir is a big part of Dharma. We have had great innings with him so far and are looking forward to the next one."
Brahmastra marks the first outing of Ranbir and Alia along with Big B.

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The problem with Hindi cinema these days is that they are drifting further apart from Indian culture and mimicking the west and Hollywood way more. India has such a rich and culture and so much can be made on it if directors would stop trying to be so westernized all the time. No one wants Hindi superhero movies. We've got marvel for that!!!!

Crap Movie def not watching kJ movies in theatre anymore

Hope it is as successful as Bombay Velvet! AMEN.

NO ranbir NO

What is with this new trend of Wedding Cards type of movie announcements by Dharma and YRF ? Apne Sid-Manish ke sath bhi to card chapwaiye shaadi ke KJo Sirrrrr

I wish there was also some other heroine besides Alia

Unless Big B is romancing Alia in movie I have no interest in movie

If only Ranbir wasn't in this movie... I feel films like this need not only huge stars, but amazing character actors as well. Wonder who else will be in the cast

Why Karan is not making Dostana 2 with 2-2 Jodis? Karan-Manish and Ranbir-Ayan with Siddhartha as cameo.

Poor Amitji, at 75 he is signing 10 year deals and his son can't even hit a gym.

This will be like Gunda. So bad that we will love it for guilty pleasures. Karan please make more.

Brahmastra, Drona and Flying Jatt should come together like Marvel and DC since we are not getting MSG sequels now.

Lord of the Rings banaenge The Lunchbox ke budget me. LOL. I hope it gives strong contest to Flying Jatt.

Alia is the real flag bearer of Nepotism. All other star kids at least have some dignity to work with different people. She has no shame. With her below mediocre looks, zero sex appeal and average acting skills I dont think she will be surving without KJO

Wait for the Ranbir Alia PICTURES LEAK.

Height of Optimism, signing Big B for 3 movie deal spanning 10 years.

It somewhere lands up between Aryamaan and Shaktiman. Sorry Karan this is not 2000. People have access to good superhero movies and TV shows. If this project was made in South India with their superstars, yes it would might had worked. But cmon lets be real, none of Ranbirs movie except Yeh Jawani had crossed 100 crores. Even Aye Dil with such great music was just average at box office. Neither he is Salman Khan to pull audiences to theatre over average movies. You can declare 5 sequels to create hype. But we all know it is finished after the first flops.

In hollywood famous directors make superhero movies in the genre they are good at. Zak Snyder makes DC, Joss Whedon, Avengers and now Justice League, Russo brothers Civil War, Infinity War. Here we have Tum Bin director making RaOne, Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Khoon Bhari Maang maker directing Krissh, and coming of age movies maker making this Bramhastra. Movie making is not about jumping in whatever you feel like making. There is a particular genre than you can excel at. See David Fincher, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, they always make movies in one genre. Anyways, the conclusion here is this movie won't work as hollywood has Infinity War, Deadpool II, Justice League etc movies which such good stories and timelines now. Bahubali worked because South Indian people loved it and its wave came to North. The visuals of Bahubali looked like from early 2000s, and great visuals need a lot of budget. A bollywood movie won't have that. Also the script will be one dimensional and not at par with hollywood. on guys kjo take alia simply bc she already famous(he made her a star)yet she won't cost him that much...I think even ranbir won't take 30 after all his flops...

WHO is this weirdo who keeps posting strange comments under Alia's articles? I dont even like her but all your comments sound fake and the same!!

I'd watch it for sure! I think this needs to be a medium budget film then, because the section who is into sci fi or fantasy is REALLY into it- like me- but some just dont care. The cast is ok I guess- will Big B play a Dumbledore like mentor figure? That would be best.

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this'll be a hot mess. Lol.

Taking Big B at 75 for a trilogy spanning over 10 years? Please take more rest Amit Ji now. Enjoy life, travel. Aishu ll make money, you need to stop working now.

I agree that Alia is bearding successfully(Ha ha!) for Sid and gets rewarded handsomely. Sid is such a bad actor! He is the male Katrina seriously! I wonder why KJO keeps him on the payroll, I wonder why he keeps trying to make Sid happen for what, 5 years now? I wonder ...(not really, no). Alia is okay, but she has the aura of a teenage brat. Who would take her seriously as a woman? RK, I know you would be okay with many many flops, but please chose a good movie for one, your talent is wasted because you would rather spend your time going after a b c d than reading a decent script!

The first like is from me...yay...

Alia is not my favourite actress and KJO is a fool but she has proven herself more than enough times at the box office. I think beard or not, is none of our business. The only question should be, is she a good actress? Most would say yes.

Wont work. Indian audience doesn't appreciate (and very rightly) the badly made superhero/mythology films. Bahubali worked because the southern audience loves the mindless action that the film had. And all the frenzy made other Indians watch it too. I honestly think Bahubali was a exceptionally mediocre film

See bro bahubali represented Indian culture and shows the world that what was all about ANCIENT INDIA and How epicness that Era was.It is not a superhero film but brahmastra is a supernatural romantic flick which probably won't work because people saw many great SUPERhero contents from Hollywood which would be far better than brahmastra I BET.IF THE MOVIE SHOULD HAVE SOME EXTRAORDINARY THING WHY SHOULD TGEY CAST MR.AMITABH BACCHANJI BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE WHO WILL DRAW THE AUDIENCE 8NTO THEATRES

And funniest part is in times of Marvel, DC, LOTR, Game of Thrones bla bla, when people call Bahubali's visuals great. Whom are we kidding? Fooling ourselves. I was watching Blade Runner from 1982 and it had better visuals than Bahubali. I havent seen the movie, so I cannot comment on the content.

Oh Alia is in the film? What a huge shock! Seriously though why is every film of hers being produced by Dharma?

Drona part 2. end of rk's career.

oh dear God.

alia needs to be convincing as a woman on screen first off. Too youthcentric, and plays as if she is a teenager in all her films. Zaria wasim is a better actor and only 16 . She plays her age and doesn't get half the attention alia gets who rides on her youth image way too much to the point where it is annoying to see for a woman approaching her mid 20's! It's fine to be childish , but man she needs to stop the childish expressions like sticking out her tongue in hunpty sharma or shaandaar where she jumps around like a little kid. That's not charm, that's acting like a kid! Pv pls post

Youth image is a good thing but the problem is that we get to see Jerry and this is what stays with us.

who the EFF is Jerry?? why do you talk like a crazy person?

I know 2 Jerry's Seinfeld and the mouse. Neither of them said that.

Jerry the mouse !

3 year triology. Will Alia bhatt be relevant 10 years from now? She'll be 34, and with those looks i don't see her getting to superstar level.

Pls shut up. It's atleast something different. Watch for sure.

Jagga Jasoos was supposed to be a trilogy too. We all know how that went.

How do people still trust Ranbir with big budget films after Bombay Velvet and JJ.

Kjo and his dear friends made so much noise on nepotism and bechari Kangana ko kitna criticize kiya. Now Alia Bhatt for Triology! Such a misfit!

Alia bad cast. Really bad cast. Take someone who matches the aura n personalities of Amitabh n Ranbir. If u dnt want deepika, take tamnnah bhatia atleast..she is perfect beauty for such a larger than life project.

i think ayaan will do well. the only thing the hero must have is a central conflict or like some ambivalence about his "heroism"- only way adventure story works

please take Varun!!!

take a cool antagonist- like a really powerful chilly villain, eg- matthew mcconaughey in the dark tower books? something like that. and please dont make the hero vanilla..give him some shades. just my two cents as a fan of fantasy. As you can tell I'm invested in the genre. LOL

Don't go broke with this project has flop all over it.

sounds nothing like bahubali- i'll watch for ranbir. alia is fine but wish she wouldnt be pushed as the next deepika so much. let her grow

again aalia? kjo dont wants to learn and still Keeps pushing aalia into our throats -we Need to Wake this btown mafia up- like seriously this Tweed of a "woman" dont Watch it guys pinkvilla pls Post it Font worry about kjo' s reaction

is this the same person trolling alia over and over?

I am not kinda person who wishes someone ill but this movie hopefully flops. First it sounds horrible and second i cant take this Aalia anymore.

Sounds like a cheap rip off of Bahubali.

Bahubali itself is a cheap rip off of Games of thrones, Ben Hur, brave heart and many American movies/Tv shows.

Ssshhh, they don't know all these stuff. All they know is Chandrakanta and Bahuballi.

dutt 2018 march and Brahmastra 2019 august .........cant wait for all the linkups and pics between march 2018 and aug is going to be lot of scandals and gossip! bring it on hopefully this time it will be hot pics of mexican or hot girls from other countries rofl

best comment! lol more backlash and outrage rofl...then RK in the next talk will convince people he is a good boy and people will realise it when he's old rofl....

see KRK latest interview with faridoon he confirms RK started liking mahira before break up with katrina lol

wow. what a credible source. KRK.

Intrigued! Snr B is reason enough but RK and AB are established stars who have more than demonstrated their aptitude.

will be good to see Ranbir outside his comfort zone

One day when Alia looks back, she will think that oh its Karoo who made me what i am today. So karoo made my life. I have no legacy.

Brahmastra like Drona of Abhishek Bachchan :D

Isn't a trilogy a bit ambitious. Indian audiences don't like this genre. Look at the failures of Drona, Ra1 etc

so from now Kjo stopped naming his movies from alphabet 'K' after bahubali's success ??

hahaha i hope he changes the name from bhramastra to bahubala

Average looks, zero personality, mediocre acting, life experience is movies under Dharma productions - seriously this girl is who we are forced to bear with, to watch movies? #facepalm

Ranbir Kapoor + Alia Bhatt + Fantasy Trilogy = Attempt to bankrupt Dharma Productions. LMAO!!!

Rani was the original choice for this film!!

TBH I wouldn't mind Rani for once if its over this irritating girl Alia

TBH I wouldn't mind Rani for once if its over this irritating girl Alia

Alia is taken for every film because she works as a cover up for Karan's affair with Sid..he owns her big time.

nobody cares. their personal life is their business but don't shove one person down our throats

Alia better enjoy it now, who knows what will happen after he starts with his new fav Jhanvi.

then Jhanvi will start dating Sid 'supposedly'

ugh pls no.

Alia and Jhanvi? These are our only choices? Seriously?

I have no interest in watching RK and Alia Bhatt ugh!

Now we will see jerry as Queen for whom Ranbir will cross bridges, fly buildings and wage wars....LOL

Sorry but I can already see this tanking at the BO. Fantasies/Period fantasies don't have a lot of draw in Indian cinema in the first place (Bahubali was the one exception in recent times). Also why does Ayan only ever work with Ranbir and KJo? Not a sign of a good director if you're not willing to work with different people who have different things to teach you and different things to offer.

Boring with a capital B !! Hope this movie bombs like no other.

Riding on the Baahubali wave of Indian mythology being "cool" right now...not ONE original thought in that big head. That's why allegations of nepotism hurt him so much...he knows he doesn't have the talent of an Aamir Khan (or even the magnetism/mass appeal of a Salman) to silence his critics.

Ladies and Gentleman, just imagine - Ranbir Kapoor as a superhero HAHAHAHAHA - this film will be worse than Raone!

This is the only Dharma film I'd ever pay to watch and that's a credit to Ayaan's body of work- not Karan's. truth

I hope for your sake, RK that this does well...Dharma doesn't deserve you..

Nay sayers have arrived lol...Just because their favorite isn't in the movie they are BURNING... RK will slay along with AB...and the TRILOGY will be a super duper Blockbuster...Amen...All the Best Team...may God Bless You..

Ayan is not a great director. That's all.

God, if there is anyway you can spare us this horror, please do.

It would be cool if they had a different pair for each part of this trilogy, but nope Nepo Kjo can't let the audience have variety!! Always Alia

Ayan is no Rajmouli to pull off something epic. It will probably be made for kids!

Alia has 6 Dharma films in her kitty.Heights of nepotism & favouritism.

all of Alia's upcoming films are produced by Dharma... besides Gully Boy but won't be surprised if Kjo goes for that too!!

I like Ranbir and Alia is meh..Sci fi/Fantasy is my favourite genre..DO NOT SCREW THIS UP

No parent in the industry spoon fed their kids as much as Kjo gives Alia, he is making Alia fans turn against her!!!

Another Dharma and Alia movie rename your production house as BHATT seriously

Ayan wants to make an indian "avatar" really dude? Why do we have to always copy from the west? and why are you forcing Alia and Ranbir on us? Next few years get ready for their "relationship" blinds!!

This movie will not do well- there will be no sequel, let alone trilogy lol

Alia has been blessed by some cinema god, movie after movie with Daddy Kjo with mediocre looks and "good" acting ability. The problem is we are so used to bad acting in Indian cinema that if you show us the same person again and again, we will say they're an amazing actor!! great job Alia! You're lucky Daddy Kjo rocketed your career when Parineeti was struggling !!

I want to like Alia, she's a great actress! but it's hard when Karan is CONSTANTLY obsessing over her in everything. World economic forum? and this? too much.

Exactly ! Iam already too bored seeing the same faces...!! there is no element of variety in quality movies

Alia is a good actress, but she is losing her credibility and fans by being in everything Dharma.

It’ll be like Rajkumar lol

I really love Ayan's movies, he brings the best out in Ranbir. But I hate that he just brings his best friends on the movie, this Alia is very cunning, she's now best friends with Ayan too!! Great way to keep Dharma in her back pocket.

Ok so by the time this movie releases Ranbir's stardom will be better post Dutt but still not massy enough to hold a fantasy trilogy sorry Kjo!!

They are bringing Big B to add star power and masses, Ranbir and Alia are not enough to sustain a trilogy,

lol Jagga Jasoos and Bombay Velvet were supposed to have sequels too right?

A trilogy.... come on Ranbir doesn't have the star power for that..

Alia is a really smart girl, she leverages Kjo and Ayan and Dharma but she is not dumb to ever fall for Ranbir, he will try though!!

Kjo and his BFFs Ayan, Ranbir, and their new BFF Alia are coming to torture us. ugh why

Oh god, after Baahubali Kjo is trying his own - which I was excited but this pairing no way


Can't wait for this movie.

Ranbir is my super star.

Best combo.

Nah, as long as ppl keep paying money to see her movies, she'll be fine

People are loving watching 20 min mini-movies on YouTube...and they think we'll watch a trilogy?? LoL....

Copy paste Alia's name on ever posted are seriously ruining her career..she's going to hate you for all the hate she's getting thanks to your continued nepotistic approach..

I like Ranbir and Ayaan's collaborations..but Ayaan pls don't 'dharmafy' your vision. I'm a little excited but hoping it doesn't become another Dhronaa

No new faces..same old same old..tired of this..won't be watching it.

Sounds stupid but lets see.

Yash johars son, rishi kapoor's son and Mahesh bhatt's daughter coming together to yet again validate the point that when there are other actors you could cast, why does alia bhatt hv to b in every movie

Flop.. fantasy adventure from dharma? Really?

Why he is not casting any other actor?

pir se RK and Alia. Ek ni 3 films. lol koi aur toh sign kar ni raha inko

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

deepu aapko bhi to koi ni sign kar ra ab..ranbir bhi ni chodna ranveer bhi ni chodna.dirty games bhi ni chodna depression bhi ni chodna hollywood bhi ni chodna bolllywood bhi ni chodna.;)))))

Hope it's not a bomb like jagga jasoos. I do like ranbir but unsure of the pairing.

It will most definitely flop. Ranbir has no pull, Pairing sucks and Alia wont be as popular by 2019

I think Alia will finally marry Ranbir

Ranbir will never accept little jerry kapoors running around in every nook and corner of Krishna Raj and RK studios

lol no Alia is secretly super smart and would never do that just using until she can use!!

Won’t be watching this.

Trilogy? We haven't even seen the first part yet. Brahmastra is a much better name than Dragon. But then again, its directed by Ayan! Hmmmm...

Too ambitious to declare a trilogy. What if the first film bombs?

So what? Jerry and Ranbir will get another movie and then another movie...........

you are so positive dude lol

That is an unusual name from a studio that does everything 'urban'. Hope they are not trying to use the same framework as for Bhaubali. The cast though will backfire. Ranbir is a liability for a fantasy film.

Oh no.. it's 3 moviea., Not Alia, not Ranbir and definitely the Karan johar combo please

i hope it becomes disaster like jagga jasoos so we can get rid of this bullshit just like jagga jasoos.this kjo alia obsession is irritating

Height of nepotism. Nepotism sucks

bhagwan kare flop ho

A trilogy? Come on man, this will flop, ADHM was successful because of Aishwarya, Anushka, and Fawad. How can Ranbir bring in people for so much of the same story? Even Baahubali isn't a trilogy, right?

Looking forward to this...... two of my most favourite stars ever in one frame Mr AB and Mr Kapoor wow this spells magic....Best wishes to the team...,

A trilogy?? Seriously I mean is it an adaptation from a book or just a fantasy fiction they came up with?? if so then bravo but what if the first part fails terribly will they still continue on with the remaining two parts? It’s like a huge risky gamble..

Uff alia again. Let's boycott this

we want this type news from RK!! excited!

KJo now thinks Indian audience will like it because it has a mythological name and using the title and success of bahubali as a formula.I don't like the names and the actors named don't somehow fit in my perception of mythological characters.

This is the only Dharma film I'd ever pay to watch and that's a credit to Ayaan's body of work- not Karan's

"one of the most ambitious" haha

Yayyyyyy! Amitji, Ranbir and Alia together?! That too in a Trilogy?!! This is going to be EPIC!!! Thanks Dharma!! :D :D :D

Hi Alia! How’s Karan - Sid going?


Ayan is the only halfway decent filmmaker in Dharma. Let's see how long it takes before Karan ruins his style

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