Brahmastra: Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt starrer pushed to summer 2020; Success of Avengers: Endgame the reason?

Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will now release in the summer of 2020 and not in 2019.
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It all started with the news of Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 and Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s Brahamstra locking horns at the box office on Christmas 2019. While Salman Khan took to Twitter to announce that Dabangg 3 will hit the screens on 20th December 2019, it was being reported that to avert the clash with Dabangg 3, the makers of Brahamstra will release the film on bhai birthday i.e. December 27, 2019. But after all the conjecture, today, director of Brahmastra, Ayan Mukerji took to social media to announce that the film has been shifted to 2020 summers. That’s right!

Ayan released an official statement that read that all the teams working on the movie, led by the VFX team, need more time in order to get the VFX right, to get the sound and music right, and therefore, the makers are moving from Christmas 2019 to summer 2020. Now while Brahmastra is not locking horns with Dabangg 3 at the box office, we feel that after pushing the date from December 27, 2019 to Summer 2020, one major reason can be the stupendous success of Avengers: Endgame in India because the kind of quality and VFX that Marvel stands for, it is very hard to please the audiences with anything substandard now and given that Brahamstra is a super hero sci-fi, the makers of Brahamstra want to ensure that there is some time gap between Avengers release and Brahamstra so that the audiences are ready to accept another superhero film.

Talking about Avengers: Endgame box office collection in India, as per Box Office India, the film has collected Rs 52 crores (nett) across India while it released in only 1,700 theatres and as per nett collections, the movie is the third highest after Bahubali - The Conclusion and 2.0. And clearly, going by the buzz and craze surrounding Avengers: Endgame, we are sure that the makers of Brahmastra need to buckle up to please the audiences with something that is at par with Avengers: Endgame



Release Date #brahmastra

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Chulbul is back..... #Dabangg3 @aslisona @arbaazkhanofficial @nikhildwivedi25 @prabhudheva @skfilmsofficial

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Two reasons:
1) Can't compete with Dabanng releasing in Dec 2019
2) Can't compete with Ranveer Singh's beyond excellent performance in Gullyboy- hit of 2019!

Never interested in kalank or copyastra (brajmastra)

Tamasha, Bombay velvet, jagga jasoos are delayed film and they are flop.

It will be dharma version of avengers. Made by einstein of indian cinema, gay mukherji.

It's is new... next level...idiotic

now alia and ranbir will have to fake their relationship till 2020..

something happened besides the letter... dar gaye after seeing avengers ...apna poor quality alia ka acting se

Bollywood mafia is losing its territory to Hollywood and south films.

even the NRIs-Karan's only support group have moved on to sotuh films and Hollwyood.

get trained actors and a solid storyline for your films and then you won't have to write open letters.

that means they will still not work hard to match the other film industries from south India or Hollywood. They'll just come up with some excuse and delay films. Great!

so they do realize how shoddy they are.

Thugs of Hindostan-Copy of Pirates of Carribean
Kalank-Copy of Bahubali, and all of SLB movies
Brahmastra-Copy of avengers endgame and many other superhero films
Reason-a copy film does not match the original film in any field-story, VFX, starcast-you name it.
That is why films like Badhaai Ho, Fukrey, Andhadhoon, Badlapur, Blackmail, Hindi Medium etc were appreciated by the audiences

Lame letter from Ayan. Looks like he is trying to hide something. The more you delay, the more the cost increases which means a massive budget. Its pretty clear that after Kalan flopped, they all got scared. What KJo thought was a masterpiece was just toilet water. And they are also scared to clash with Dabang. Superhero movie, really? Its going to flop big time. Maybe KJo did not want 2 flops for Alia in one year.

A super hero who runs and hides behind successful actresses ,and Nepo papa, super hero who uses women and breaks her heart and looks for next target, a mammas boy at the age of 37 with no spine of his own,Wah re mere superhero

They should just release it, because the more money they throw at it, the more they will lose. All the VFX in the world will not save the movie if it does not have a decent plot and acting.

The main reason that superhero movies do not work in Bollywood is not the VFX, but the lack of a good story/script. Look at Mr. India - it worked even in those times because there was a good script and it was cast well.

Producers in India will throw money at anything but a good writer, whereas in Hollywood huge sums are spent on scriptwriters. And also, they don't cast for roles depending on who someone is related to.

It won't help. RK who is a womanizer and drug addict kind of an image as superhero really? While we have Scarlett in Avenger, this small and dumb creature Alia as his love interest ? Audience will go ROFL watching it

Oh god, I thought they will get married by Nov and release movie in Dec. Now they will carry on their display of love with Nepopapas ibsturction for ever .RK , Alia please get married and get lost

hahahahahahahaha kangana must b happiest seeing all these puppies traumatized and confused lol !!!!

There are so many reasons superhero movies don’t work in BW. One of the main reasons is the budget for VFX is a tenth of what something similar would get in HW. So comparisons are just ridiculous, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Another reason is what has already been mentioned, most superhero movies in the west are based on comic series (which come with cult following and familiarity). I don’t believe there is anything similar in India for them to draw from. The only type of movies that have previously done well in BW that are somewhat of a similar genre is the reincarnation (Sridevi’s Nagina) and if they were to incorporate some mystical elements of that, say have a superhero monkey or elephant representing, it is possible to play on the Indian public’s religiosity and belief of being one with animals. Otherwise you have little footing to mount a superhero movie on.

Bottom line is KJo has literally thrust Aalia and now (as an added distraction) the mama's boy RK.. Gosh.. there is a limit to how much one can digest this constant fixture Aalia ..Familiarity breeds contempt is very apt for both of them.

Suspect that they want to copy some stuff from Avengers.

why promote so early and long? the audience is exhausted

Good decision. High budget movie needs solo release.

Why dont they say what they are supposed to say. Our final product was a piece of shit. Now they are going on to make it like which was a cheap copy of Robot initially. Let's wait and watch for this cracker to explode and have fun then.

Only problem is we need to keep seeing alias irritating face and relationship drama till it releases.

Please don't say it was due to vfx they shifted it. It's clear you shifted due to dabangg. Otherwise vfx thing could be announced earlier. Right after dabangg release date vfx issue came!? Ranbir is getting stupid day by day. Maybe Alia ka influence.

Every time Ranbir movie gets delayed it fails.. 2020 too long wait. I don’t even care about them much anymore

oh boy... 6 more months of this fuckery...

They have seen the movie , worried that they will get thrashed badly by audience.. hence this pretense. and you know what happens with movies like that.. I think I will have a nice summer 2020 watching this pataka go bussssssss

Another jagga jasoos in making it will meet same fate whatever this nepo papa does

I think Kjo and Alia read all the comments online of people saying that they are tired and saturated with seeing Alia everywhere. Especially after Kalank's flop. Hence this move.

It would clash with Dabang 3 that's the reason it's pushed

Real Reason is dabbang 3

They are friggin scared after the kalank

DaBAnG effect

Another flop movie! Always delayed and then it’s flop!

Just release it and get it over with. Enough with the pr toture. And Ranveer Deepika please stay away from superhero films. Bollywood is not yet ready for american type superhero films. If your making a superhero film it needs to have an indian feel to it like bahubali. A superman spiderman or even harry potter type of films in bollywood are just not believable. I already gave up on brahmastra when I heard the never ending ranbir discovering himself plot.

That tranny looking flop looser rk will play a hero...hahah

Good that flop ranbir knows his aukaad well.

So now the film will release alongside akshay's sooryavanshi. Poor Akshay, ranbir is definitely a bigger star than akshay.Brahmastra will eat away his film alive.

Ranbir is not superhero material and the special effects won’t match up to avengers standards. Bollywood makers and actors are so dumb. Avengers etc work because there is a history of comic books with ready made fans as a result. Super hero’s look so lame in Bollywood. Better off making stories that fit within budget and don’t require complex vfx.

Bombay Velvet in the making. This one will bomb so hard but atleast it will put an end to the scripted relationship.

Guys pull this kind of heavily VFX superhero movies there should be craze around it like marvel studios..if in India SS Rajamouli..without that craze its very somewhere Ranveer Singh is also doing super hero movies..please don't..its waste of money and energy..there are so many relevant topics...i appreciate Ayushman and Vicky for going in that path

It's very high budget film guys...ofcourse there is a kind of nervousness is always there...but shooting is done right..i think they are concerned about VFX..i really urge all these Indian actors please don't copy west..there are so many relevant topics..just making heavily vfx super hero movie only leads to nothing but to comparision..indian audience used to watching marvels movies coping that doing it here is so costly as well as risky..i don't understand why sometimes filmmakers like ayan goes to complicated ways

Wow, that was fast!

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