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Cannes 2019 Face off : Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut, who stole the show

Cannes 2019 has witnessed the presence of many Bollywood celebrities. Many B Town divas including Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut attended the mega event. Let's find out who stole the show with their stunning appearance.
Cannes 2019 Face off : Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut, who stole the showCannes 2019 Face off : Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut, who stole the show
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The Cannes Film Festival is underway and many Bollywood celebrities have graced the event with their presence. Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut also happen to be among the Bollywood divas who attended the event. The three of them managed to grab eyeballs with their stunning appearance at the mega event. A few days back, both Deepika and Priyanka made heads turn at the Met Gala event too!

Talking about Priyanka Chopra, the actress who has currently become an international icon, chose to wear a strapless black gown with a thigh - high slit. The gown's waist has been highlighted with sparkling red stones which made it look more prominent. The Quantico actress opted for a rather vintage look by opting for side- swept curls. The actress wore beautiful diamong earrings while opting for a winged eyeliner and nude pink lips. 

Deepika Padukone chose to wear a beautiful cream colored gown embellished with a chocolate brown bow which has been designed by her close friend Peter Dundas. The Chhapaak actress chose to wear a pair of beautiful Aquazzara stilettos which complemented her entire look. Deepika opted for a high ponytail along with kohn rimmed eyes which made her look extremely stunning. 

Coming to Kangana Ranaut, the actress sported a vintage desi avatar which made her look like a gorgeous diva. The Queen actress opted for a golden Kanjeevaram saree designed by Madhurya creations teamed up with a corset which has been designed by Falguni and Shane Peacock. 

So, which actress was able to steal the show with her stunning appearance at the mega event? Do let us know about your views in the comments section.

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Do only

Kangna by far if someone has sense of fashion where risk and elegance meet.

Nobody comes close to Kangana

Heck Kangana all the way, the only downside was those long gloves...if they had been shorter it would have been better.Despite this,she rocked it and leagues ahead of the other two as far as fashion goes...well done Kangana

Hina khan

Deepika is only praised by her Indian fans at wherever she goes....

Deepika doesn't have the guts to risk with something new like Kangna in Cannes or Priyanka in Met Gala. She always likes to play it safe. Way to go my girls PC and Kangs.

Kangana & PC miles ahead to DP who looks uncomfortable

The one who looks outstanding is Kangy

Wow! Kangana looks so new and real. Way to go girl. Both PC and DP are OK but they are wearing dresses which we see often.

Why do these girls blow up such wonderful opportunity to look good...it’s like they go all the way to Cannes to look tacky!


Kangana all the way

Kangana looked best. Original & stylish.

Priyanka by miles. Dp has no sense of fashion. She cud wore this to metgala

Priyanka wasn’t even trying and she stole the eyes

Instead of such faceoffs we should celebrate our girls and how far we’ve come in our representation!! Indeed, a proud day for our industry and our country

Honestly all three could have done better! Hina khan is impressive for her cannes debut. Dp is always trying to pull barbie/ princess looks she is no longer in her 20s..can experiment better. Kangana bravely tried something new but isnt working for her..pc’s gown is good but she can do much better

Priyanka is listed best dress already in many publications

PC looks boring and outdated. Those sparkly dresses were ok 5 or 10 years ago! DP is ok, but it's Cannes, not MET Gala, choose something more suitable. Kangana makes India proud by wearing sari, but as an international look it's not ok. Her last year black sari was way better

Kangana looked the best

Kangana stole the show. Loved her saree look. PC also looks great. DP should change her hair stylist already. Just super tired of her pulled back hair look at every single event. Also she should have had this look at MET instead. And her MET look was fit for Cannes.

All 3 are bad.

Waiting for Aishwarya

WHY is DP there? The only thing she’s known for in the West is swallowing Vin’s golden babies. Kangana has no reason to be there either but at least she’s killing it with her look. PC is the only one recognized.

PC is not recognised in Europe, like in US.

Are you from Europe???

Deepika. Kangana went n ruined a kanjeevaram. And thts almost impossible to do

Kangana. She’s killing it.

So they can all stand at the edge of the red carpet or a street in Cannes and call ourselves stars now who have an invite. buhahah

Desi Bollywood costume dresses like this ones look do not look good at cannes

How is Saree Bollywood...dumbest comment

Gawdy and Tacky

kangana kangana

Nothing good will come of this. Wasted trip for all three of them.


Nobody had the wow factor they just look okkk only the Indians will like them .

Why are you here then?

They all slayed it! Our Indian ladies representing India beautifully!

Priyanka always kills her MET looks, but I'm not feeling her look here. I think she went too safe. TBH I'm not impressed with any of them. Hopefully, their other looks are better.

Kangana did not even walk the red carpet. She criticizes celebrities who endorse fairness creams and she is in Cannes to endorse Vodka!!!! She is indeed the queen of hypocrisy.

there's a difference between promoting self acceptance.embracing yourself, your skin and everything. Versus, an alcohol. which people according to their liking drink all over the world. Ps. Not a kangana fan but a fan of logic and reason.

How is fairness cream same as vodka? Do you have a brain?

Kangs and PC are not even visible on the carpet what a joke

Try hard morons

All failed

3 epic disasters

Bland and boring


Meh so boring all 3 of them only a desi would think they look good

Absolutely...it’s time for desi girls to shine...plz go back to worshipping white skin ciao

All three were disappointing.


Sonam is the only hope now!!

Priyanka looks best

Kangana looks super bland.. Deepika outstanding, PC, the same ordinary

All three look gorgeous! Different styles but totally nailed it!!

Deepika Padukone nailed it. Absolutely beautiful and stunning

Deepika. Hands down..Priyanka looks ok. But Kangana....yuck!!!

The Queen paris thumkada.


Definitely Priyanka by miles, she always manages to get it right.

Deepika lovely but repeating
Kangana innovative and classy
Pee Cee OLD LADY lost in woods

Deepika is best

Not priyanka chopra fan but her outfit is best among all

Desi queens slayed the carpet today

Team brown girls shined the brightest today yes




Priyanka is really looking like a dream.

Who stole the show? Our girls did! Yep.

All 3 outdid themselves and put India out there in HW dominance...loving it

Definitely not Chopra..... She is perfect for metgala

Desi girls all the wayyyyyyy

Still fangirling over kanganas saree, her guts and her swag!!

Kangana DP PC it doesn’t matter...they did us proud and served us great looks...what a show

All the worlds a stage and kanganas out here to have the most fun!!!

All have made India proud...no comparison

PC legs look fat and beer belly sticking out

All 3 of them...they did their best and made us proud!!! Go girls, my Indian beauties

I’m loving the representation and the domination...it’s a brown girls day @ Cannes ...love all our girls yaaaaaasssssss

Kangana looks the best

DP and PCs looks will be forgotten by tomorrow but Kanganas look is forever

Deepika without a doubt!!!

Deeps of course.

Bombastic Kangana

Saree >>>>>>>> Gown or any other dress for that matter

Deepika nailed it

Kangana and pc

BW hotties killing it today...such fun

Kangana all the way!

Our girls did great! Love all three

Deepika nailed it

It’s not Deepika Pauline lol..PV you need to tighten up before face off-ing people.

Will always go for the risk taker and path breaker over others trying to fit in

People can compete and compare but our girls really shone and won today...it’s a desi girls field day@Cannes #proud

Priyanka- Safe look. Gorgeous.
Deepika- Dramatic look. Should have worn this at the MET.
Kangana- She is not on the red carpet.

All are bad sorry

DP is stunning but Kangana is magic and fire

Sorry but PC is underwhelming compared to the other two

Kangana Kangana Kangana

Rebel Queen over the pretty face Queen

Kangana nailed it. Again!

Kangy the fashion chameleon

Kangana all the way

Team Kangana forever..we need more badass on the carpet

DP stole the carpet but Kangana stole my heart and my blessings

Deepika Padukone

Kangana simply looking resplendent & her evergreen swag show winner all the way.

Golden girl Kangana. What syle!

Kangana & PC

Kangana stole the show with her terrific sense. She is not walking the red carpet today. PC looks better than tacky DP on red carpet.

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