Cannes 2019: Kangana Ranaut goes desi in a golden Kanjivaram saree for her red carpet appearance; Check Out

Much to the surprise of everyone, Kangana Ranaut opted for a gorgeous golden saree by Falguni and Shane Peacock for her red carpet appearance at Cannes 2019.
Photos,Kangana Ranaut,Cannes 2019Slaying her look like a total queen, Kangana donned a pair of purple gloves.
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Just an hour after sharing her sneak peek look for Cannes 2019, Kangana Ranaut shared her stunning look for the red carpet appearance. Much to the surprise of everyone, Kangana opted for a custom made golden Kanjivaram saree by Bengaluru's Madhurya Creations and a corset by Falguni and Shane Peacock. Slaying her look like a total queen, Kangana donned a pair of purple gloves. Apart from Kangana, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are also expected to walk down the ramp. All three celebs shared sneak peek pictures while getting ready for their appearance. 

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2019 started off with a bang on May 14 and film personalities from all over the world have descended upon the French Riveria to make a splash. While sharing the picture, Kangana's caption reads, "THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!! #Kangana arrives at #Cannes2019 in a custom @falgunishanepeacockindia sari ." 

In the sneak peek picture shared by Kangana earlier, her hair stylist could be seen at work as the actress flashed the victory sign. Attending the event this year, will be Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonam K Ahuja, Kangana Ranaut, Huma Qureshi, and Diana Penty.

Reportedly, Kangana lost 5 kgs in just 10 days to get her Cannes look spot on. Check out Kangana's picture below:  



BORN TO SLAY #kanganaranaut

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19 year old me donning old saree add cheap nylon gloves from $2 store to look avant-garde at college festival.
She has lost her IT factor, pity she was the only one in Bolly who had an innate style of sense.

Only her team is sending the pics?

Maha bakwaas look!

Terrific & original look

KR brought PV can't dislike anti kangana comment dare to post pv

The saree was clad clumsily

The saree was clad clumsily

What’s this? Is she wearing a jacket with the saree? It looks like one. And what’s with the long maroon hand gloves. I thought she is going straight to work in the kitchen or clean the loo!!!

Hey clowns, this is how a real style icon does it.

She was not invited on the red carpet

Cheap looking

She's walking the street for attention not the red carpet and surrounded by her indian hangers on

Tacky Costume copy


The only one in bollywood who can experiment with style with supreme confidence! Brilliant

Queeeennnn!!!! Killing it!

Nice take on the saree. Also Manikarnika was a good movie, it didn't deserve to flop.

Agreed. Except Manikarnika didn’t flop.

kangana PR on Fire so many compliments daal mean much kala hai

It's OK OK, but much better than her black pant suit she wore later on the red carpet.

I like her, but she's failing this year.

No red carpet for the INDIGO Hostess look ?

rekha does it better

Indian Gaga...those gloves tobgive a dramatic touchy...same and looks couture...good job..

A peplum with a Sari????? No just no.

Not liking the corset, but I love how she can take the concept of "saree" and turn it into any style. I loved the Audrey Hepburn style from last time way more though.

Kangana you rocked it again with your attitude,style and elegance

Ewwwww. She has missed the brief totally. Saree is great n so is the bustier. Just the wrong place. Total FAIL

Yup, some ppl like you feel inferior about what is their’s and run behind what belongs to others. Saree is a culture and there’s no wrong place for it

OK look but last year Kangana looked better so a little disappointed!!!

She is walking on the streets, not red carpet.

Honestly, it falls flat for me...

this style is new not that saree...almost everyone from bollywood wore that kindda saree

Woww this woman is something else.she truly stands out from the crowd because she has her own style unlike others.

beautiful...unlike Sonam, Kangana owns anything she wears in stead of cloths owning her

How amazing does she look!

How stylish & elegant

Amazing look. This is how you do cannes!

Sass meets freakin effortless...Kangana is the boss unlike certain self proclaimed fashionistas who should be taking serious notes by now

She looks so good! The gloves, hairstyle & corset with sari. Terrific!

Saree >>>>>>>>> Gown

Kangana should stay all 7 damn days and serve us looks like these...this is fashion heaven #bliss

She’s got my heart right with her first look...I’m so in love that she wore a saree to the festival PV plz post

Deadly look! Deadlier badassery

Desi girl in desi of the best combo #indian

Wow wow wow if this is her first look I’m wondering what’s coming next!!!

Flawless look...head to toe #wewantmore

this is to play with clothes and get a style of their own. well done kangana.

kangana is ART FASHION

Hot Hot Hot Sizzling Hot

Saree wins hands down over all other costumes any day every day...and she’s carrying it with equal part grace and attitude...truest modern representation of Indian women..perfect confluence of traditional values and modern ethos wowza

dont like the outfit..but still kudos to her for trying something different.

I’m so in love with this look omg...what a winner!! #Queen

I’m so happy to see our Saree at Cannes yayy yayy Thank you for representing us!!! So stunning!!!

Kangana is da bomb


She hasnt come out of her Manikarnika role!!! She is still in the delusion that she is Jhansi Ki rani hahahahha. PV PLEASE POST

Actually she hasn't come out of her role in Queen.

Have you lost it?

Sorry !! I didn't like this ..way too much experiment

You don’t get the genius hon chill

She won me over again

What a combination of vintage(hair) western (corset) traditional (saree) and royal (gloves)...ah! She never disappoints

Less is more! No earrings no dramatic makeup no jewellery...her skin is glowiinggg

I like the hairdo but overall she could have done better..Expect more from her

this is looking too costumey

This ones gonna be one of my fav looks of all time.....sigh what a look!

No evil woman

Shut up evil hater spewing hate 24x7

Omg Omg Omg she did not just wear a corset with a Kanjeevaram...this girl is on fiiiiiiiiiiiire

Not sure I love this look

Not sure I love this look

All hail the Queen!!!

Stunning is an understatement...what a combo..what and styling at its best

She is A DIVA !! Love her!


Killing it as usual

Her majesty is out to conquer...can not wait for her looks...want more and more of this level of style

Kangana is LOVE

Queen is Queen!

Kangana got such swag my god...what a risk taker


Effortless...Classic...Confident...Badass meets Desi...Kangy baby rocking it like nobody’s business

Omg her styling her attitude her body language her skin her hair that combination...what’s not to love aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa crazy good




Love this look love this girl muah

She got guts to wear saree to the carpet...true Queen of fashion

Perfection..what a spin to our lovely Kanjeevaram...who would’ve thought

She looks exactly like her potty mouth sister here.. Not that she's any better. Thumbs down! Honestly no one even cares how she looks or what she wears or where she goes coz she comes across as the ugliest of human beings to have happened to mankind ever..

This is about fashion..quit your hate and judgement and enjoy the fashion man...what a mad hater

Looooove iit...what a brilliant mix of traditional saree with a gold bustier and the burgundy gloves add so much class and dramawith victorian hair....Amaze!! This girl is the truest fashion chameleon...the looks she pulls off are no mean feat..never plays it safe....LOVE LOVE LOVE

Beauty with purpose !

That's what I'm talking about. This leaves gown behind any time.

Wow.. simply the best

She carries it off with such confidence and sass. Yay

Wow , she never fails to amaze, looks good in whatever she wears


Oh my God...beyond imagination...gosh such a stunner

What a damp squib





ot feeling this at all but sure she’ll do better tommorow

In Indian costume she is way way ahead of any other!! :)

Say what you may, she does do Indian attire really really well!!

Why the purple gloves?

Add a touch of royalty to the mix honey

No, I don't see anything royal about it... It messed up the whole look...

with a purpose ! nice

snooze, this is such a boring look

Good night

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