Captain Marvel’s directors got THIS advice from Ryan Coogler and they simply loved it

The makers of Captain Marvel asked Black Panther for an advice and they simply loved it.
News,Captain Marvel,Black Panther,ryan cooglerCaptain Marvel’s directors got THIS advice from Ryan Coogler and they simply loved it
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Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck were pretty distressed after joining the Marcel Cinematic Universe. They conveyed this to Ryan Coolger who is known for directing Black Panther. Ryan Fleck quoted to TotalFilm, “When we were first circling this movie we got a great piece of advice from Ryan Coogler.” “He said, ‘It’s multi-years of your life. You better damn well like this character. And you better be telling a story you want to tell.’”

Anna Boden said, “There have been a lot of moments where we’ve been driven to sheer exhaustion.” She further added, “Just being able to be like, ‘Phew. We love this movie and we love this character’ has been really important.” Ryan Coogler starrer Black Panther went on to become the highest grosser single superhero film. It raked $1.3 billion worldwide. The movie topped Marvel Studios’ own Iron Man 3. The same records are around the reach for Captain Marvel, already on track for an opening projected to be upwards of $160 million.

Boden stated to Fandango, “I think one of the really fun things about this movie, because it is an origin story, is that it’s not your traditional origin story.



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Anna further stated, “What’s going to be fun and surprising for an audience is going to be uncovering the mystery of how this particular superhero got her powers and became who she is, along with [being] on a journey with this character.”

She added, “It was a really fun way to make a movie, a really fun way to imagine an origin story, because it has this nontraditional structure. I think it’s going to be a fun ride for people.”

Captain Marvel is a multi starrer flick and hits the cinema halls on March 8. 


just cant wait for brie larson to kick some ass hehehe...just love her so much the way she carried herself...

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