Check out Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding guest list: Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor has invited her Veere Di Wedding co-stars Swara Bhasker and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena Kapoor’s cousin and Sonam Kapoor’s Dutt biopic co-star Ranbir Kapoor has also been invited for the wedding.
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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are set to tie the knot after a month in Mumbai. As per sources, the wedding will take place in Mumbai and not Geneva, as reported earlier. Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja have already sent out wedding invitations to their friends from Bollywood.

Sonam has invited her Veere Di Wedding co-stars Swara Bhasker and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Kareena Kapoor’s cousin and Sonam Kapoor’s Dutt biopic co-star Ranbir Kapoor has also been invited for the wedding, so have Alia Bhatt and Varun DhawanSonam’s BFF Jacqueline Fernandez has also been invited.

Salman Khan, who is close to Anil Kapoor has also been invited. Saif Ali Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Karan Johar are also some of the invitees.

It will definitely be a star-studded wedding as Sonam’s cousins – Arjun Kapoor, Mohit Marwah, Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor and Shanaya Kapoor will also be attending the wedding.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who will also tie the knot this year, as per reports, have also made it to the wedding guest list.

Earlier, talking about Sonam and Anand's wedding, a source stated to a daily, "The date and venue for the wedding have been locked and mass bookings for flights are presently underway. Her dad Anil Kapoor is personally making phone calls to invite guests. There will be sangeet and mehendi ceremonies, followed by a traditional Hindu wedding."

 The source added, "The nuptials will be preceded by an engagement ceremony attended by the family’s inner circle but the venue for that is presently not known."


Lol sonam didn't invited Kat so now she is so embarrassed and convincing sonam to invite her. But sonam ignore her. Kat PR think we are fools hahah. Pv post

Sridevi just died and her young daughters are still mourning. Yet Sonam cannot postpone her wedding by a little time and be considerate towards them. She's too selfish to begin her own festivities

It seems her untimely departure hardly mattered to Kapoor Clan.

Ranveer Singh is Sonam's first cousin that is why she has invited Ranveer and his gf, Deepika.

First tell me Who is the source??? ....source has changed their destination from London to Switzerland to Geneva to Mumbai....w t hell

Asin and Jacquiline........????

Did I see Alia's name among the invitees?
No pls!

Good that Alia is invited

Wish her a happy married life and hopefully she wont come back to movies.

accha hai shaadi kar lo aur hame baksho...

Lol anusha invited kat but not deepika so she feels so embarrassed that she is trying to convince sonam to invite her in wedding guys really thinks sonam will not invite kat but deepika i mean sonam likes every second pic of Katrina in insta but never liked a single pic of deepika on insta.but dp pr thinks we are fool hahahaha.

I am really happy for deepika that she got the wedding invitation.i mean she is not getting any movie so atleast she can make some money by entertaining guests in weddings and dancing in marriages.

Do you really BELIEVE DP is not getting any opportunities . She is just not desperate for movies so she is not accepting anything and everything . Please stop being delusional

I'm very sad but Sonam Kapoor is getting married to Anand Ahuja.

Shah Rukh Khan wants to attend Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja's wedding reception.

Where is my Kat name? Sonam is such a user. She pretended to be Kat friend just to slander DP now invited her but not Kat. Hate her.

Wow this woman is a synonym to fake.

Sonam and this guy are not as famous as Aish Abhi, RSDP or virushka. There will not be any problem with surging crowds and all. Just minimal hotel security will be fine. Mumbai wedding will be enough. they may not do weddings at Dubai anymore.

Now whose PR is this?

Deepika was also invited for their Diwali party. Anil will invited everyone from Bollywood. And since ranveer will definetely be invited so she is definetely is too

You didn't invite fawad such a great friend you are lol

Every actor calls his/her life private, but we have seen numerous articles about deepika and her marriage and sonam and her marriage. Either both if them use PR extensively or its media who writes these. But anyways they both are in news about the subject, so Deepika fans needn't demean Sonam...

Sonam's wedding is actually happening unlike the other

Wishing them everlasting love and a lifetime of togetherness...

No link up drama unlike Katrina

Sonam is so fake and a liar. What about her claims of being a private person and don't use my relationship to get Attention. Now her PR leaking all. I remember one of the journalist some time back write about her wedding and madam sonam bash that lady journalist calling that article fake and that woman a PR agent. In reply to sonam, that lady said wait when this will turn out to be true and you have to eat up your own words. Pv post the truth.

Hypocrite Sonam. She gets her PR to leak all the details and keep her news with the guessing games. She says she is private when her entire personal life is shown to the public. Daily photos, videos, holiday pictures, personal photos, messages to each other and also every minute detail of the wedding are put out in the public

Drama queen Katrina not invited.

Lol Katrina is not invited by both of her close friends arpita and sonam.

No wedding and no engagement drama unlike Katrina.

So she invited her enemy at her special day but not her friend Kat. Hmm every one knows Kat true colours and avoids her.

No link up drama unlike Katrina.

Sonam friend Katrina NOT invited. Well no one wants drama at her wedding.

So after London and Switzerland wedding drama it's Mumbai. Lol

Please dont leak my personal information.I am a very private person

No link up drama, unlike depika

Iam not sure she will invite deepika, no one wants drama at her wedding...

Yes no one wants drama at her wedding this kat is not invited. She dies a lot of drama. Btw according to the source deepika is in the guest list. Dare not to ignore the truth plz pv post it don't ignore n biased towards dp

One question to u particularly : are u mentally stable??

Girl, bye.

Asin? What happened to that friendship?

Duh!! Asin married a guy who is much more richer than her..

Anand is richer than anyone

Asin is married to a billionaire. Founder of Micromax Rahul Sharma. Google his net worth please!! Silly Sonam fans!!

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