Chhapaak: It was not easy for Deepika Padukone to transform into an acid attack survivor, says Meghna Gulzar

Chhapaak starring Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey will hit the screens on January 10, 2020 and the film is directed by Meghna Gulzar.
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To say that Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak is one of the most anticipated films of 2020 is to state the obvious because ever since the first look of Deepika Padukone was dropped online, fans have been eagerly waiting to watch Deepika as an acid attack survivor. While the makers of Chhapaak kick started the schedule of Chhapaak in New Delhi, the makers recently wrapped up the film, and Deepika Padukone penned a heartwarming note on social media as she wrote, “& it’s a wrap on THE MOST PRECIOUS film of my career...see you all at the movies! 10.1.2020 #Chhapaak.”  

And during an interview, Raazi director Meghna Gulzar opened up about Deepika’s acid attack look as she said, “A wrap is an emotional experience, more so for Chhapaak, because everyone working on it made it their own. Deepika’s character will stay with her for life. There is Malti, and then there is Deepika who became Malti. Malti’s presence on screen reflects the expression in Deepika’s eyes and on her face which comes through the prosthetics. For me, Malti is Deepika and Deepika is Malti.”

The moment Deepika’s first look as Malti was dropped online, one thing that was certain is the sheer fact that Deepika must have undergone hours of make-up to transform into Malti and talking about the same, Meghna informed Deccan Chronicle, “It was not easy for the leading lady to transform into an acid attack survivor. Deepika had to sit through two-and-a-half hours of prosthetics every day. But you won’t see all that she went through behind the scenes on screen. And that’s the most beautiful part.” An emotional director too shared pictures where Deepika Padukone is seen hugging the director and Meghna wrote, “And we wrapped #chhapaak Malti... Amol... I will carry you with me. Thank you for your faith and for pouring yourself into our film! @deepikapadukone @vikrantmassey87.”



& it’s a wrap on THE MOST PRECIOUS film of my career...see you all at the movies! 10.1.2020 #Chhapaak

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Why didn't Dhoni played himself in his biopic instead of Sushant Singh Rajput ?
See obviously Deepika Padukone is not suffering through even 1% pain of Laxmi but people calling her insensitive needs to realise that she is the co-producer of this movie along with Meghna Gulzar herself and they are taking a huge risk by doing this because we all know Bollywood, rarely people turn up in theatres to watch such movies. And I haven't seen many A-category actresses being bold enough to portray such character. I hope people do respect the topic and movie should be seen as an infotaining art :)

promotion for this film will be about sentiments. they are going to use and abuse the sentiments of audiences for this film. Its a shame that they only care about their film doing well. It should be about creating awareness. DP's drama will take away from the real survivors of this tragedy. DP has always been dramatic. Same with padmavat. She was dramatic about the satee and now this.

what's wrong with people.dp is a huge star if direction is good laxmi and other survivors story will reach all and inspire people.if real laxmi acts in this only 1% will watch

Of course she is below average in acting skills would’ve preferred a talented actress in such role

The comment above is right. Why an actress is needed to portray a victim when victim is alive? Who knows the pain more then Laxmi? The face doesn’t need to be transformed, the physical and mental pain doesn’t need to be rehearsed, the originality doesn’t need to be created. Don’t we connect better with real victim who became a hero at the end? Even the photo of her melts our hearts, brings tears with sad and pride at the same time which that girl earned. She should be the heroine of the movie of her life story.

She is an actor and she must do anything a role demands her to! Please stop giving out such needy statements. It only brings the value of the film down!

deepika is a fab actress and clearly appeals to a mass audience. your opinion isn’t a fact, it’s your opinion

OMG, what’s wrong with Meghna. When you have the real person that Deepika’s portraying still alive and involved, how could you even talk about Deepika’s hardship to wear prosthetics for which she’s getting paid for and not the hardship of the real victim who had to live through all the real experiences. These people are so insensitive. I’m shocked and turned off by Meghna. This movie should be promoted with the sensitivity of the real sufferer in mind.

Of course the character is very very difficult to act cuz no onecan actually understand the pain of acid attack survivors ... I reallu want to see the movie hope deepee has done the justice ..

Go queen...

Then she is clearly a terrible actress.. enough with the sympathy towards Deepika. She is not the real survivor or champion here. I already hate what they're doing with this film. PV please post

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