Chitrangada Singh supports Tanushree; recalls her horrific Me Too incident from sets of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh has extended her support to Tanushree Dutt and also shared her Me Too incident in the wake of ongoing movement.
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Joining the bandwagon of celebs who have supported Tanushree Dutta for speaking out against sexual harassment and starting a movement of change, Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh has extended support to her. The actress has also recalled her own horrific Me Too incident she faced on the sets of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, which was not given any importance back then.

Talking about Tanushree accusation against Nana Patekar, Chitrangada said, “If what she said is the truth, then it must be given importance no matter how much time has passed between the incident and the reporting of the crime.” She also said that she supports Tanushree.

While talking about the #MeToo movement which has gained momentum now in Bollywood as well as other circles, she said, that the Indian society is very different from the society in the West. Chitrangada added that it was inspiring to see other victims like Tanushree coming forward with their experiences and that their voices shouldn’t be suppressed.

While sharing her own Me Too story, Chitrangada recalled the horrific incident she faced on the sets of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz. She said, “When I was shooting for the film, suddenly they came up with a titillating scene and asked me to do it with Nawazuddin. He was just atrocious. I was offended, and I walked out.”

She said, she was taken aback and left the sets. Chitrangada also said that Nawazuddin Siddiqui and a female producer too were present at the set at that time but they didn’t object to what the director said but no one stood up for her then.

She further added, “That was my stand to walk out of the film. I shared my reasons with a media house when they called me to talk about it. I believe that nobody gave importance to that matter that time. But that doesn’t matter, because now media is doing an amazing job. #MeToo movement shouldn’t be just about copying the West. It should be concerned about our society.”

The director of the film, Kushan Nandy had said that “intimate scenes were not the reason behind her walking out of the project” while denying Chitrangada’s allegations at that time.


And her opinions about the skirt chaser Akshay? He is an lister so her low key stripping scene in desi boyz and her subsequent affair with him is ok? But Nawaz isn't conventionally attractive or has any star power so he's a creepy guy?

It’s not about attractiveness.. even Emraan Hashmi is hardly attractive yet women seem to be comfortable doing scenes with him and he has in fact supported #MeToo

Waiting for Joe Perry and gang.

I dont think she said Nawaz did some thing ..
She said Nawaz didnt do anything when the director introduced the scene

Nobody here is saying Nawaz did something to her. The problem is, he saw it and wasn't against it. It shows him as a bad human.

No one needs to share any stuff related to Nawaz...he admitted to most of it in his filthy book. He is actually proud of the crap he pulled.

Who is this Director?? BoyCott now !!

YASSS girl. Reclaim your story.

Nawaz I am boycotting all your movies.. do you understand?? You are nothing without your audience and I am disgusted at you ..

I had come across this piece of news about Nawazuddin being an obnoxious ass! Nawaz had even casually joked about this issue on The Kapil Sharma show.....very disgusting pattern of behavior of such kind of ppl in our society!!!!

I knew Navaz is not the saint as he tries to portray himself!

We know Nawaz is a low life.

This is the Chitrangda we like...fierce, outspoken, smart and gorgeous.

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