Coldplay’s Chris Martin tweets ‘Shah Rukh Khan forever’ and internet loses it

Coldplay in their latest tweet mentioned Shah Rukh Khan forever and the internet loses it
Coldplay’s Chris Martin tweets ‘Shah Rukh Khan forever’ and internet loses itColdplay’s Chris Martin tweets ‘Shah Rukh Khan forever’ and internet loses it
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While Bollywood’s Badshah has many fans in the country and around the world, Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin openly confessed it. In his latest tweet, Chris posted a note in which the end by line read “Shah Rukh Khan Forever”. He tweeted, "Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing ok. Better than ok actually. Here is some music I love at the moment," he started, and then went to share the songs on his mind Tal uno by Barrie, Dwa Serduszka by Mazowsze, A new beginning by John Williams from the Minority Report and Batard by Stromae. "Ok enough tweeting for one month. Shah Rukh Khan forever. Love”.

Recently, King Khan was seen dancing with Martin at Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani’s pre wedding bash in Switzerland. But that's probably not where the Coldplay-SRK camaraderie began. In 2016, the band performed in India at the Global Citizen Festival, and Shah Rukh hosted an after-party at his home after the concert, where Chris could be seen geling with Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, Farhan Akhtar and many more.

To the ones who are unaware, Chris Martin had before also confessed his love for Shah Rukh and Bollywood. Sonam Kapoor had also featured in their video of the song ‘Hymn for the weekend’, which was shot in the country itself.


I wonder if they are doing this to increase their followers? First Elon Musk and now him with no context!

chris martin is resembling the youtube vlogger davidsbeenhere

Young SRK the best n forever... old Srk with flops films every year, lol. The king is the young SRK. Seriously SRK pick a good film. Can't believe Sallu and Akshay doing well than you at the box office.

One and only one King Khan. SRK sir for ever!!!!

King is King

These talented foreigners know that tweeting something like this will garner them millions of followers from India, hence....

SRK forever!! Always.

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