Comedian Aditi Mittal makes a public apology to Kaneez Surkha; says ‘I am unconditionally sorry.’

Comedian Kaneez Surka had accused Aditi Mittal of publically kissing her and demanded for an apology. Aditi has now apologized to her on her social media.
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The #MeToo movemet has totally taken over the entertainment industry and today, as comedian Kaneez Surka accused fellow colleague Aditi Mittal of kissing her on a show publically, it gained a new turn. All this while, it was only about women accusing men of sexual harassment, but this accusation brought about a new side to it. Earlier in the day, in a Twitter post, Kaneez narrated the story of what had happened 2 years back.

She said how it was in the middle of her act that she walked up to her and kissed her on the mouth right in front of so many people. Though Aditi did apologize to Kaneez, the latter thought that Aditi had turned hostile against her. What ultimately led her to posting this on the social platform was how Aditi has been rooting for the #MeToo movement and that in turn made her angry.

As the comedian demanded a public apology from Aditi Mittal, Aditi has now done so and in the post, she also made a mention as to how she did apologize to Kaneez and in fact, the two had also promised to have each other’s back upon discovering the rampant sexism in AIB. She explained herself further by saying that it wasn’t her turning hostile but just giving Kaneez her personal space.

After having told her part of the story and giving an explanation to all that transpired, at the end, Aditi wrote, ‘Kaneez, I am sorry.’


Cheee!!! this is getting worse yaaar!!!

It's good that Kaneez spoke up and clearly, Aditi's apology wasn't enough in 2017 if Kaneez felt the need to speak out now, especially because she felt Aditi was defensive.

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