CONFIRMED: Deepika Padukone to produce and star in Meghna Gulzar's next on acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal

After taking a sabbatical from Bollywood, for a few months, Deepika Padukone has finally signed her next movie which is a Meghna Gulzar directorial based on acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. Not only is Deepika starring in the film but the actress will also be producing the project which is close to her heart.
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Deepika Padukone was last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat and garnered rave reviews for her majestic performance as Rani Padmavati. For a few months after the release of Padmaavat in January 2018, the actress took a sabbatical from Bollywood and rumours were rife that her time was taken up by the upcoming DeepVeer wedding planning. Several reports made the rounds about Deepika's next film with the latest being Meghna Gulzar's directorial after her 2018 hit film starring Alia Bhatt, Raazi.

Now, Mumbai Mirror has finally confirmed the news that not only will Deepika be starring in Meghna's movie but the actress will also be following the footsteps of Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma and don the producer's hat as well. The untitled film will be based on acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. It was at the ripe and tender age of just 15 when Laxmi was attacked by a 32-year-old man, who was an acquaintance of her family. The assailant had garnered one-sided feelings for Laxmi and when his admiration was not returned, he retaliated in the most gruesome way possible.




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However, Laxmi showed courage and bravery and was successful in convincing the Supreme Court to have a more stringent punishment for acid throwing. Laxmi also established an NGO Chhanv Foundation for acid attack survivors and also opened a cafe which is managed by them.

Talking about the project, Deepika shared with MM, "When I heard this story, I was deeply moved as it’s not just one of violence but of strength and courage, hope and victory. It made such an impact on me, that personally and creatively, I needed to go beyond and so the decision to turn producer."



caught between my stylist & hair stylist who can’t decide who should go first!

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On the other hand, when Meghna was asked why she felt Deepika was the apt choice to play Laxmi, the filmmaker revealed that the actress' physicality matched with Laxmi. "When you take a face as beautiful as hers and portray her as an acid attack survivor, the magnitude of the violence and damage is that much more resounding," Meghna stated.

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I hope she and some other actresses put alia back to earth.

Hope she works harder n acts better than she did in bajirao

Best wishes to one of Bollywood's best and most talented! Welcome back! We've missed you!

RK and Deepika forever.

Laxmi Agarwal needs help
Laxmi Agarwal, 30, the acid-attack survivor who won hearts with her courage and poise, in circumstances that would have seen many crumble, and was one of the winners of the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in 2014 (First Lady, Michelle Obama presented it), is now without a job and may soon be without a home.

That India’s best-known acid attack survivor is finding it difficult to get by may surprise many, ).
She constantly lives in fear and panic as there’s no security for her or her daughter’s future. While it’s the philanthropic responsibility of all individuals in the society, the government must take concrete steps to help such individuals”.

Today, Agarwal is facing possible eviction from her two-room flat in east Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar because she can’t afford the rent. “People believe that I must be well-off since I received so many awards, walked the ramps, gave talks – but I have no money to meet even my basic needs,” she said. Agarwal has been without a job for a year.

POWER POSE. You go girl .

Finally.. waiting for a Deepika movie since ages!

thgt she said few days back enough with biopics!!!!

your the best! Put the others to shame! Sonam Bebo all of you all watch and learn how DP goes about her career, she cares only for content ...

I thought she didn’t want to do any biopics?

She said ordinary people have as powerful stories to tell as sports stars and movie stars ...

Love you Deepika. You have everyones blessing

I knew DP will be back with a awesome story . All the best .

Meghna is a great director but this sounds very boring. There’s no thrill factor in it. The survivors story is an open book. No one wants to see 3 hours of crying and playing innocent. I hope there will be enough twists and turns to keep thw viewer engaged!

But also I would love to see a sequel to Piku inshallah once irfan khan recovers fully

Thank the lord! I’m tired of seeing reruns of this gorgeous woman on tv please tell me it’s being made and released pronto

Yay!!!! Der aaye durust aaye deepikaji this has made my day!! :D

Amazing! Cant wait for this one

Alia, Anushka ,deepika, kangana all are experimenting with their roles and taking risks while Salman made Kat is still doing flower pot roles ,item songs and skin show in Khan movies and claim it to be her hit.

Except Katrina is example of bad actress working hard to but not overstepping her boundaries. She takes what she gets as a pretty face and Salman's toy, and at least she worked hard to improve Hindi and stuff. There is absolutely no reason why an actual talented girl who can ACT should have taken roles like Happy New Year or XXX made for girls like Katrina.

Not a kat fan but in all fairness to her if that is her strength so be it. And, we do need lighthearted movies as well so there. Would also like to see dp in a romantic comedy in traditional BW style. Happy that dp is finally doing a movie...missed her.

As usual, DEEPIKA never settle for less. Yaay.

Good to see her back in action . What happened to the man who did it ? Was he punished ? Hopefully such movies will change the law.

This is fantastic. Happy to see her back and with an amazing project. Its nice she remained silent, took a break, and finally announced this. You go, gurrl!

Omg , seeing my deepu like dat vl give me a heart attack , meghana is right ....this movie will surely create ripples.

Love her. Looking forward to this.

Dp is doing something different and good. Not doing 20 mins role and item songs in khans film a to get a hit. Best of luck dp.


Wow, Best wishes to the most hard working, talented, beautiful and versatile Deepika. Looking forward to more films from the superstar DP

Fantastic !! C’mon Deepika get your claws into this one !!

Nice ! All the best DP & Meghana.

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