Dear Bollywood, it's high time you STOP ruining our favourite classic Hindi songs

The trend of remaking old songs isn't coming to an end that started in Bollywood a few years ago. Here's why it's time the film-makers and music composers need to scrutinize their decision of touching these old and iconic melodies.
Dear Bollywood, it's high time you STOP ruining our favourite classic Hindi songsDear Bollywood, it's high time you STOP ruining our favourite classic Hindi songs
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Along with the perfect story, performances, direction and the star cast, one more thing that makes Bollywood films complete is its music. Music in Bollywood films is like a part of the soul in a body. One cannot imagine Hindi films without its songs, even if they are dramatic or doesn't match the plot. Songs are an important aspect of any Hindi film unless the story focuses on a grave issue or has a plot line that doesn't require a song at all.

However, in the last 3-4 years, Bollywood film-makers and musicians have been leaving us disappointed with their music. We are not talking about their original songs which hit the right chords, we have a problem with them tarnishing the real essence of some old classics. In the last few years, Bollywood movies have seen originality going down the hill with the film-makers and musicians picking up some of our favourite and old classic Hindi songs that we or our parents grew up enjoying and listening to.

A lot of our favourite melodies like Tu Cheez Badi, Laila Main Laila, Hawa Hawa, Sara Zama, Neend Churayi Meri, Hungama Ho Gaya, Tamma Tamma, Keh Doon Tumhe, Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re, Dheere Dheere, Ek Do Teen, Halka Halka Suroor and many others have been remade for a lot of Hindi films. If we count each of the recreation, the number goes to more than 50 songs on the list. The recent one that's been recreated is the iconic dance number Mungla from Inkaar for the film Total Dhamaal titled as Mungda. While the original song had Helen leaving our hearts fluttered with her graceful dance moves, the remake had Sonakshi Sinha who was nowhere close to the original at all.

When the song released, almost everyone was heartbroken. All the Bollywood fans were disgusted and disappointment when Madhuri Dixit's Ek Do Teen was remade for Baaghi 2 with Jacqueline Fernandez trying to 'create' the same magic. All these failed attempts to remake our favourite tracks have raised a lot of questions in our minds - Is originality no more a thing in Bollywood? Where has the creativity and the thirst to create original songs and music gone? Why can't Bollywood leave our favourite songs alone and not screw them up?


The song Ek Do Teen has been very special to me during my childhood days. Dancing and trying to imitate Madhuri's steps with the innocence and joy was immense which I cannot explain in words. But seeing the same song being remade so badly for a film just to add the 'glam' factor to the film, ruined everything good I'd associated with the original track. Never in my worst dreams had I imagined I'll be witnessing Ek Do Teen being remade so badly that it gets only known for raunchiness and male-gazing factor.

While a very few songs like Laila Main Laila, Aankh Maarey, Halka Halka Suroor, Soch Na Sake have impressed us, a lot of them have only been mere disappointment!

Even the peppy number Urvasi by A R Rahman was remade horrendously. Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's hot chemistry also couldn't save it from the disaster the recreated version was!


While we have no idea what these film-makers and music composers think while picking up on our favourite and old hit numbers, all we can hope is it stops now! The public isn't pleased and we really need new music and better songs from the enormous talent we have in our vast film industry!

Songs are the heart and soul of films and if they the makers can't do justice to the old songs with the remakes, soon people will give up on expecting anything out of the box from Bollywood.

P.S: The film-makers and the music composers should REALLY sit down and contemplate their own decisions of RUINING some golden era songs and come up with something NEW.

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remake after remake.
i used to listen to aakh mare before the remake came out. i was in my playlist. i saw the film when i was a kid, so that song has a lot of memories and also its a fun song. remake is also nice but after listening to it a couple of times i got fed up because if it was a new song (new lyrics),i would have listened to it again and again.
also, i cannot believe they they remake old songs again and again and again and again. Tere Bin from Simba for example!

Songs used to be the only original thing about Bollywood movies, they always copy from the West or the South. Now they've lost even that, not because they have no song writers, but because they're lazy. It's just like when producers want to remake a movie to cash-in on nostalgia, same with the songs.

I stopped listening to hindi songs after dheere dheere remix. Bollywood is copywood.

Omg this article is what required. Mungda made my eyes bleed. I had to wash them with lizol after watching the song.

Ok Pinkvilla I love you. I love who ever wrote this. I am tired of lazy work and Bollywood ruining my favourite songs. Please WhatsApp this article to all the directors. They need to read this and save us from the torture.

After a long time Pinkvilla is getting real.

Finally! Really stop doing so no matter how good the beat is!

Yesss. Someone said it. Bollywood is doing a bad job with remakes. They lost originality. Thanks PV for this aritcle. What they did to mungda is unforgiving.

Woah PV coming up with such great article. They have ruined many songs which were my favourite in my teenage days. Bollywood is scam

This was needed. Bollywd needs to understand. Thanks Pinkvilla and the writer for mentioning this. You have said what we all wanted to say.

I agree. They seriously need to stop copying old Bollywood songs. Where is creativity? Originality?

Good to see such content here. Very well put and really Bollywood shud stop spoiling old songs.

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