Dear Zindagi turns 4: Lessons from Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt's film that offer a different perceptive on life

As Dear Zindagi completes four years of its theatrical release, here are some life changing lessons taught by Gauri Shinde directorial.
Dear Zindagi turns 4: Lessons from Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt's film that offer a different perceptive on life.
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Bollywood has always had a major impact on our lives. From teaching us how to love to spreading awareness, inspiring us to follow our dreams, the movies have done it all apart from being a mode of entertainment. Our movies have changed our lives in several ways and there are no second thoughts about. Amid this, once in a while comes a movie that leaves an everlasting impact on us and touches our heart in a special way. One such movie was Gauri Shinde directorial Dear Zindagi starring Ali Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

This 2016 release movie was a story of a young girl named Kiara (played by Alia) with trust and commitment issues. Kiara had a troubled childhood which took a toll on her love life. Her issues were relatable to almost every millennial to every extent. Things were going haywire until she met her BD aka brain doctor Jehangir Khan (played by SRK) who changes her perspective towards her issues. Not just this coming of age drama came with stupendous performances, it also came with several interesting life lessons which touched millions of hearts. So, as Dear Zindagi completes 4 years of release, here are the lessons from the Gauri Shinde directorial which brings change in perception of life.

Never be embarrassed about what you feel

Dear Zindagi taught us that emotions are meant to be expressed and it is okay to be expressive in life, especially about grieving. We often share our happiness with people around, but this isn’t the case with grief. But as per the BD in the movie, it okay to grieve as everyone deserve to heal oneself.

It’s okay to choose an easy way out in life

It is always said that one doesn’t grow if they don’t come out of the comfort zone. As a result, we have a notion to always chose the toughest option as it is expected to lead us to success. But Dr Jehangir Khan explained that it is not necessary to take the difficult option always. One can even choose an easy option and stay happy in life.

Never let anyone bog you down by their judgement

We are often surrounded by people who are an expert at giving judgements about our lives and give you the gyan about what is wrong as per society. Don’t let these people fade way your zeal. Be proud of your choices and follow your passion.

It’s okay to seek help for mental health       

Speaking about mental health has been a taboo for in our society. But Dear Zindagi did change this perception to a great extent. This movie taught us that it isn’t a big deal. Instead, talking about grief, anxiety and depression is perfectly okay.

Life is all about enjoying little moments

In this fast running life, we are all in a rat race chasing our respective dreams. However, amid this, we often forget to enjoy small things in life, be it enjoying dancing in the rain, watching the sunset, enjoying your favourite food etc.

Parents are people too and they deserve a second chance

Parents – the word comes with a lot of responsibility. We often expect our parents to be perfect, taking an apt decision and doing everything without any mistake. But what we forget is that parents are people too and they can make mistakes. Instead of judging them, we need to understand that they also deserve a second chance.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Shitty alia

Anonymous 2 months ago

Shitty dharma movie

Anonymous 2 months ago

This movie was the best. And this time it was not about nepotism or anything else . It helps you heal within

Anonymous 2 months ago

My favv movie, Alia Bhatt is just awesome !

Anonymous 2 months ago

This movie relates to my life l have a depression plus l have trust issues

Anonymous 2 months ago

One of the favourite film of mine.

Anonymous 2 months ago

This is one of my favourite movies. Seriously, I never get bored seeing this movie

Anonymous 2 months ago

such a boring movie i had to turn it off midways this girl is so overrated she isn’t even actor material she gives the same expressions, nostrils flare and confused forehead wala

Anonymous 2 months ago

Your life is sooooo sad as if u fool can act or even do any great thing in life criticising others

Anonymous 2 months ago

I think you are suffering from a disease called jealousy

Anonymous 2 months ago

She looks beautiful no matter what