Deepika Padukone is AMUSED as Shoojit Sircar calls Varun Dhawan his ‘jigar ka tukda’; check out their banter

Shoojit Sircar was also all praises for Varun Dhawan at the trailer launch of October. He even called Varun his ‘jigar ka tukda’ during the press conference. Well, his Piku heroine Deepika Padukone was quite amused by it.
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Deepika Padukone gave one of her career best performances in Shoojit Sircar’s Piku. The actor shined in the film in which she starred with Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan.

Shoojit Sircar is ready with his next outing, October with Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu. The film’s trailer released today and fans have been going gaga over it. Many have described it as ‘poetry in motion’. Varun and Banita are at their finest in the trailer.

At the trailer launch today, the team shared many anecdotes from the making of the film. Varun said, “The favourite part of shooting was I think just before giving a shot, the kind of brief that Shoojit Da used to give me or give any of us just before we start you know."

Shoojit Sircar was also all praises for Varun. He even called Varun his ‘jigar ka tukda’ during the press conference. Well, his Piku heroine Deepika Padukone was quite amused by it.

She posted on her social media account, “@ShoojitSircar Accha!?!? @Varun_dvn.” Shoojit Sircar responded by posting, “during shoot we only spoke about you.”

Deepika wasn’t satisfied by his answer and posted, “proof chahiye dada...proof! @ShoojitSircar @Varun_dvn

This definitely made us LOL! Let us know your thoughts in comments.

In a recent interview, Shoojit Sircar had revealed, “Deepika is one of my favourites. Whenever my writers and I talk, we always think, ‘what can we do with Deepika’ because I’m so fond of her. It was a brilliant experience working with her. Frankly, while working on Piku, I saw the real actress and real creativity in her; and what she is as a soul. My revelation was that she is a simple, girl-next-door soul, despite having done many other films and potboilers. Now, I am working on and thinking about something wherein Deepika and I can work together. So, we’ll soon chat about it.”





This was cute, why are varun fans so mean? he and deepika go back a long way, there is life outside of social media

Deepika is such an attention seeker

Please, most actors are fair weather friends or like your fave anushka only supports varun now that he’s a costar, calm down

Natal award for piku lol dont make a joke

what the heck is a natal award? i don't know her

Piku is her best movie.This movie is on my re-run list.I was surprised she did not get the National awards for Piku.,as it won a few other National awards.

He's planning a movie with her....
She's smiled in an interview when rajeev masand confirmed this.....
Sirkar too told that he's is writing a story....
So...hope all goes well....cause they two will be great......dp will definitely rocks

She has time to do all this but she can't react to October trailer??? Varun baba supported PV trailer and praise it after release too, but she can't show any gratitude and reciprocate. #BadAttitude

Varun liked the trailer and let it known. Nice of him to do that but no actor is under any obligation to post any such reaction.

you've been posting this all over just calm down yaar

Why? This shows she has zero decency. She bashed Anushka who had internet problem and wasn't able to watch Padmavati trailer, but when does Deepika show any professional courtesy to other actors? Expects everyone to react to her movie, her songs, her birthday but she can't even bother to write a few nice words about other people's work.

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