Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh to follow Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's path for their wedding?

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh will reportedly be getting hitched this year in November. The two have been together for around 5 years and have chosen to remain tight-lipped about it.
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That the power couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh will be tying the knot this year in November is a rumour which has everyone got into believing it. The forthcoming wedding has been the hottest topic of discussion and we cannot help but follow each detail about it with utmost curiosity. 

We have been reporting how the preparations for the impending wedding is in full swing and both Deepika and Ranveer have apparently even sorted out their dates for the same. The families have been meeting and doing their bit to make the wedding a rememberable affair. There have been various speculations about where the wedding will take place. While many are rooting for a destination wedding, several rumours suggest that the duo will get hitched in Mumbai itself. 

Adding fuel to the fire, a DNA report now claims that the power-packed couple might go the Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma way and have a destination Italy wedding. The report quoted an actor friend saying, “Ranveer and Deepika are getting married this November. The preparations have begun and they could in all probability have a destination wedding in Italy.”

On the other hand, another source informed, “Deepika and Ranveer don’t want excessive media glare on their marriage. Earlier on, there was talk that the Switzerland government was keen to host their wedding. Ranveer is the brand ambassador for Swiss Tourism. So, a section of the media kept this theory alive. However, now we hear that the superstar couple wants an exotic location for their D-Day and this time around, the Italian government, too, has shown interest in their marriage.” 

Deepika and Ranveer have been together for around five years now. The duo's chemistry is palpable even though they have never openly confessed about it. 

Well, it is no secret that Virushka got hitched in the vineyards of Italy on December 11, 2017. Will DeepVeer follow the same path? Wait for November was never this far. 

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I don’t even care about their wedding news.. now silly people would say why comment if u don’t care and the same old nonsense.. I commented bcs it’s posted on my fav site..

Two average looking people getting married.. The so called beautiful Deepika settles for an average looking Ranveer, no handsome hunks interested in her??

I know it's all media games, but they could at least admit or deny these rumors. And these news are everywhere for quite long time, almost every day i see another 'fact'. So stop it or confirm it, it has become annoying even your fans!

Too much PR drama yaar! Either get married or don’t. Seriously we care about the movies you guys make. Go sign some films DP, we want to see you do that not this PR drama.

Deepika to her pr: bht din se news nhn aayi meri, ab wohi wali trick use karna, lekin destination change kardena.
Pr: say no more!

Sick and tired of hearing this. Get married and spare us from this drama.

Thing is both virushka and sonam had become very open about flaunting their relationship on social media in the months leading up to the not seeing the same here unless they really are private and the leaks are not from them?

Two news items, are usually tabloid fantasy. But when something new is released every second day, it shows the publicity that they intend to have through this advertised wedding. If this doesnt show her dirty pr games, I don't know what does. Anushka-Virat wedding wasn the talk of the town when the families left the country, Sonam's was confirmed few weeks before the weddind. Cheapika isn't even sure of getting married but keeps on doing it just for publicity, 'cause when you dont have work, this all saves the day for her, she could be the next Ameesha Patel, even she has some standard..

She is getting married, it's not something they are unsure about but yeah her PR machine started spreading the wedding news way earlier. I guess there is nothing else to keep Deepika in news these days, so this is what they're going to use.

How you know she sure about the wedding? The media always giving and changing the information about the wedding, you don't what to believe.

Why are they not accepting their relationship.Please make it official please

I will only believe after they get married!!

Gotta respect Virushka for totally doing their own thing and not caring about other people when it came to the wedding. Even more with Neha-Angad. This DP-RS will be a long PR PAIN if it happens.

DP milking this wedding rumour to the max. Please do not copy Virushka and do your own thing. Virushka had the decency to keep it all quiet without any sources giving away wedding information.

That's not true. A couple of days before the wedding there were 'leaked' pictures of the venue.

Couple of days vs many many months, infact a year.

FYI virat and Anushka may have got married secretly but they milked their wedding to the max after it happened and still continue to milk their relationship for likes and money!

They became open abt it after their wedding and it is very normal. Dp is milking it before and will continue to do ao after the wedding as well. You know her PR will keep going on and on abt thi.s

Mumbai , Italy or anywhere else, but just get married u two....please

Wow! even at your wedding, you're a sell out.

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