Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh to star in an Aditya Chopra film?

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who were last seen in Padmaavat, may star in a YRF film, to be helmed by Maneesh Sharma. The movie is expected to go on floors next year.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's chemistry is loved and appreciated by all. We got to witness it, in not just one, but three Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies - Goliyon Ki Rasleela - Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat, though the last one saw no scenes between the two actors. 

However, fans have been eager to see the couple in a lighter movie like a romantic comedy and according to a leading entertainment website, we may have our wish come true after all!

If reports are to be believed, Deepika and Ranveer may star in an Aditya Chopra's YRF Film. The project will be helmed by Maneesh Sharma who directed Ranveer in his debut movie, Band Baaja Baaraat.

The untitled project is expected to go on floors next year.

Are you excited to see Ranveer and Deepika on screen again? Let us know in the comments below.

While Ranveer is busy with the shoot of Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy opposite Alia Bhatt, Deepika was supposed to start shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj's next opposite Irrfan Khan. However, Irrfan was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour and left for abroad to get treated which ultimately put the movie on hold. 

Meanwhile, in an exclusive tête-à-tête with Pinkvilla, we asked Deepika if she would like to star in a movie with Ranveer which has a happy ending. 

To this, Deepika laughed and revealed, "I hope so. I really hope so. That's actually what my family is always telling me. My sister especially and my mother, they are always like 'do you have to die in every film?' So yes, I hope that whatever film Ranveer and I do next, that we don't end our lives in the way that we have and also maybe, a less emotionally draining film. Something just lighter on the heart and on the emotion part of it."

On the other hand, when we had asked Ranveer the same question, the actor revealed, "Deepika is a wonderful artist and one of the best actors we ever had in Hindi cinema. I hope to collaborate with her in more films in the future."

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Haters will be hate but DEEPVEER is the best.Wharever,whenever....

They are married and now i am really really really really want to watch this movie,I AM BIG FAN OF DEEPVEER..

noooooo please boring couple

ranveer and his pr need to chill with the never ending deepveer stories, people are getting bored and fed up, also this movie wouldn't even happen before a year and dippy won't commit for something in the distant future, also a lot can happen in a year, she could dump him if he insisted on setting a wedding date or sign other films and not have dates for him


no i dont like this pair. old and boring. need new pair.

This news isn’t new, there have been rumblings. Maybe yrf is ready to turn a page and pay their female stars as much as the men. As long as adi chropra is just produving and not directing i have hope. These two in a modern romance would kill at the box office

As long as the story is good i am all for it.

tens of actors and fresh pairings for her, don't see her working with him so soon or ever if they break up which i think they will, coz he obv wants marriage and she just wants to hang out every once in a while that's all


that was reported three days ago, why is it being reported again here right after the rkdp new ramp date, insecurity is the answer me thinks

is vaani kapoor not getting anymore films with aditya chopra? i think deepika should reject this offer and go for something with more substance and romance. she is past the point playing the heroine meant to further the storyline of the hero.

all bw actors cheat and since she doesn't even love him, deepi should really dump him and find someone out of bw

Deepi also cheat. Recent blind about her and Fawad. The pot calling the kettle black.

ranveer is a bigger star in your dreams in reality, he's just a guy who delivers flops or semi hits at best without her and slb, so take a seat

he wants her in all his films but she would only say yes if it's slb as for him, being cast opposite him doesn't excite her that much..she's not doing any more movies with him any time soon, just wait and watch

Would love to see Ranveer with katrina once, they with rock the bollywood. Will be hot pair. Also love to see Ranveer with Priyanka Chopra, they are the best. If possible Ranveer and Manushi will be good in this movie.

rather kat, priyanka or manushi than my queen, so whatever as long as she gets away from you, we, her fans are good

Have you people forgotten that now He is a superstar. He is known for his acting like khilji, bajirao and so on. Deepika stands nowhere near to him.

Not with fawad lol

no these blinds by rk and kjo dont believe anything aganist deepveer

ok ranveer

Ranveer is not gossip queen or drama queen to use Deepika or any actress affair for publicity you know who does that hahaha

He posts news about himself only .His Yrf company will announce any new film if true don't believe rumors . I want Katrina with him in Dhoom4

yes ranbir cheated but ranveer ogles and throws himself at hot women so how do you know he doesn't cheat while being discreet about it, he did cheat on anu, didn't least ranbir didn't pretend to be the bf goals like this classless guy does

"Yes Ranbir cheated", I stopped taking this comment seriously just with that intro lol.

He never cheated on Anu. Atleast unlike Ranbir whatever Ranveer does he do it infront of everyone unlike the serial cheater Ranbir

Please no. Yashraj makes crappy movies. They even underpay their actors.Its a no win situation for any artist.

someone and his pr are working over time to link himself to the queen, lol

They are linked EK DIL EK JAAN Gf and Bf
She said in her interviews her and ranveer relationship for them
They travel together with family
you RKDP stay in your la la land and pressed 24 hrs

if he can have his way, she'd be in all his films, he's that desperate for her while she'slike whatever..calling fake on this one, he's just insecure of the up coming rkdp ramp event and wants to take away from the attention the hot ex couple is getting, that's all, don't see her working with him anytime soon, she doesn't even think that much of their chemistry, according to her she looks best with rk and he with anu

Instead of writing these comments on pinkvilla, which I'm sure DP never reads, why don't you directly send her these long hate essays you write about Ranveer on each of their post. You can send them to her by direct message on twitter or instagram or facebook. I'm sure then she will be able to read them. Why waste all your time and energy writing these stuff on a forum she is not even on. Or you can direct message someone from her team, like Shaleena or her manager Karishma, they will be more able to convey your frustrations to Dp too.

Hahaha you mean the ramp where he begged Manish to put his name before his film teaser lol

Deepika Ranveer box office doesnt matter we want beautiful film love story fun and awesome .

its Manish Sharma film
if rom com ok I approve they need to do modern their chemistry will be cracking
light and fun

Yay!! And also thank his Aditya is not directing it BBB was so cute double yay!!

Excited to see them in a love story with happy ending soon, DeepVeer Rocks !!!

Oh God save our DeepVeer from the evil eye of Karan, RK , Manish and his Dharma Camp.

Prior to few weeks back RK was with Alia, saw him with MK, he only said in.His open letter dat he knows her very well and she special . Now for his Duty movie promotion with help of KJ and Manish he came onboard for ramp walk and to get only hype for his sinking career. Now tell me who is desperate ? RK dippy parted ways bze he cheated her twice. She said she moved on. In recent deepika's interviews with anupama OR timesnow Its clear RS and DP is in relationship. look at her PDA media with RS. That's just a glimpse of their relationship which includes their parents too. Why you all are behind the ship which already sailed long ago.


stop lying but then again how can you not, you lie like most people breathe..she said she doesn't do live in relationships, she doesn't even go on holiday with you alone and uses work and family to spend as little time with you as possible, i know she's the love of your life but for her you're just a guy she works with and sees a lot and is going with the flow and now that you don't have any films together except in your dreams, i give it to the end of the year before she dumps you

Therre are so many pics of DP and RS on holidays alone. Like when they went to celebrate her birthday in Newyork in 2013. The Maldivea holiday pics from 2014. You must have not been a Dieepika fan back in 2013 to not have seen these pics of RS and DP on holiday together alone. please google them.

Also he visited her on sets of piku and xxx also multiple industry folk have confirmed on tv they are together ...

exactly 2014 was the last time she went with him alone, ever since then, her family or friends would tag alone, a girl in love would wanna spend some quality time with her man alone, but she ain't so there is that

Going on holidays with family prove how serious and comitted they are. You don't take a casual boyfriend on holiday with your family. Also it shows her family is ok with her choice and they accept him as their own..You yourself are giving points to prove the seriousness of their

Going on holidays with family prove how serious and comitted they are. You don't take a casual boyfriend on holiday with your family. Also it shows her family is ok with her choice and they accept him as their own..You yourself are giving points to prove the seriousness of their

Remember xxx shooting.. also she was in Lyon with him to celebrate his birthday in 2016.

He cheated twice? I thought once with kat during anjaana anjaani shoot when/who was the second time?

Deepika said twice

in his dreams she's marrying him and is only signing films with him but in reality she's not even that into him and isn't serious about him, but then again whatever makes him feel better

Super excited if it is true. Tired of watching them in tragic stories. Woww wowww woww super super super excited for DeepVeer in.a love story OR Rincon with a happy ending on screen and wish them a happy ending offscreen too.

he is so desperate for her and now that she's getting close to rk again his desperation and insecurity are starting to show, so plz don't fall for the lies he keeps spreading

Yay, I'm so happy. Love you Deepika and Ranveer. I'm your biggest fan. Please make a beautiful romcom where the two of you live on happily ever after in the film and outside too

Would love to see them in a romcom OR love story. They complement each other soo well. There is certain innocency in band baja barat Bitoo character.

It is not an Aditya Chopra movie, it is a Maneesh Sharma movie. Ranveer is confirmed since last year to play a sardaar in this movie. That is why he rejected King is Singh seque.

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