Deepika Padukone on completing 10 years in Bollywood: I feel Padmavati is my debut film

Deepika Padukone made her Bollywood debut in Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanti Om.
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It's astonishing to believe that is has been 10 years since the beautiful Deepika Padukone made her big Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om. Since then, there has been no looking back for the actress who has given phenomenal performances in movies like Cocktail, Goliyon Ki Raasleela - Ram Leela, Piku, Bajirao Mastani, to name a few. 

In an interview with a leading daily, when Deepika was asked about her 10-year Bollywood journey so far, the actress revealed, "I feel like a little child in a candy shop and that hasn’t changed [in the last decade]. In fact, today, I feel alive as an actor like never before. In the last 10 years, I have learnt so much just by working with people that I have teamed up with. Just being on a film set, making good or bad choices, and the criticism, as well as praise that have come my way for the performances, all of that, has made me the person that I am today."

Deepika added, "Yes, I feel Padmavati is my debut film (laughs) and the fact is that’s what I feel like in spirit. I don’t feel the years at all. I feel like a little child, who has just started off. I have so much more to do, give and learn as well. So, I am like, ‘I want to be on one more film set so that I can make more mistakes and correct things too. So, honestly, there is still a lot to do."

Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavati also stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. Padmavati is slated to release on December 1, 2017.

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Why do people speak in language that no one other than speaker seem to understand?

Anyone can look beautiful in a SLB film . He focusses on the most flattering camera angels, lighting and costumes.

Close to 25 million views for Deepika's video in 4 days time. And here some haters think that Deepika is not a superstar. Not even Khans got so many views in 4 days for their video on YT so far. Deepika is the best actress we have today, she dances gracefully, expresses beautifully, performs with ease and works hard to achieve the best. Her versatile roles and fan following make her the topmost heroine of the current generation

What a phenomenal journey she has had oh boy! She's been on top since her cocktail days!!! Despite being away for two years her throne lies unclaimed! The only current actress who has had such a varied filmography with versatile films and memorable characters- from Meenamma to Veronica to Naina to Piku to Leela to Taara to Mohini and now PADMAVATI! The only weak performance she's given is Mastani and that too because of SLB's poor writing and characterisation. In her weakest movie too she came up with a mesmerising performance in Deewani Mastani! Deepika you are special and going down in history of bollywood with other legends!

Lol. Deepika fans blaming SLB for her poor acting skills.

Deepika was wonderful as Mastani. No other actress would have done justice to that role. SLB said Deepika performed what he imagined Mastani should be. No wonder he took her again for Padmavati because the film maker knows how well Deepika delivers various characters

Only Deepika fans think she was wonderful as Mastani.

Don’t worry, doll. It looks like Padmavati is your debut film as well.

What kind of a debutant gives such a graceful performance in Ghoomar, despite not being trained for years?

There is a huge line between being graceful and bring frozen and expressionless.

How exactly are y'all hating on something as harmless as this? Height of trolling!

The same way y'all hate on Sonam/Anushka/Kangana/Priyanka/Katrina/Kareena for existing. In case you forgot, you get what you give.

In her kwk episode she never curse Ranbir what are we gonna call pc now

She always think and speaks she is not like other people

She never ever say bad thing about people who they cheat on her She never call someone MC go defend that

Priyanka fans come here but not defending her what about defend Mc comment

Yeah there is room for everyone but not for Mc saying people

Yeah haters she done amazing collaboration with slb shojit homi and imtiaz but all directors say the best things about her not your fake nose idol

Love it when pc fans talk her they idol embarrass them

I love how people talk about her and another people worst moment come trough go check your idol Mc comments pc fans

Mastani is her best you can go and write many comments but people love the performance and she got biggest movie

Oh so she is setting expectation for her acting talent in this a debutant? Wish it was Aish or Madhuri

Well I feel Mastani was her debut film. Her acting in that film was worst then her oso.

Jennifer WInget would have been a better choice for Padmavati.

Deepika actually is very overrated. She has given 1-2 good performances in a span of 10 years. Otherwise, her Mastani act proved she's not very good at her craft. Her dancing skills are also limited. Deepika made sure she got all the mileage of her breakup with Ranbir even though she dayef Sid Mallya right after and was quiet happy about it. Yet she still continues to speak about it and that's why she will never earn respect. She's 30 but not taking good decisions and very sure she won't settle down either.

Shut Up Deepika. You're lame statements every now and then are cringeworthy.

Sooooo looking forward to Padmavati!! Queen 's back!!

She does give boring interviews except when she talks about men then suddenly she just vomits out the most absurd statements about underwear and dreaming of babies and fake relationships and tattoos on her neck. She's weird lol but that's ok, there is room for everyone. It's better that she continues to give boring interviews because I'm still traumatized by her KWK episode where she came with Sonam and was some weird giggling banshee.

LOL it's not good to harbour si much negative irrational hate. Anyway, I's rather have and idol who can act her pants off and stay number one for years than be an Ash fan who can only sit back and enjoy her pointless "well spoken" interviews..fulcrum of my existence lmao

"can act her pants off"? LOL.

And how has Deepika stayed number one for years when Kangana and Sonam have delivered blockbusters like Queen/TWM2 and Neerja and Deepika did nothing substantial in those years?

Yes, we would rather enjoy Aishwarya's well spoken interviews than hear Deepika talk about having babies with her co-stars.

Yeah just like her debut film she looks frozen and expressionless. It is not like she has been doing this profession for 10 years.

She has come a long way since then

Thx to Slb sir

Yes even we feel its ur debut film bcoz ur acting is wooden and miserable

The problem with you Queen_Rani is that you are so miserable and you don't know how to deal with it.

ok 45 year old aunty rani

Yes correctly still u hv to learn a alot in acting department...where u r vry weak...ouch

She gives the most boring interviews ever!

Katrina already completed 15 years in Bollywood!!

Oh please losser dp...jst shut up...n ur debut movies....was also a crap

Ah please anuska is tall Sonam is tall but why people don't like this two You can't find the reason her success because she have numerous talent and beauty

Her eyes do a lot of talking....
I don't remember the movie name, but still remember her beautiful eyes in her 1st Srk-farah movie and until now she's mesmerising with her eyes !

Well if you have amazing career and happy life You feel that way she is amazing at her job at she always add something

Priyanka fans should focus on pc they insecurity

What she did in ten years I know she gonna have long career and look at the her first Hollywood movie even Priyanka can't get meaty roles but she did it first try

She an be boring what wrong with that go watch gal Gadot interwiew or natalie portman They are boring to but they are good at their craft just like Deepika this people are not journolist or they should be funny they are human and they are actors nothing more

Her filmography full of memorable movies and performances even in her third year she did love aaj kal an my favorite performance is pinky If you didn't watch lafangey parindey you lost great performance She is amazing and doing more amazing work

When people call her bad actress I feel shocked I am not fan of her but I am well wisher what she did in movies is amazing look at the piku look at the chennai express look at her comic timing She is one of the best

What she did with coctail what she did in piku what she did in mastani no one I repeat no one can do that she is success story

She is mediocre honey If she is mediocre all other people are simply worst She is amazing in acting and how

She is amazing in her art what she did with tamasha and piku no other actress can do that and mastani people still call her mastani and talk about her character She is amazing she done comedy action historical movies which actress have this kinda versatility

Haters can't get what she say because of hatred she can say I succeed so much and look at the people who start with me but no she always humble and genuine

You are the best Deepika. Many many more years of great work, success and happiness to you!

More 2 years:)

i finally figured it out. she is tall and good looking and on the quieter side.. she is not those fair/short/bubbly types (alia parineeti anushka). so we automatically think she must be "sensible" or something. but the fact is that she has a low iq. she cant help it. she is just not a clever or bright person. she is very boring and she does not know what to say and when to say even after years in public life. thats why she is nice on print ads and in beautiful dresses. but her acting in very limited (she is mediocre and quite replaceable) and her interviews and other activities are boring.

Lmao I want whatever she is on

Deepika you have the charm to complete another 10 years!

wtf is she smoking these days?

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