Deepika Padukone has a witty answer to why she doesn't take Ranveer Singh along with her at Cannes

It would be a moment of joy for DeepVeer fans if Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh walk together on the red carpet at Cannes. But, we don't know if it's happening in future. The actress reveals why she doesn't take along Ranveer at Cannes.
News,Deepika Padukone,Ranveer SinghDeepika Padukone has a witty answer to why she doesn't take Ranveer Singh along with her at Cannes
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Deepika Padukone was at French Riveria for Cannes 2019 for two days and the actress slayed with her appearances. Her unconventional and captivating red carpet appearances and her looks were a total delight to watch for everyone. People cannot stop gushing over her dresses and how she is open to experiment and try different looks.

Just like Deepika, her husband Ranveer Singh also has a great and unique taste in fashion. Ranveer's sense of fashion is not limited to trends, he adds his own spark and quirkiness with bright colours and funky outfits. The actor always manages to grab attention with his dressing sense at events or promotions. So it makes their fans wonder why DP didn't take Ranveer along with her for Cannes this year.

As reported by Hindustan Times, when Deepika Padukone was asked why doesn't she bring Ranveer Singh along with her for Cannes, she said that he is a better fit at Met Gala as at Cannes, she would top him. When the Tamasha actress was asked about Cannes, she said that you either come here with a film or you slay on the red carpet.

DP returned to India today and she will now be resuming the shoot of Chhapaak. About the same, she said that as Cannes is now done, she is already moving back into her character for the film. 

In Chhapaak, Deepika will be seen as an acid attack survivor. The film is a real-life story based on the life of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal.


Abishek don't even consider aish success or beauty he always said beauty isn't the reason I got married with her, then publicly insulting during her film promotions they were never in love atleast aish is trying for aaradhya but abi doesn't even bat eyelid to her. Get your facts right before comparing anyone. Pv post it

Deepika may not be witty; she does have the body of a superstar. Alas her stylist always chooses to drown her in acres of fabric! She can be BEST but is always let down by her stylist/designer. Her interviews are always let down

Look how beautiful Diana is looking without trying harder like Deepika. All DP does his over gestures

Deepika is always boring, not witty lol.Pv is high or what?

Abhi used to tag along with aish bc he was/is flop...and aish used to take him with her and acting lovey dovey to prove a show off to the bachchans,her exs and the world how important she...the bachchans were so desperate for international limlight that they walked the red carpet in Cannes with her...and this international events were aish and abhi's claim to fame for years...until abhi finally understood that this won't help his career...while deepika and ranveer are different...she doesn't need to prove anything and ranveer understands that...both are successful and busy...

She truthfully answered, what's wrong with that? Deepika has managed to be in a league of her own. She definitely makes her mark at Cannes. Best of the lot in Bollywood actresses at Cannes.

She is looking like a royal Princess. But she is looking a bit old and tired now. She needs to gain a bit of fat as she often looks lifeless.

The affection is one sided ranveer is trying to hardi think she wishes she was married to ranbir

DP will be just like Aish. Her husband will absolutely adore her, think he landed the most beautiful landed the most beautiful amazing girl ever, and she will always be aloof and remember how she could have been a Hollywood star or been Salman/Ranbir's wife instead in a different universe. In short, she doesn't respect Ranveer very much.

Witty and Deepika ...LOL!

PC fans going full time commenting here..

Simple because she can’t share attention with him. Insecurity!

This hate only means how awesome she is.. How successful she is..

Atleast she has achieved something in her life, unlike some people who feel themselves worthy enough to just scroll through one of her posts and discourage her !!!! I feel sad for people who cant feel happy for others !!!

defence much, wonder where the scene is lost when cheepika pr and fans show hate to katrina

Deepika can never be witty. Boring response as per usual

Press didnt care for her at Cannes, imagine if she brought her husband along- even worse!

Slay?, that's a women in her 30's with a teenage vocab. Pathetic. Kis kis ko star bana dete h India m bc

Is this Alia or Kjo ??

It's really funny to see how some people just wait for a story on Deepika to pounce on her with their hateful comments. Firstly, if you can't appreciate someone, it's better to keep your mouth shut and not spread negativity. I'm glad she doesn't get discouraged by all the negativity around her. She is a strong woman who rose from her depression and achieved such great heights absolutely on her own unlike some so called star kids. Secondly, people spewing such hate haven't achieved half of what she has done.

Dimag nahi gobar bhara hai

Simply because he hasn’t been invited yet

Slay on red carpet? Lol seriously that’s what you have cannes reduced to? Hahhaa she surprises every time with her dumb responses

Slay? Lol....

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