Deepika Padukone: Padmaavat has surpassed all my previous highs professionally

As Padmaavat completes one year of its release, Deepika Padukone expresses her happiness over the same. Read on.
Deepika Padukone: Padmaavat has surpassed all my previous highs professionallyDeepika Padukone: Padmaavat has surpassed all my previous highs professionally
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Deepika Padukone is one of the topmost female actors in the Hindi film industry. From playing Shantipriya to Rani Padmaavat, the actress has challenged herself and did better with each of her films. Last year, Deepika Padukone played the lead role of Rani Padmavati in the film Padmaavat. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film also starred Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. Padmaavat became one of the biggest hits of 2018 and crossed 300-crore mark at the box office.

As the film completed a year, DP was asked about her thoughts on it. The release of Padmaavat wasn't easy as there were death threats to Deepika and several other controversies. While talking to Hindustan Times, the Piku actress shared how she feels happy as she looks back to last year. Deepika said, "Padmaavat showcased the power, strength, courage and resilience of women. When I look back to this time last year, as an individual and artist, I feel a sense of pride, joy and happiness."

She added, "The film surpassed all my previous highs professionally. Personally, it changed something in me forever."

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Deepika Padukone will be next working with Meghna Gulzar in a film title Chhapaak. She not only plays the lead role but is also the producer of the film. Chhapaak will be based on a real story of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. Actor Vikrant Massey will be playing the male lead in the film.

After a break of more than a year Deepika Padukone will be working on a film. When asked the reason for this break, the dimpled actress said that she was exhausted after working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali consecutively and needed a break to replenish emotionally before signing a new film.

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She rules bollywood, truely she is a QUEEN of bollywood...

This one is delusional. Amitabh stole the show in Piku. Ranveer did the same in Padmaavat. Needs a reality check. If you want to know good acting look at Hitchki, Barfi (Priyanka as Jhilmil), Manisha Koirala in countless performances.

era of genuine actresses/acting/good movies got over long back !

not able to like most of the comments showing deepika her reality.
now coming down to her best performance , fine clothes and jewellery does not make u a good actor. there was nothing to act in the movies u r proud of. such an insecure person she is ! gone are the days of actresses, now its just glammed up heroines

DP watch manikarnika and kanganas performance...thats a queen! you as mastani and padmavati dressed in fine clothes and jewellery were expressionless to saythe least. not blinking and blank expression doesnt mean acting. u were the weakest link in bajirao mastani and padmavati!

pinkvilla have the guts to post the comment..have courage


Enough of basking in past glory. Onto the next one.

Her standards of success are very low if this overrated movie is what she considers her ultimate professional high. Also she sounds so conceited and self-absorbed. Like she's the nucleus of Bollywood hard core acting. Forgetting Kangana, Vidya, are u?

real queen is kangana! manikarnika is the real stuff queens are made of! deepika was teh most insipid queen as padmavati or even mastani! .....her best is RL....and piku.....acually only piku :P...but tats again senior bachchan film as well .

Lol it's still RS film ....Deepika dear chapaak is your first film you will be shouldering on your own can talk about your remuneration and mass pull after its release!

Exactly!!! All the films that worked for her are good movies , not that she changed everything..Sure she added so much value, but they were anyway going to be hits..Someone is really keeping her in delusion

I can't believe she still doesn't get how SLB used her for marketing the film, but shortchanged her in terms of her role. Deepika did great in the role, and no one could've really done better than her both on screen and off screen (fighting for the film, that is) but Padmavati deserved a better arc than what was given to her. Oh well, Í'm excited for Chhapaak at least. Hope that movie does justice to her!

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