Deepika Padukone on Padmavati: Rani Padmavati is in my soul and I can feel her in my system for many years

Deepika Padukone gets candid about her upcoming release, Padmavati.
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Deepika Padukone is currently geared up for her upcoming release Padmavati which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and also stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in the lead. 

As the actress kickstarts the promotions for the magnum opus, Deepika got candid with a leading news channel about the buzz that has increased for the movie ever since the posters and now the trailer has come out. 

"The excitement that is there for Padmavati with the posters and the trailers, this Diwali is extra special," Deepika stated. 

The actress added, "According to me, the film has already released. It's that kind of an excitement. I can't wait, as we know what all is there in the movie and how much is left for us to show the audience. I feel that the film should release now. It's been extremely overwhelming and tiring as well. There was a lot of hard work and challenges that we had to face. We've still overcome those and did what we wanted to do. With the same spirit, we'll go forward and nothing can stop this film."

Deepika's breakthrough as an actress came when she played Veronica in Cocktail. Veronica is a character that has made a place in Deepika's heart and now Rani Padmavati has also proclaimed a position in Deepika's soul. Deepika revealed, "Before this, it had happened with Cocktail. Even now, Veronica is in my system somewhere hidden inside me. And, I feel the same with Padmavati. Her soul is in me and I can feel her in my system for many years. I don't think it's going to leave my system for a while. It's her power, it's her strength, it's her conviction, it's her courage."

Padmavati is slated to release on December 1, 2017. 

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So some people are trying to say that the actress who had 10 mins role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, udta Punjab, singham returns is actually suitable for playing a full fledged Queens role in a film where her character is central character. According to them the actress who has been played the most iconic characters of bollywood in this decade as Veronica, Naina, Meena,leela, piku, Mastani and even made her hollywood debut is not good choice. If we talk from 2010 onwards Kareena's only hits are with Khan's or Ajay Devan's big films. She has delivered 4 Flops in 2012 including one with Aamir khan. And those people want her to be cast in a Titular role and carry the film on her shoulders made on ₹ 150 CR budget. May be kareena can make some small films like ki and ka work as they are made on a budget of 20 CR but not Padmavati.

Oh God kareena fans are too desperate. Why are they eyeing Deepika's roles. Kareena has been in industry for 18 years and not even once did she got to play a Queen whereas Deepika is in industry for 10 years and playing a queen for second time. How can people even compare kareena with Deepika. Deepika is a self made star and loved so much. She is the most popular actress of bollywood right now with max fans whereas kareena was way too behind katrina in terms of popularity and fan following.Also Deepika is her 8 years junior in both debut and age but is more accomplished. She is the highest earning woman of bollywood. She charges ₹ 15 CR per film exactly 3 times of what kareena charged for Khan's film. Sonam very well said that kareena and priyanka are actress of previous generation.

first lie of your's . sonam never said that kareena and priyanka are actress of previous generation. i know she is like priyanka chopra.jacquline.kareena .aliya
second thing is that there is not much age difference between kareena and deepika. kareena looks younger then deepika. deepika is like a old aunty and kareena is like a child of deepika
third thing. priyanka is a mother of deepika in term of success and popularity deepika is nothing in front of her

Kareena is too fat to play padmavati. Remember that padmavati was known as a beautiful lady and not a FAT lady. Also why are kareena fans screaming. We have seen Deepika playing mastani, leela etc with perfection. She is suitable for Queens role whereas kareena was just an item girl along with katrina in her hey days. She has never played a great role of some legendary queen. Her fans act as if she is Meryl streep of India. She acted in udta punjab and didnt win a single appreciation from critics forget about awards or even nomination and Alia took away all awards. She also acted in a avg grossing ki ka and again she didmt won any nominationsfor it as well. She would have sucked big time as a queen. I think even katrina has raced ahead of kareena with her recent outings being somewhat different for Indian cinema with a regular role. Deepika is in leagues of Madhuri dixit, madhubala, sridevi. Kareena is nothing in front of her. Compare her with kat and Ash, Pc

i don't know but the name you have mention it kareena katrina priyanka .aliya is not rightway
1. kareena is beautiful then deepika she would be able to play a role of padmavati .kareena is able to do a role like padmavati she is even more beautiful then real padmavati her acting skill's are better then deepika
2. katrina is hot looking actress her acting skill may be not so good but she is one of hottest person in bollywood and very good dancer
3. deepika is good looking actress but her acting is not so good like kareena .she is not beautiful like other actresses kareena. anushka. priyanka. aishwariya
4. priyanka she is one of the very very tough competitor of deepika she is gorgeous and today she is very successful and she is the most popular actress on social media.her acting and dancing skill are so good she is far away better then deepika

kareena is one of the most beautiful women then ugliest looking deepika She has zero sense of style she is ugliest looking women in the world . and who the hell are you to ask that . dp is bad looking women

deepika ko kesi ki care thori hai.wo khod hot hai sunder hai.priyanka aor deepika dono hi top pe hain priyanka ki trah deepika bhi sunder hai kafi. es leay fans en dono k ziyada hain .baki logon ka tu kam hai batin banana so banaty rahin

She gives d most ridiculous statements for promotion. #fake

Fake pr queen!

She's a good actress was good in Oso,her nose looking a bit different from before, like chilli pepper

It seems like padmavi not on your mind it's likely Ranveer or rk ;-)

Guys pls boycott mahira's posts...

Why are you scared of are a fan of the top heroine and mahira is not even working in any Bw movie

Who ever asking not to read mahira's post,wtf?I'm not your slave and I can read whatever I want,it's upto me, you are not the boss .

You can not tell us what to do,it's freedom of speech and opinion ..

I really wanted to see bebo in padmavati. She would have done full justice

Katrina and Kareena fans trolling dp,but she's the best !

Stop it Deepika. I am your but can't buy it anymore. Firstly you said that your father is searching a guy for you. Do you think we are stupid. How can an actress go for arrange marriage. Esp the one who has a Ranveer Singh as her current bf and world knows about it. Secondly there would be hardly very few women who can commit suicide for their dead husband and you are definitely not one of them. Also there is no need for doing such thing. It was a tragedy.

Well dp had several boyfriends , she's been around,so she's very mature.

Her eyes look dead to me. Just imagine now Rani or Kangana in this role!!!

Dp is a queen, jealous bunch

Her acting is very plain and always vanish after movie release

Lol I too can say that Mahatma Gandhi is my soul and I can feel him. Everybody thinks so great about half or herself and Deepika is no different but comparing herself with a legend like Padmavati is an insult for sacred and respected queen.

In her dreams she can be padmavati. Disloyal woman.

Dear Deepika plz stop embarrassing padmavati's sacred soul. She loved her man and was so devoted to him that she felt burning herself alive is better than living without him with another man. Now we know how much your are devoted to Ranveer. You keep dreaming whole day about Ranbir and his Boxers. In your head you live with Vin and his babies. You always kiss another men and has Zero respect for RS. Lets not speak up about your loyalty towards your past Bfs nihar,dhoni, Yuvi and sid.I am sure if you were in place of Padmavati you would have chose to marry khilji.

U r no rajpoot queen...u have no selfrespect u r in a relationship with junno chopra....but still chasing ur ex....knowing tht he is a long term relationship with his pakistani girlfreind have some shame....surpnakha

Kareena would suited and done justice to the role and character.

OMg so many actresses would have nailed this role like Rani, Kareena, Ash, Kangana and Radhika Apte. but DP is just not convincing enough.

All she's saying is that she's had a traumatic experience playing this character and that it will remain with her for a while. I got goose bumps while reading the story of jauhar. Think of it for a second, empathise; these women along with their children self immolated to escape Khilji. I guess none of you have ever been burnt even slightest. To have the mind frame of your character committing suicide, is so traumatic.
PV pls post.

I love that wide space between her beautiful.

All she's saying is that she's had a traumatic experience playing this character and that it will remain with her for a while. I got goose bumps while reading the story of jauhar. Think of it for a second, empathise; these women along with their children self immolated to escape Khilji. I guess none of you have ever been burnt even slightest. To have the mind frame of your character committing suicide, is so traumatic.

It is DISGUSTING! Rani Padmavati was a woman of dignity. Unlike Deepika, who go around wearing bikinis everywhere, kept doing kissing scenes with her ex-bf in multiple movies, using Ranveer just as a pawn. This lady got no shame.

For all those asking for kareena or others to be cast, please understand the magnitude of the role. It requires hours of dressing, physical exertion on war sequences, dances, persona to carry of a historical queen! It's not a fit for dimunitive Alia, nor for the ages of Ash or Madhuri, nor for a new mother or then pregnant Kareena, nor for anglo- personality Katrina. There can be no one apart from Deepika who for in to the look and the role demand to a T!

Why is this timeline so negative? I saw the interview and it was very straightforward. She has spoken most of it in hindi and is one of her better interviews of all times. She said the character she essayed will live on inside her for a long time. So what? It's natural that some movie experiences will last a lifetime with people. Doesn't mean they cannot immediately go into a rom-com or action. People need to troll sensibly if they really want to.

Flop next

Padmavati & Mastani must be rolling in their graves

her acting is terrible & wooden

Rani is able to paly a role of deepika's maid in padmavati or any another movie.

She is unable to say NO to such huge projects, although the roles are repetitive. Tired of seeing her in same clothes and set-ups. She will certainly not be known as versatile actress if she keeps on playing these queeny roles forever.

I admire Kareena in this regard. In between, she fell slave to 100 cr and Khan projects. This was the blotch on her career. Later, she seems to have found happiness without Khan films and doing great since then.

Lol thanks for the laugh. Firstly it's Khan's who don't wants to work with kareena anymore, she is still dying to work with them remember her statement during BB that every actress is dying to work with salman and she would do a BB rather than a Heroine. If given a chance she would still jump to play a 15 mins glamorous doll role in Khan's film or even for a Ajay and akshay.
Secondly about which great work are you talking about ? 15 mins side role in udta Punjab ? It is a matter of huge shame that kareena being in industry for 16 years failed to recieve any nomination or appreciation for UP but Alia, an actress of only 4 years took all awards for the same film making kareena and her so called acting look like a joke.
Thirdly Deepika is a known as the best actress of bollywood among all the actress. Her roles as Leela, Mastani, padmavati will be remembered forever like that of Madhbala whereas kareena's 10 mins role will be forgotten with her retirement which is very near.Lastly kareena have delivered a single hit except JWM without Superstars.

Rani Padmavati is a fictious character. The whole narrative is based on a poem that was written 200 years after Khilji's death, it's nothing but pure myth.

Deepika just don't open your mouth,just shut up and do your part in the movie. Don't try to be articulate. It sucks. Just because you play multiple characters everday does not mean t becomes part of your soul. You take money for your portrayal of characters so material things have no place in spirit or soul. Quit lying for the sake of promotion of your movie.

She is the FAKEST person in Bollywood. Congratulation!

Lol the same padmavati will be seen running on beach in her next movies

I have to say, she looks stunning as Padmavati and from the clips we've seen thus far, she appears to have embodied this character a bit better than Mastani. Her depiction of Mastani, to me, came across soul less. As Padmavati, she seems to have tapped in better, but she is far from a good actor! So instead of giving such delusional statements about her acting prowess, she should stick to a general promotion of the movie and hopefully let her "acting" speak for itself once the movie is released.

Incorrect. What she meant was, Padamavati gave her life to protect her dignity for the man she loved. Where as Deepika like to use her ex-bf with no shame and dignity to climb her success ladder. What a fake woman

She is promotion queen.. she disappears after movie’s release. Uses social media only for movies promotions nothing else

I don't understand what she means by that.its so complicated

If she is in your soul, what a shame that you can’t bring her to life properly on celluloid.

Chal jhooti

Dunno wtf statements she gives during movie promotions..if it's her PR, then really bad strategy

I hope she will not kill herself like Padmavati if RK gets married one day. Just joking!


why spoiler? all know Padmavati will die in the climax after her husband will lose and Khilji will be victorious, thats what the jauhar ritual is about.


Wish he cast kareena. Wouldn't mind shahid and ranveer in it.

Omg kareena would have been perfect. Deepika is not drop dead gorgeous and no one would wage a war for her lol as per movie story..

i wish slb would take kajol or madhuri or manisha or kareena to play the part and kept the male leads the same. deepika as lovely as she is just doesn't seem like a powerhouse. . . but alas there are investors and distributors who need to be protected when investing their money into a female oriented project, the fact the a lot of the female centric movies have tanked doesn't help either :(

I wrote 'fake' in that post of sonam and kareena.. Pv didnt post it!!! I will stop coming to this site if it censors harmless statements!

True. Pahalaj Nihalaniesque censoring is happening on Pinkvilla over simple words like 'Ok' and 'Fake'. It's been happening for a long time now. Probably not giving PV any traffic is the only solution to this.

I wrote 'OK' but PV didn't post it. Don't try to be a super censor PV. There is nothing obscene/abusive in 'OK'.

The right lead for this movie should have been Aishwarya Rai, but unfortunately in India, women are 40 are not considered leads. Such a shame given that all the leading actors really come into their own only after 40....... Ash would have owned this role like no one else. Deepika is great no doubt but when it comes to ethereal beauty, no one but Aishwarya comes to mind.

Yup Ash really came into her own - screeching and hamming her way through her last few movies.

This troll is more obsessed with Ash than her fans.

Well Hema Malini, Rehka, Madhuri, Manisha, Jaya Prada are all ethereal beauties too and they can all act.

Hema Malini can act? Is that why critics thrashed her performances?

Well Aishwarya is a hasbeen now and Deepika is current queen. By your logic us fans of Hema malini, Madhuri, rekha, Sridevi should say they should play the role too because they are still ethereal beauties. That’s the problem with you ash fans like your delusional queen you have no idea that her popularity ship has sailed. It will happen to Deepika too one day. Just the reality of Bollywood.

Alia is the current queen, not Deepika. Look at Ash articles, the number of reads and comments of her no. 1 posts are proof of her evergreen popularity.

lol nihar yuvi RK sid RS Juno chopra.....always keepng open door for RK.....and she has rani padmavati in her soul? its a little lot of bulshit

IS it me or is there a lot of hate in the comments section?

I don’t know what she said was so wrong.. I mean, it’s a character that will stay with her is what she has said. A lot of actors say this, and to understand this I think one has to be an actor or theatre artist. When we don’t understand a profession, why choose to be hateful instead of trying to learn more?

Pramostion ke liye khud jhagada karvate Hai ee ...I am rajput n I honestly don't give shit about this crap everybody knows it's about makers khud controversy karvate Hai otherwise kisko time Hai aisa chutiyapa karne me poster jalav ee jalav n all...khud karte Hai..n e dipika bol to aise rahi Hai NASA jakar space me jhanda gad Diya Hai...done with her antics...n ranvir sing sabko pata Hai how chutiya he is... overacting ki dukan ham jaise log hi enhe vhav dete Hai thats y itna bolte Hai...

Ise kehate Hai logonko chutiya banane ki ninja Technic ding ding......Kali chudial dipika padugone fakest person

She is so onnoying acting like she herself a rajput...bas character play karne se koi rajput nahi banta bas kar apni overacting

Ohh my gosh is is so fake...rehane de behan tujase na ho payega

There was never a rani padmavati. She was a fictional character from a poem. The way deepika behaves, you’d think she was some queen incarnate from the Mughal times. Get over yourself woman!

Promo Ke Liye kuch be !

Padmavathi was supposed to be breathtaking beautiful. I just don't get why they have made her like this. Too much ornaments. DP is too skinny for all that heavy stuff. Whether you like it or not lighter skin with weight in right places was considered beautiful. Only recently because of western influence skinny is considered beautiful

Since none us really know what padmavathi looked like no point speculating. Darker skin may have been coveted back in the day. Unlike now where silly racists just go on about fair and lovely.

Anything to promote the movie!

What? I don't understand what she said, can someone explain it , what she means?

"We've still overcome those"? You mean you've overcame them.. FACEPALM

You mean for the many years ahead you feel you'd feel her? I am sorry, what? Did that make sense?

You can feel her in your system for many years? Was that English?

You mean you feel like Kangana?

She is so fake

She can be Veronica but not padmavathi who belonged to one person which is not u deepika

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