Deepika Padukone posts a message about depression following Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's demise

Deepika Padukone has championed the cause of mental health and shared her journey of overcoming depression publicly. She posted a message on her social media account.
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Deepika Padukone has championed the cause of mental health and shared her journey of overcoming depression publicly. She eventually set up her own foundation that helps create awareness about mental health and fights the stigma attached to it. Deepika’s foundation has helped many patients come to the forefront to seek help.

In the wake of the unfortunate demise of legendary handbag designer Kate Spade and renowned TV host and presenter Anthony Bourdain, Deepika shared a strong message through her social media account. Both Kate Spade and Bourdain committed suicide in the last week, shocking fans across the globe. Many are still in utter disbelief that their idols have taken their own life.

Deepika posted, “Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were pioneers in their respective fields. They both carved a niche for themselves by doing the unexpected. They not only changed the world of fashion and food forever but were also loved by millions across the world. To the outside world, they seemed ‘happy’. They seemingly “had it all”. Then how did they ‘fall’ into depression?”

The post further read, “We don’t ask why someone who “had it all” was detected with a fatal illness, why someone who “had it all’ broke their foot or why someone who “had it all” met with an accident. Just like all other illnesses, depression does not discriminate.

The element of depression that is grossly misunderstood is the belief that you have control over your illness. In reality, you don’t. The illness will creep into your life, and if left untreated, may completely engulf you. You are not in the driver’s seat anymore, the illness is. It will tell you where to go, what to eat and when to sleep.”

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Me me meeee let’s make it all about me

you deepika fans or deepika PR are disgusting just like her she is lieing she Never had a Depression only using a mental Problem for her PR ! disgusting Person i hate her she will go over corpses!

I read this on instagram this morning and I for one can say that she is bringing something to light that a lot of people of color, etc try to hide, handle themselves or even deny. A lot of us are battling a demons that we cannot or choose not of face. It is time to stop worrying about how people see you and worry about yourself. Take time for yourself, everything that is here still wil exist even when you are no longer. Seek help and talk to a professional (sometimes friends and family can be a negative force)

I knew she couldn't have written that lol.

It doesn't matter. She's an actress not a writer.

At least appreciate the fact that she gives the foundation a lot of visibility and impact. She is going the extra mile to support a worthy cause. The life saved can be someone close to you. Think about it !

I fully appreciate this lady for what she is doing for the society. Mental health is such a taboo, but she was brave enough to speak about that regardless of the kind of slack she could get. I think people are more aware than ever because of her. Thank you!

Proud to be your fan Deepika, you are so wonderful and caring. I hope people who need help seek help from doctors, family and friends and not end their life due to depression

not again, DP anything for publicity, she damaged RK's career with her depression articles, may be he is depressed now

She spoilt Ranbir's career? He did it to himself. Why always blame someone else?

She never blamed ranbir. She said she went through a bad phase in 2014 - five years after they broke up. In fact around the time she and ranveer allegedly started dating.

I feel the same

God bless u Deepika

Secret skin disease... Lol... Exactly! No one wants to talk about serious illnesses other than depression.. Why, because it's the new buzz word.. The rich n famous take pride in having been diagnosed with it so that they can show off how famous they are and what fame has given back to them... Sympathy seekers

I don't like her (i'm not a Kat fan, i don't like them both), but she's doing right. Depression is a very dangerous deseas, but some people dont' treat it right. I was suffering from depression almost 10 years, and i didn't tell anyone, because nobody takes me and my words seriously. For them, 'depression' was like a some modern word, not a serious issue. And i was afraid to admit myself i was sick, because being mentally unstable means being an outcast. People treats you, like you have an leprasy. So, talking about it is really very important.

So many hate comments? What's wrong with u people?! She's just prompting her tlll foundation!

Total nautanki this woman..

Whats percentage of rich successful people are going through depression in India?

Here people get depressed because of unemployment..1000s of candidates for one mediocre job.
But let's ignore that and focus on depressions of rich people.

I bet if she had an embarrassing skin disease she'd take it to the grave and not urge people to not be ashamed of it.
Depression has become an attention gimmick for our queen.

"Look at me how sad I was"

...And why?

"I can't really tell it just happened."

Depression doesn't need a reason. Also, being " rich" doesn't mean that person has it all. Depression can happen to anyone. Clearly people are not aware of it.

Babe I am not a Deepika fan and even I feel that she does it for publicity. But please check the facts before giving your expert comments. Depression has nothing to do with how much money one have.

Depression is real, success and money has no relevance with it. It is a horrible illness. No one deserves that. Suicide doesn’t stop the pain, it passes it on to their loved ones, a poisonous cycle.

Kat ke fans agye yaha .Arey atleast deepika is doing good for the society.What is your idol doing ? She must be busy in leaking pics and videos and planning a strategy to break others relationship .

I love you for this darling, keep up the good workwith TLLL foundation.

Saint dp... Plz get over the depression publicity angle. You had it, you fought it... Fine! Don't look for excuses to remind us of it again n again.. No other Celebrity who's fought depression talks about it as much as you do.. You are making us doubt the veracity of whether you even had depression in the first place or it was always a gimmick just so that you can talk about something all the time

Dude, talking abt depression will help remove the stigma around mental illness and get people to start taking it seriously instead of brushing it off. You have no idea how important it is to start this conversation abt mental health.

love u deepu ❤

My Jaan.

Ujjala Padukone writes well so I will naturally owe the credit to this powerful speech in writing to her. Kudos Ujjala, spectacularly written.

Atention queen

AGain n again deepression dosent she has anything to talk instead of this

This kind of attitude is actually dangerous. A depressed person actually CAN'T think or talk about anything else. It's very real and painful. People like you are the reason depressed family members end their life and others wonder how come they didn't see it.

but both of them were not suffering from depression. Depression is a very broadly used term.

Kate spade suffered from bipolar disorder

Great thoughts TLLL team, you make a person like Deepika atleast seem compassionate. Also the wording of comments below is so similar, could her pr atleast be original?

If a message like this even reaches one person its great. Her team deserves more credit than her, she is just a medium. I hate her guts but mental awareness is a must.

A very thoughtful post. I know some people here accuse her of faking this depression thing, but everything she's addressing is exactly some of the things people are wondering about. Anthony Bordain especially seemed to have it ALL. He was loved by many, had money, was MADLY in love with his girlfriend, and adored being a dad. He was even making very positive tweets prior to his death. So then why did he kill himself? We just won't know, because what goes on in a person's mind is a very secretive thing. Depression is very tricky.

It was a repost from her ngo, a well thought out message from tlll. Proud of her and the work they’re doing

Such an elegant person. I mean just look at her.

Beauty with a heart.Love you girl !

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