Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Wedding: Here's how Katrina Kaif reacted to Farah Khan's photo with the couple

Katrina Kaif LIKED Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh photo with Farah Khan. Deepika and Ranveer visited Farah Khan's residence yesterday to invite her to their wedding.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh announced on October 21, 2018, through a joint statement that they will get married on November 14 and 15, 2018. The couple thanked their fans for their love and support and also sought blessings of everyone as they embark on a new journey of togetherness. The couple’s pre-wedding festivities began on November 3, 2018, with a Naandi puja organized at Deepika Padukone’s Bengaluru residence. Ranveer Singh’s Haldi ceremony took place a few days ago and the ecstatic groom-to-be was spotted dancing with a friend at his residence.

Yesterday, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were spotted at Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Farah Khan’s residence to invite them to their wedding. Deepika Padukone debuted in the industry with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om in which she starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Love blossomed between the couple on the sets of their first film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Goliyon Ki Raas Leela- Ram Leela. They have worked with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in 2 other films after that - Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat.



May you LOVE happily ever after! #soninlawlove #marriageblessings @deepikapadukone @ranveersingh

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Farah Khan shared a photo with the couple on her social media account yesterday. She captioned it, “May you LOVE happily ever after! #soninlawlove #marriageblessings @deepikapadukone@ranveersingh”. Katrina Kaif LIKED the photo. Katrina and Deepika had a fallout after Ranbir broke up with Deepika Padukone and started dating Katrina Kaif. They have also taken digs at each other on talk shows. Deepika wished Katrina on her birthday this year, and it seems that they have buried the hatchet.  

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Didn't someone sign a superhero bigbudget movie according to someone's PR?then after her last release it was neck pain she gonna take a short break which is 3 years longer

Didn't some one was launching her own brand and writing a biography according to her PR.?
Post it plz

Last movie dp signed was in 2014 where she used as props and Ranveer SLB's and karnisena stole the show

Dp was the lead not a prop. It's Kat who is a prop in big films.

Katrina has Salman. She will try her best to marry him.

You mean will try her best to break another relationship but in vain.

Katrina is such a lovely person and although I’m not a fan of her acting, she’s one of my favorites because she does not have a vicious personality or a mean bone. She’s never opens her mouth and speak ill of anyone, never picks on, make innuendos or suggestions about them in a negative light, although all these things were done to her to end her career and be hated. No woman can steal a man if he loves you, especially if he’s been cheating already.....the best she’ll get is a one night stand or affair, but not to keep him for 7 years. It’s so unfortunate that people are still blaming her and forever talking about her karma and accusing her of doing all the negative things that were done to her. Equating a one year relationship, although hurtful, with a 7 year one is so wrong. She keeps a dignified silence but I can only imagine her interior pain and suffering when her investment of time, children and marriage ended in her late years already while 4 others got/getting married around her. IMO, she was too generous to even like the picture at all, considering she’s been the true victim all this time but she probably couldn’t resist because of nice Ranveer. PV please be a doll and post my comment please, Kat deserves some love comments too.

Delusional much!

Nobody is a victim here. And Kats fans are on every deepika’s wedding related post viciously trying to bring negativity at what should be a happy time and ruining Pinkvilla for deepika fans. As soon as the wedding is over I’m never coming here again.

Unfortunately Katrina has remained a prop in films and real life...some reviewers didn’t even mention her in his review of TOH..

itna he tha toh deepika ke post pe wish krti na.Nautaunki jhoothi katrina botox ki dukaan

She can like the picture but cannot wish deepika on her inata post shows how jealous,cunning ,manipulative this katrina is.

Katrina is using salman ,rk ,alia to stay in news .Desperate and shameless woman kat is

Whoever see this pic knows DP looks like an auntie with skin lightening injections and surgeries

Whoever sees Kat knows she looks like an aunty who has done skin lightening, botox and surgeries.
Post this time u arent

I want this fan war to end. They aren’t fighting for the same man or the same kind of roles. But both are fighting ageism and sexism in the industry so power to them both. I want deepika to get great films after marriage, I want kat to get great films after 40. Peace!

Katrina is using dp who's jobless for 3years and staying in news cuz of marriage and bfs

Except in the last two years it’s Deepi who ranked among highest paid actresses in the world, won a million brand endorsements, won almost every award for Piku, got a break in HW, walked the red carpet in Cannes, was listed in time 100, starred in a 300cr film, now producing a film with social message and yeah is marrying a man completely crazy about her...:-)

Katrina is using DP who's pretty much jobless and surviving in BW cuz of her bf and marriage news

At least DP isn't doing mindless item songs in big films. She is in news coz of her own Bf and own marriage. While jobless Kat is in news only due to her ex BFS and using other marriage.
Be fair to post

In 200 KWK it's P queen who dogged at Katrina andRk later worked with RK for job and praised him and again dogged at Katrina when her personal pic got leaked .kat was always kept a dignified silent and said I'm may not be friends but I'm not cordial with all

Katrina wants to stay revelant by using a girl who has no movie besides her nobody cares marriage her PR releasing every seconds..DP PR

See how jobless and flop Kat is. Kat has 10 mins role in khans movies. No body cares about her and her item nos. Kat PR calm down. Keep burning.
Post it plz pv don't ignore n biased towards deepika

is farah aunty invited for the nups??

When will Karma hit Ranbir? This karma is always after women.

Karma nay hit tu kia hai. Ranbir was supposed to be a super star by now, which he is not. If, Ranbir had paid attention to his career, more than playing games with girls and doing drugs, he would've been a super star.

He had his a string of flops, so he had his karma. Besides, he didn't forced Kat or DP to romance him. They did it willingly. Stop using woman card and stop blaming him just because he's a man.

Kat is so poor.

It's so lame, to blame only RK for what happened with DP and Kat. Doesn't we live in feminism era? It means women are not weak lambs, which lead to the slaughter! Both partners equally responsible in a relationship. Don't pretend to be a 'strong woman' if you blame a man for all your losses. Yes, he dumped them, it happens sometimes in non-marital relations. If you are ready for this type of affair, be ready for the end. If you live with man for more than 2 years and he isn't interested in marriage, make conclusions. It's not like he promised to marry any of them!

Aaah so it’s DP and Kat’s fault that he cheated on them? Ok let’s even forget about that, what about the fact that he ridiculed his girlfriends on tv and called them derogatory names like ‘battery low,’ and his Dad came on the same show and called them ‘a,b,c,d.’ It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a male, the fact is regardless whether it’s a male or a female when you don’t show your partner the respect they deserve and ridicule them after the fact, it is cheap behaviour! It’s disgusting! This is why I said I have no problem with Abhishek because no matter what happens he shows respect to his partner, nobody to this day knows why he and Karishma broke up and he has always supported Ash even when the media belittles him for it. There are women who do the same and I would say the same for them as well, I didn’t like it when Anushka was on KWK with Ranveer belittling him and making fun of him either. So I don’t see what feminism has to do with this.

What about Rs claiming he had threesome , cheated on his half gf ? It’s ok coz he hasn’t done that to DP right?

I can't believe that liking a picture is news!!

Kat is not 36, more like 39/40. But i wish her well and hope she finds her happily ever after.

Katrina was so rude to Deepika back when she was dating Ranbir. Even though Kat was the one who Ranbir left Deepika for, Deepika still tried to mend ways with her. But Kat ignored and mocked her on national TV with Anushka. Now that Ranbir has left Kat for a younger model and Deepika is marrying a man who is crazy for her and Kat is left single with a failing career in her mid 30s she wants to be friends now? I think its 6 years too late!

So liking a post means she wants to be friends with DP....such small brains

Nops liking the posts and then her PR making it a headline means she wants to stay relevant and to divert attention from mindless flop item songs in toh.

Feel bad for Katrina! She has lost the most in all of this...and it would be really hard for her now to find another high profile boyfriend like RK or Salman. She really trusted the wrong guy too much!

Katrina is a one insecure jealous soul. She can't see any one happiness and success. Especially deepika's happiness.

Have anyone notice how kjo and arpita didn't invite Kat at their Diwali party? Last year she was there at arpita bash due to Tzh. Salman too is mainataing a distance from her.

She was at the kjo party in the Black sabyasachi

That was SRK party not KJO.

Deepika can wish her happy birthday but that is seen as a sweet gesture from a clean hearted person but if any other actress likes something related to Deepika instead of her fans being happy they think it's all about an ulterior motive. You should all be happy with one another. Who are we to them? They'll live their lives being cordial whereas us petty minions will fight and create a war over them.

Kindly see how dp was trolled by kat fans for wishing her . They called her names and an attention seeker.

There is nothing real about Katrina. She has created an image of this dignified, woman who gets along with everyone. But in reality, she cheated on Salman and left him for RK thinking he loves her and will make her a kapoor bahu. She had no problems getting involved with a committed man like RK. She continued to pretend to be dignified despite being caught in the act by DP.Little did she know, RK didn't love her enough to go against his parents wishes to marry her. And Neetu and Rishi made sure to show their disapproval for her openly. With a questionable and shady past, they were never going to accept her. Sure enough, RK dumped her after she badmouthed him and his family in that GQ interview. The woman is so shameless, she went running back to Salman with her sob story, who was stupid enough to let her back in his life. This woman is a manipulative user. She ain't fooling anyone with her fake niceness.

Kat is the best and beautiful actress in bollywood.

I for one am hoping Deepika and Ranveer actually invite her. Just to put all the past behind all of them. I don’t know why people don’t understand that the bad guy in all this is Ranbir. He wronged multiple women and it doesn’t seem to effect him in any way because he is the boy born with the golden spoon in his mouth. I have no problem with people that are born into privilege, I love Abhishek, but just show some respect to those you get into relationships and don’t call them ‘battery low.’ I genuinely like Kat and hope Zero sheds a new light on her abilities. I wish her only the best.

Why though? Kat has always been rude to deepika, no one needs negativity at their wedding. Kat needs to be far away. They owe her nothing, katrina should be smart to stay far away from them

I didn’t say invite her to the wedding (that’s personal and intimate) but they will likely invite everyone to the Mumbai reception and it’s no big deal if they just extend an invite to Kat too. DP is happy and she’s glowing from it, when you’re that happy nothing can dampen your mood, only good can come from just letting it all go. Kat may or may not show up but if she does show up then she will likely be putting everything behind her too (which would be ideal). Nobody owes anybody anything in this situation but not inviting her is actually holding on to the negativity when inviting her like everyone else (as I’m sure she’ll invite Sonam-who has made some pretty snide remarks about DP too) is saying ‘I’m done with this drama.’

You’re an idiot! Kat is useless! Not a huge RK fan either but at least he can act.

P.S Fardeen Khan And Zayed Khan also had golden spoons. Look where the spoon led them. A more recent example would be Harshvardhan lol

Yess thank you!! Like kangana said why are we glorifying these so-called casanovas? If a woman has more than one relationship she is judged to death, if a man does it he’s a stud? Or better still stop judging at all and stop hating blindly. Try a little positivity for a change o Pinkvilla commenters!

So well said. I completely agree.

Why Kat is giving hints? If she wants to mend her ways with dp ,go directly and sort it out. DP tried and offered an olive branch to Kat several times but arrogant Kat respond coldly.

Such a fake, she hates deepika. Theirs is the wedding of the year and she is desperate to be seen at their reception, she should stay home.

Katrina wants to be cast with Ranveer obviously. I don’t get her issue with deepika who has offered an olive branch more than once. Kat wants to be #1 and sees deepika as competition which is ridiculous, deepika is leagues byond her.

Both Deepika and Katrina moved on with their lives.But their fans are still tirelessly trolling any article about them.

TRUTH to be told it was Katrina fans who started trolling DP for whatever she says or does. Questioned her depression and the last nail in the coffin was them crossing all the limits of decency to abuse DP for RK during tamasha. In return, DP fans too trolled Katrina mercilessly and now she gets trolled for Salman.

Deepika and Katrina are growing up and moving on, I wish their fans would do the same....

Katrina was the really biggest loser in that triangle between her, Deepika and Ranbir. Reading her old interviews, you would know Katrina wanted to get married and have kids and it was a huge deal for her. She thought that she was going to marry and have kids with Ranbir, was with him for 6 years, lived with him, then he up and left with no reason. Ranbir is back on his casanova ways, Deepika is happily getting married to a loyal and huge star like Ranveer after 6 years of togetherness next week. While at 36 years, she is single, as much as it sucks, time is ticking for babies unless she wants to have kids in her 40s.

The main culprit is Ranbir. He's like Ashwariya. Holds on to the previous party until the new party is all ready and willing.

Huge star lol. Let him get one hit without DP and we’ll see.

Very true , Katrina did put all her eggs in the marriage basket and said she won't look back after it happens . I'd like add that other than wasting time on Ranbir , her other big mistake was she did not concentrate on improving her craft ( by doing good roles in good movies ) . Now nobody takes her acting seriously ; she's stuck with guest appearances in big movies and one can see she's worried for her career. The irony of it is Deepika is on good terms with Rambir and worked with him too after the nasty break up.

She really did put all her eggs on one basket. Also, Deepika broke up with Ranbir in her early 20s, and it was a 1 year relationship, so she had the time to find the man and did, she didn't waste as much time as Katrina did who was with Ranbir for 6 years, lived with him and really thought he was the father of her future kids and husband. Katrina also became single when she was 34 years after Ranbir.

I think Deepika too did take Ranbir very seriously which is why she was devastated after the break up happened ! She was able to bounce back because she did not make the mistake of taking her career , looks and the Indian audience for granted. It's her career which led to Ranveer ! Katrina thought she will be able to keep Ranbir hooked forgetting that leopards rarely change their spots .And he comes as a package deal with his parents who fought back with every weapon in their arsenal. Her past history also goes against her with the Kapoors . Time affects all of us physically and mentally , if Salman had sulked in vindictive anger (as he can ) at their shared past ,that would be the end of her in Bollywood. More than Ranbir , its neglecting the safety net of her career that's the biggest mistake.

Ok but if Katrina wanted to get married and have kids than why didn't she marry Salman? with whom she had a relationship for 10 years, I wounder what went wrong. Maybe she cheated on him with ranbir while Salman already may have cheated her with someone else. Considering salman's cheating history..starting from his ex-fiance sangeeta bijlani, than he cheated on somy ali with aishwarya rai, even somy confirmed that n aish also said he did the same to her as well. Salman himself said he can't stay faithful/not marriage material. And if u wanna talk about ranbir's history, his list is two times the size of salman, I'd say he's worse even when compared to salman. Boy is Katrina unlucky when it comes to guys. She had to choice the two biggest Casanovas of bollywood (not including Akshay, he's another story) but I'm glad for Deepika, she went from Casanova to someone who truly loves and respects her, hope katrina eventually get that too.

As a woman I feel so so so bad. It’s destiny. Hope she finds true love.

To expand, Katrina put all her eggs on one basket aka as Ranbir. She truly thought he was going to marry her. That is why I still say to this day the best thing that ever happened to Deepika was him cheating on her. They had a barely a year of dating, it is not like she wasted years with him, she was still young and had time to look around and date around to find the right guy for her. She had her early 20s, mid 20s and late 20s. Most of those years she spend it with her future husband Ranveer, so all in all it worked out for her. While Kat wasted her late 20s and early 30s with him, when they broke up, she was about 34 years and had to start over again. While Deepika is getting married at 32 years.

Kat is 43 according to her passport. I'm sad for her.

Spot on!! But you can’t be happy by snatching away someone else’s happiness! Katrina is only facing Karma

Basically Kat is suffering from various complexes . First superiority complex bcoz people tagged her as hot /sexy and some divine beauty. So she thinks she can get any one and control them. She tried to control rk which irritates him. Second inferiority complex coz she has a trouble past and lives in a constant fear . There were a blind how Kat went under the knife and did extensive botox because rk has asked her to. Her trouble past and having multiple fathers made her insecure. Thus, Kat wants a perfect and flawless relation ship which doesn't exist in this world. Lastly all she wants is loyalty which one can't expect from these Bollywood folks.

Since no one is talking about Kat and her over rated dance in thugs so desperate Kat come up with this.

Can she get more fake than this?

Is this even a news?

Trying hard to get deepveer wedding invitation.

kat is an ultimate PR queen Sonam rishi rk Salman Anushka kareena have said it.

Anything to make news Katrina.

Calm down KAT PR.

Kat aunty can do anything to be in news.

How fake Katrina is !

Still Kat you wont be invited.

Attention seeker Kat.

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