Deepika Padukone reacts to ban on Mahira Khan’s Verna, says it’s sad that a small section of people don’t understand the power of cinema

Deepika Padukone talks about the violence and protests against her upcoming film, Padmavati
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Deepika Padukone’s upcoming film, Padmavati has been mired in controversies. There have been protests against the film by certain groups who allege that history has been distorted in the film.

Deepika Padukone gave out an interview today to an international news channel today and said, “It’s amusing actually sometimes when I look at it and I actually look at this as a moment for all of us to be celebrating this woman’s life. To celebrate everything she stood for, to celebrate everything that she believed in, to celebrate Rajput culture and heritage. This is a time for us to celebrate really.

When asked about the ban on Mahira Khan’s film Verna and whether people are too quick to judge films, Deepika said, “Yes, It’s sad that a small section of people don’t understand the power of cinema and what it can do to the world. It brings people together, it spreads love, it’s fascinating what cinema can do and it’s sad that a certain group of people choose to not recognize that.”

In an earlier interview today with a news agency, Deepika reacted to the violence against the film and said, “It's appalling, it's absolutely appalling. What have we gotten ourselves into? And where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed.”

Padmavati is slated to release on 1st December 2017 and stars Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji and Shahid Kapoor as Maha Rawal Ratan Singh. The film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali also stars Aditi Rao Hydari and Jim Sarbh in pivotal characters.



All I want to say is that these two, actress from south Asia are looking classy, and elegant in black. Asian version of little black dress, rocks! 10/10 for both Mahira and deepika!

Thank God that GAVAAR Pakistan actors are not allowed in our country. Our actors don't beg for work in Pakistan. They misbehaves with middle class Hindu families living over there. We don't want anything from that Third class country and also we don't believe in 'Bhaichaara' because In America or Europe being related to Pakistan is a very big Abuse. Deepika should be ashamed of themselves for not speaking when a film like Neerja wasnt released in pakistan and she wants us to appreciate their films.

Not gavar..most of them are well educated. Mahira has lived n studied in the US as well..most of the things written here are the west too many are highly educated doctors and engineers or working hard to earn their living.some are even in govt too..

Please,post a picture of your impeccable style for all to see, all we got to see is deepika on this post and an other post, where she is fitting the description of GAVAAR, ill informed being!

Verna is not releasing in India, Pakistani films are not released in India even before uri attack, also, there is the banned ,so artists are not coming! So, deepika making a generic comment is not a big deal! So , throw some cold water on your face!

It’s funny because Pakistani celebrities always stand for their nation and troops and idiotic Indian celebrities talk like this. Have some balls. Many other attempts have been made to maintain peace and whatnot. Nothing happened. And when Pakistani films and stars were allowed no peace happened.

FYI, Indians movies are released in Pakistan,thus people in Pakistan get to see the culture and living conditions of Indians, result is that more people in Pakistan see Indians, in a positive way. Pakistani dramas were released in India, thus, Indians who saw those dramas, had a positive views of Pakistani . The share language and similarities of culture and poetry , increases positives attitudes. Thus, image, these people getting in poltics, with positives views of other, can help change things toward peace, this is the result of art, it civilizes humans!

Pakistani artists do not have any poltical power. As artists they want peace. Plus Pakistani government does not support the artists by giving them any tax breaks.unlike India, news media do not ask pak artists about any poltical issues. Thus, pak poltics and artists are kept separate!

sorry but dont drag Pakistani actors into this they are no longer part of bw

I'm not interested in Mahira but I don't understand why it is time to celebrate a queen's decision to commit the most painful suicide because there was a threat of rape. And then the remaining 3000 women also jumping into the fire, were they willing or pushed ? The idea is so disagreeable to me. Deepika knows it too but has sold out , just to be in an SLB film.

I am interested in Mahira, her movie also, deals with rape. Thus, both actresses from their respective countries are trying to bring this injustice aganist women, is a good thing. Every respectful person agree to that women should be given respect,in justice ,every where, I as Indian respect both artists!

Dear deepika, I just want to ask what great has cinema done in maintaing peace of country. After watching Bajrangi bhaijaan did they learned something. Their soilders, government and people are still busy planning to destroy our country and many more attacks like mumbai attack. I dont care for a pakistani actress starrer not releasing in our country. Our country has much better actress like kangana, alia etc amd we definitely dont need some extremely low budget pakiatani flick. They too banned our films like neerja, phantom etc. No mercy or sympathy for pakistan. If you have so much sympathy for her then go to pakistan and maary some guy over there and settle.

India banned Bin roye and has never allowed release any movie from other side of the border so stop with your double standards

If you believe ISI is producing Islamic terrorism in India and RAW is just a fashion designing company then my friend Muslims dancing in Bollywood should be the last thing banned by India. Dance, drama, comedy, romance is forbidden in fundamentalism. The problem is , it's the only Pakistani thing banned in India. Your media say that China is providing bombs to Pakistan. I don't see any ban on China here. Is it really about jingoism or is it something else? Your Government still thinks Pakistan is the most favored nation in UN. Your $2.5 Billion annual trade with Pakistan is on. Sajjan Jindal of India was in Pakistan in March for an electricity contract. Google plz. Come to Karachi and Raiwind of Pakistan, you can find 1000s of Indian labors, workers loading, unloading, selling and buying products. The truth is that you guys are putting pressure on Nachnay ganay walay cuz it makes a bigger noise and wins votes from the naive public. It also diverts the attention from forming new contracts and deals with Pakistan. ISI is also very happy with this since it's not in their interest to promote a dancing Pakistan in Hindu movies.
Pakistan banned Neerja and Phantom because it was made without involving our side of perspective which is a standard procedure around the world. India refused to show Pakistan's narrative of any sort. Other Bollywood movies are being released in Pakistan but India don't want to release even simple romantic movies of Pakistan. Either India is insecure or it doesn't want to show soft side of Pakistan to its public. Regardless, a competitive market is always good for the business. People to people connection is really important to understand the story of the other side. Right now , Indians have only one-sided image and it frustrates Pakistanis. Who knows the next generation of Pakistan might want to revolt against ISI or tries to find a solution. Having said that, Pakistan is churning out very good movies since a couple of years. Pakistani movies have already taken over the overseas market. Within few years, Pakistan might decide to totally ban Indian movies. A parallel cinema is not a good news for Bollywood. I suggest, take in actors, directors, scriptwriters now or it might be too late. Total isolation breeds hate. I'm just being too honest here. peace.

Cinema is very powerful otherwise except when you question impact of cinema in society like item numbers, violence, normalising eveteasing harassment of girls, sexualisation of girls, altering narratives in the name of artistic creativity..then cinema is just a movie..why so serious? If you don't like it, then don't watch it na! Hahaha hypocrites

She never speaks up for anyone,let her know how it feels for once.

when we begged them to show some solidarity towards Indian Army by boycotting anything Pakistani...they said...Cinema is art nth more than that ..there shouldn't be any boundaries
when they were questioned for their nepotistic appraoch..they said,it's our business and we can't risk it
now she is lecturing us on how powerful Cinema is...
I don't know if Padmawati should be banned or not...I don't know about the History, but I know very well, how Cinema had been a very strong tool to spread LEFT's agenda for all these years...Glorifying Nehru, Gandhi, Mughal at the cost of India's real strugglers ...Congress in their hey days had never let any Cinema maker to make films on 84 riots, Emergency, Mughal's brutality..and anything that could hurt minority so called sentiments and Gandhi's image!

Stop making every thing about pak and India. 70 yrs since two nations formed, why not move forward,like Europe did. Learn from the west, they moved forward and became the developed countries. Imagine, peace,using the money to build roads, hospitals, and housing,and schools!

dont agree.i watch movies for pure entrrtainment,and i dont think deep while im watching.

Dp looks so plain in front of mahira. and she does not need your support. Tum apni film ko sambhalo.

ya DP looks plain here in a beautiful way, & Mahira- a fancy peer an unplain way!

both looking good there,why compare?

so Dp supports actress from across the border ans speaks about freedom of expression that is great for women. Slow clap fr fandom bringing the other actress down

Kudos to her for speaking in support of Mahira and Verna

Kudos to your family members bearing a torture like you. Go and do something worthy girl....

Troll, just worry about your own family, that have to live with empty mind, like you, who can not stop postings, the two actresses talking about rape! Educate your self!

Fans will now say saree is pashtun Pathani garment meant only for fair skin lol

one of my Pakistani frnd did say that..and she went on saying that Sari is originally Pakistani becz it has an Aanchal to cover the head lol....

lets not argue about sari dear

Originally, there was no pakistan

There was always Pakistan, snd that is why the Pathans, Sindhis, Baluchis and Punjabi muslims chose to separate from the British ruled India. The two nation theory was realised because Muslims had their own identity and beliefs, so It was inevitable. Pakistan has cultural influences of the Muslim world I.e. Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, Iran etc and most certainly not India and Hindus.

Wrong ! Pathans voted for Congress, Punjabis voted for Union party, Sindh boycotted the election and Baluchistan was a separate state. Pakistan won in Bangladesh and Nawabs/ Urdu belt of India. The current Pakistani regions and their forefathers have nothing to do with election results of 1946. Partition was enforced on us. We do have Urdu speaking immigrants from India but they don't even make 4% of total population of PK.

Good keep out and stay out!

originally there were no continents

getting off topic now,dp is talking about the movies

“It’s amusing actually sometimes when I look at it and I actually look at this as a moment for all of us to be celebrating this woman’s life." as far as i know , this is gibberish, its complete NONSENSE... Her stupidity is appalling..

Rival PR spotted..

Lol darling you don't need world knowledge to survive - you just need to have brains to survive in bollywood- brain big enough to manipulate stuff , to win against competition , to cleverly fight against your haters without hurting their sentiments...And especially with Dp being an outsider it's a great accomplishment on what she has achieved and she wouldn't achieve all that she has done without being the fittest amongst all.

Censors boards of both country should be held accountable , because both films do not have any scenes that are offensive,the artists and directers for these two films worked very hard, now,let the people decide!

Glad that Deepika spoke up about this. It's interesting that both India and Pakistan's #1 actress are releasing films amidst ridiculous, unnecessary protests

To be honest I clicked on it because Mahira is looking damn good... her dressing sense is on another level. Very stylish dress and she knows exactly what works for her.

these actresses say "power of cinema".. but when you ask them about sexism shown in cinemas and when women are objectified then they say, don't take it seriously.. we are not trying to give gyan to audiences.. then what power is she talking about.. freaking everyone changes rules to suits themselves.. she should just be quiet. If you counter her answers she will go back to her diplomatic self.. or keep saying "I think".."actually" or "overwhelmed"...

Mahira has a grace, about her , whether she is wearing desi or western, she looks natural, and elegant. There is smoothing special about Mahira!

Blah blah blah

Mahira is so stunning! Can’t take my eyes off her

Think , If Mahira was wearing big dazzling earrings, anklet, glittering heels and clothes....Wohaaa.

This is just sad Man! I really feel for these top actresses just because they r woman?? For the first time a movie about a queen is made and this is how the losers react no one opposed when jodha akbar lagaan or any other male oriented historical movies were made. Losers get a life!! For some reason I am getting this feeling that either this movie will break all the records or it will sink completely. I really hope my first instinct comes true

padmavati is not a women oriented movie ,,its about good vs evil ,women oriented movies are queen,fashion etc,, but as always deepika fans are too stupid to understand it,

Simon(kat) go back

I like what Mahira is wearing. What is it called? who is the designer PV? plz inform.

Mahira does looks very classy, and elegant in this black, sari, needs to know who the designer is! On point mahira!

Kat(simon) go back...please

Kat go back to britain...;)

Deepika go back to South.

Why Dp should go back ? South or north , india is Deepika country but its not kat country so she should go back to UK.

Kat fans r here so be aware of them lossers

If people can find more then one hero, good looking and smart, why not actress, I like them both, beautiful, smart, women of south Asia! Love to see them in project together for peace!

WOW Mahira is way way better than dp...

oh kat is so jealous of DP. btw dp n mahira are way better than kat.
post it plz

Mahira stop with your " preety" comment its boring

Delusions are getting, Out of control, you do know ,Mahira is not reading this!

One more reason to ban Padmavati

Wt is common think between dp kat is rk for wht they fight n also there fans lol stop it kat n dp fans m sick of ur fights jst stop it

Kat fans r getting jelous deh want to do ek theer seh doh sikar please stop it kitte kat

One blind showing way to another blind lol :-P

Saree keh fall sah kabhi match kia reh...aye hae mahira looking so damn gorgeous in this pic nazar heh nahi hat rahi ;)

Mahira looking very hot in that saree ;)

This one with the many "preety" comments in every post turn the whole mahira thing into a big joke...

No,your still the biggest joke,troll!


My paki crush ;)

She's stealing your man!

It's people like you who belittle women and all their achievements in one shot. Who told you Ranbir is Mahira's man? Who told you Dp is still interested in Ranbir? How do you know DP is not the one who dumped Ranbir? Who told you If Mahira or Deepika are looking for a man ? How do you know if any of them are thinking of a long term relationship? How do you know Deepika is not single or not planning to stay single? Come on ... stop making women look like chamchis of men all the time.

Rk is not DP man.

I like her dramas n she looks very preety in tht i think the way she talk is very classy n elegant n tht wt attracts people

She's free to go to pakistan if she misses paki artists so much

What absurd logic is that? Maybe you can go back to your cave.

Dear kat can you plz point it out where she says i miss paki artists? she didnt took Mahira name. its media who ask her this question. Its time kat should go back from where she comes from and to her old profession. dare not to ignore pinkvilla.

Who said any comment written against Deepika is written Kat fan ,I am not Kat fan ,i cannot stand Kat or Deepika for stupid and regressive PR dramas.

Who said any comment written against Deepika is written Kat fan ,I am not Kat fan ,i cannot stand Kat or Deepika for stupid and regressive PR dramas.

Mahira is looking so prety in tht pic haye luv u from delhi ;)

katrina pr chillax! at least she said something good about rk girlfriend

im loving this new DP. It's time you shed your diplomacy and speak your mind. I've always known there was crazy intelligence in you but you held back. Pls keep going. Im worried about where we're headed as a country and we need more people to be rational and vocal. It always irritates me when ppl from other countries criticise India but as citizens we should be allowed to speak otherwise how will country improve?

Just because she said two sentences in incomprehensible English to you made you think she has "crazy intelligence" I pity her equally stupid fans. Are you the same people who abuse other actresses on pv?? Then you have no right to say all this!!

I honestly find Mahira extremely hot and attractive..much better than many current actresses in Bollywood let alone deepika.. This is coming from an Indian btw

This is someone that has never spoken up for any of her contemporaries,let her know how it feels too.

Atleast she never makes digs at other actresses to show herself great

mahira looks so gorgeous compared to deepika

deepika PR trying to compare her and mahira in black! deepi has to prove she is better than mahi..but sadly here mahira clearly wins as deepi looks tired and dull!

kat PR is trying hard to drag DP down. sick thinking of cheap kat PR to think in this way. Dp looks great and sweet. go get a life KAT PR

She is trying hard to sound intellectual LOL Doing one Heroine oriented movie doesn't make you all clever Dips. LOL You are not Kangana or Vidya at the end of the day. Don't try too hard.

She is not trying to be anyone . And no one can be Dp . She just gave her opinion amidst padmavati controversy and fighting for her movie -but appearantly according to you only vidya and kangana have right to give opinions right-only they are intellectual.
Dp is amongst the cleverest one's but she always stays diplomatic to avoid controversy as she's always a soft target. Now she's fighting for her movie....But according to you she shoudn't talk anything.

Who said u deep I cleaverest one ,BTW all Alister actresses are dumb and fools ,they don't knowledge about anything our country or world ,they .

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