Deepika Padukone’s future brand endorsements likely to suffer due to her JNU visit; Deals might have clauses?

Deepika Padukone recently became the first popular actress to join the JNU protests silently in New Delhi during the promotions of Chhapaak. However, it seems that Deepika’s JNU visit might have irked the future brand endorsements to put in some clauses.
Deepika Padukone’s future brand endorsements likely to suffer due to her JNU visit; Deals might have clauses?Deepika Padukone’s future brand endorsements likely to suffer due to her JNU visit; Deals might have clauses?
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Last week, the talk of the nation was the protest at the JNU campus in New Delhi where students of a hostel were attacked with rods and many of them were injured. Post that, a protest began at JNU campus which was supported by several Bollywood actors. However, it was Deepika Padukone’s visit to JNU campus amidst Chhapaak promotions that left everyone surprised. Deepika’s JNU visit left netizens’ opinion divided. However, looks like the brands that she endorses might be thinking about laying low for a little while. Deepika endorses several brands from airlines to banks to soaps to hair products to jewellery brands. 

As per a report in Economic Times, brands that Deepika endorses have decided to lay low for a while as netizens were divided on their opinion about her visit to JNU campus. On the same day after her visits, netizens started two contradictory trends ‘I Support Deepika’ and ‘Boycott Chhapaak.’ The report further added that Deepika’s as well as other celebs’ future endorsement deals might attract certain clauses about them taking any political stands in controversial matters that might lead to agitations against them. 

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Shashi Sinha, chief executive of IPG Mediabrands said to ET, “Normally, brands like to play safe and are wary of any controversy.” Another source of a media buying agency told the daily, “We have been told by a mid-sized brand to stall ads featuring Deepika for about two weeks. Hopefully, the controversy would have normalised by then.” The report also had Atul Kasbekar, MD of Bling entertainment, say that celebrities support to any political cause will not attract any backlash. Sandeep Goyal of IIHB stated that the whole controversy around Deepika’s visit to JNU will be forgotten soon and the current brands she endorses don’t need to worry. Vinita Bangard, of Krossover entertainment, also said that brands won’t back down from Deepika as it was her personal choice to visit JNU. She stated that brand prefer celebs with apolitical approach but actors who have an opinion should express it freely. 

While Deepika’s visit is said to have not affected her projects but the box office numbers of Chhapaak surely have reflected the effect of her heading to the JNU campus. As per the first weekend’s collection, Deepika’s Chhapaak has collected a total of Rs 18 Crore net, which is lower than the expected collection of her film. It remains to be seen how the film fares as the reviews of Meghna Gulzar’s directorial are fairly good. 

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I wish Deepika did not go to JNU. My spouse will not join me to watch the movie in the theater. I hope she refrains from doing stuff like this again. I want to watch the movie with my spouse :)

Not sure if she is doing this on her own or may be some one is paying her to do so.
One thing for sure, she her damaged her reputation in the society and fans.

She has freedom to go to JNU. That's democracy. But we also have freedom to boycott her film. This is also democracy. Personal freedom

People also have decided to boycott the film.That is their choice.

What is wrong in showing solidarity with the students who have taken stand against wrong policies of the establishment.

Ever thought why Deepika never really was able to make friends with fellow actresses? Sonam, Anushka or Katrina might not be thick buddies. But they're definitely friends. But Deepika has always been the scheming, manipulative one. Ever wondered how Katrina, despite spending close to 7 years with RK and living with him, never bad mouthed him in public....but Deepika, inspite of just 1-1.5 years of affair, took every single opportunity to milk publicity out of it. And all this while, her fans thought she was holier than thou! So happy I am that chapak flopped

Deepika Padukone is not what she projects what she is! That's what Anushka Sharma, Sonam, Kangana tried to convey in many interviews.I'm not saying all these ladies are perfect but at least they are honest! They stood up for some meaningful cause not just for promotion! When I too was happening where was she? When nepotism was happening where was she? She doesn't talk about all those she doesn't care what happens to others she only wants promotion that's how she is! If nothing is there Use your PR to plant stories about her & Ranbir Kapoor's past! Now I know why many guys left her! AND don't talk about Ranveer Singh he's another opportunist just married her for brand value don't believe them biggest dramebaaz married to each other...They're not genuine like Anushak-Virat or Sonam-Anand or not even like Priyank-Nick...

Oh I couldn’t agree more with you. I have always believed Deepika is pretentious. She tries to portray an image of being very simple, naive, vulnerable but in reality this is nothing but a facade to hide her shrewd and cunning nature. No wonder she has no real friends in the industry.

I'm a fan of Deepika & I don't support any political party but I was very disappointed when I see her in JNU because the issue was happening between students of JNU & ABVP there are so many evidence that proves JNU students started first & ABVP students are beaten By JNI students too! Why didn't she go there?Because she wanted to be Mahana Women in front of all those Bolly idiots like Anurag Kashyap & Akthars and I've seen Deepika Doing all if nothing is there she plants stories about her & Ranbir Kapoors

Students at JNU were protesting fee hikes, so why people this is political makes no sense. Violence is what she against for.

Am a die hard fan of Deepika. when I say die hard I mean it but she disappointed me with that one move and we may witness soon how many of her fans are disappointed. May be this is why people from entertainment industry should just stick to their business. Brainless!! What is the point of making such good movie and making it all go in vain.

She is a Moron.Every country should have strict Immigration rules to stop extremists and Tyrants from entering country.and people in name of democracy doing protests and burning public properties is totally unacceptable!
All deepika fans must wake up and know the facts of CAA

You might want to check what the CAA is doing before commenting. CAA actually gives minorities (most religions except muslims)from these countries Indian citizenship. People are protesting the selection of these people based on just religion. People are also protesting NRC which will require every Indian citizen to provide proof of Indian citizenship. Amit Shah exclusively promised Hindus, Christians, Sikhs , Jains not to worry which is worrisome.
Even if you agree with CAA and NRC , how are you okay with ABVP bashing up JNU students ? They have a right to protest without being physically assaulted.

That's why people call tukde tukde gang people like you foolish...u guys know nothing and do zero analysis...but no. 1 in blathering...then you say that someone beats you up.

Congress giving 100 percent reservations to reserved category in CG is democracy ? I bet this looser woman won't dare to speak against Congress for injustice with general category.

How lame are her die hard leftist fans.She expressed her freedom by going to Jnu and her fans and other Indians are not happy by her act of shaking hands anti national so they are too expressing their freedom by boycotting her films and her brands.

The last time I checked India was a democracy which means its citizens can freely voice their opinion

Intolerant India is more like it

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