Deepika Padukone says NO to Draupadi’s role in Aamir Khan’s Mahabharat?

Deepika Padukone has reportedly said NO to Aamir Khan's project Mahabharat. She was offered the role of Draupadi by the makers.
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Deepika Padukone is inarguably one of the best actors in the country today. She has showcased her versatility over the years with exceptional performances in films like Piku, Padmaavat and Tamasha. Deepika has been flooded with offers from top production houses. She has taken a sabbatical this year and announced her next movie recently. Deepika will star in Meghna Gulzar’s next film which is based on acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal. Deepika will also don the produer’s hat for this project.

The film will go on floors in March next year. Deepika is also considering many other scripts and will be making announcements soon. Recently, Deepika was spotted at Aamir Khan’s residence sending rumour mills abuzz about a possible collaboration between the actors. Deepika and Aamir have never shared screen space and fans were super excited about the prospect of them working in a film together. Aamir Khan and his team are working on Mahabharat. It will reportedly be made in multiple parts.



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As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, Aamir Khan offered the role of Draupadi to Deepika Padukone in his ambitious project. However, she has turned it down as per the report.

On Koffee with Karan, Aamir Khan was asked by Karan Johar to pick which actor he wants to work with between Alia and Deepika. Aamir had said that both the actors are incredible and he would like to work with both of them.

Well, if not Mahabharat, we hope to see Aamir and Deepika in a film soon! Tell us your thoughts in comments.


Why not the beautiful Kalki?

Good decision Deepika. I’m not interested in hypocrite Aamir’s version of Mahabharata. He mocked Hindus in PK. I want RajaMouli to make a film on Mahabharata

She’s a great actress but I’d rather have an unknown actor. Not movie star kids please. I had to laugh at someone suggesting Karina bloke really? Draupadi had delicate features.

Amir has chosen newcomers for this digital online movie series

Look at that face.So much perfection.Ufff i love u DP

Kangy would be amazing, she'd steal the show though Amir hehe

Good call. The movie was ruined the moment a 5' 4'' 53 year old man decided to play Krishna. The way i see it, rest of the important characters like Arjun, Bhim, Karna, Dhuryodhan would be played by middle aged gang. No thank you sir!

Well said.

Sonakshi or Vidya Balan could play Draupadi

Seriously ? Vidya Balan ? Yeah she could maybe play Kunti , Draupadi's MIL

Aamir Khan has already said the he would go with fresh faces for this. So, it is just her PR at it again

so you think her PR is that stupid to say she rejected a role, which the makers announced would be done by freshers ? Be little logical, will ya

This movie is going to be under controversy right from the word go. With RSS and hindu wings going all out to disrupt it. There are already talks of getting it boycotted since Aamir is playing lord Krishna! Deepika pls stay away. The role requires bold scenes, especially since its aamir khan who is making it.

It’s a good choice,to not do films with aamir.he singlehandedly deestroyed katrinas career with doom 3,and now with thugs Fatima’s and the Lagan heroine and many others.sanya who played supporting character is in a better position than fatima.and 7 part movie means she will have to give 2-3 years without knowing what aamir will woman has ever made any substantial addition to her career by acting opposite him.

or katrina is known as great dancer but after suraiya that tittle is also taken from her:(

Deepu do it pleaaaase. Sounds like a juicy character

please get Kareena for the role.. she would be ideal for it.... natural actor and can portray a feisty side too

Draupadi was dusky beauty just like Deepika,Priyanka,Bipasha and Rani Mukherjee. Kareena is light skinned. Kuch bhi.

At this point I’m willing to see her in anything - however Mahabharata means controversy guaranteed how many death threats can one woman put up with...

I am glad, sick and tired of her doing same things.. Yes be creative and choose some other roles..

The role is complicated and it may involve physical scenes with 5 pandavas if the story is being shown realistically. At this stage in her life, that may not be a character she want to opt for.

Mahabharat is not about physical relationship between husband and wife, it is about righteousness, way to live life, victory of dharma and much more. I wish a director like rajamouii would do Mahabharat not this man who thinks India is intolerant!

Get Disha onboard

Like your sense of humour!

Did Tiger Shroff turn you down?

Deepika say yes please.We want to see you with Amir please

Good . Dp knows what aamir did to Katrina in dhoom 3 and thugs.

Oh pls, Kat lobbied hard for those movies, how come then?

That's a pity , Draupadi is one of the toughest roles to pull off properly. The lady was full of angst forced to marry all 5 brothers when she preferred only Arjuna .Due to her immense beauty ,Kunti decided it wouldn't be good for only 1 brother to have her leaving the rest envious. Her relationship with Karna is also complicated as well as the deep friendship with Krishna . It would have been a cracker of a role if written well .As the movie is to be made in parts ,maybe she didn't have the time to dedicate to it .

you have gotten it all wrong, sweet heart....... neither the reason you gave for Kunti is right.......nor she had any relationship with Karna........and her friendship with Krishna was of sibling love..... its when she bandaged Krishna's finger wound and he promised to protect her always was when Hindus started celebrating Raksha bandhan a festival celebrated by brothers and sisters......

at least think before spewing nonsense against a religion you dont know anything about.

Kunti decided to make Draupadi, wife of all Pandavaas due to her immense beauty? wow! You should learn Mahabharat again properly!

Actually I have read a translation of the Puranas in entirety which is nothing like the version put out on TV . After Arjuna wins Draupadi ,she is brought home as his wife while the other brothers envy him ,steal glances at her .Kunti is ambitious with her own axe to grind . She comes up with the notion of all brothers having to marry Draupadi ,the literal metaphor used in the Puranas is " Hand with 5 fingers" . A shocked Drupad & Dhristadyuma refuse on Draupadi's behalf ; Kunti quotes Jatila of the Upanishads who marries 7 men as an example fully backed by Yudhistra . Shwetaketu more recent law is a woman can marry only 4 men (which is why Draupadi is name called for her 5 husbands) so Drupad has no hesitation in rejecting it , but Kunti's words are upheld as Draupadi is already of the Kuru dynasty after marriage. The rule is only a 'kanya stree' can marry so nobody is allowed to consumate the marriage. Yudhishtra badly desires her on the wedding night & shocks her with the intensity of his feelings , Bhima more openly makes his feelings known while Arjuna is depressed but accepts his mother & eldest brother's edict .If the marriage is consumated with one husband,she can't marry anyone else ,the rule is firmly upheld by Draupadi . Arjuna is in exile for his year with Draupadi and there is again a big fight for who gets to replace him. Please read Devdutt Patnaik's 'Jaya' on the Mahabharat as well as Chitra Divyakaruni Bannerjees 'The golden illlusion" & Pratibha Ray's 'Yajnaseni' all of which make the same point and are written from Draupadi's perspective. Every one of the brothers have other wives who are not shared equally except for Draupadi. At the end it's revealed Kunti has herself been with 5 men -Surya ,Yama , Vayu ,Indira & her husband Pandu -she is severely told off by her oldest son for that.

you mustve read the version put out by missionaries out to brain wash people and convert them to christianity...

what you are writing is not only wrong but dirty and vile....

NO More period film for deepika please.

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