Deepika Padukone spends some quality time with Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor; See Pics

Deepika Padukone recently spent some lovely time with her ex Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor took to her social media to share the lovely pictures from their meeting.
Deepika Padukone spends some quality time with Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor; See PicsDeepika Padukone spends some quality time with Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor; See Pics
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It is not a hidden fact that Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor still share a lovely rapport despite of being exes and have a mutual respect and admiration for each other. Deepika Padukone recently even bonded and spent some quality time with Ranbir Kapoor’s parents Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor took to her social media handle to share the lovely pictures from their meet which scream of love and togetherness. Deepika Padukone is all smiles as she poses with the couple for the beautiful pictures.

Deepika is seen looking lovely with her radiant smile as she keeps it casual in a white full sleeved top. In one of the pictures, she can be seen embracing Rishi Kapoor in a warm hug which is literally the cutest thing you will see on the internet today. Neetu Kapoor captioned the picture as, “Such a fun evening with adorable @deepikapadukone .. gave lot of love n warmth.” Well, isn’t this a wonderful gesture from Deepika’s side?  We cannot get enough of these beautiful pictures.



Such a fun evening with adorable @deepikapadukone .. gave lot of love n warmth

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Recently, Deepika Padukone stunned like never before at the 2019 MET Gala. On the occasion, Deepika was wearing a metallic pink jacquard gown embellished with 3D printed pieces designed by Zac Posen. For all those are unaware, this year's Met Gala theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion", inspired by a seminal 1964 essay by Susan Sontag in which she describes the phenomenon as something that shan't be talked about: "To talk about Camp is therefore to betray it.”  This is the third time that Deepika is making an appearance at the Met Gala as she had made her debut at the MET Gala in 2017.  On the work front, Deepika is currently busy shooting for Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak and in the film, Deepika will be essaying the role of an acid attack survivor and the film will hit the screens on January 10, 2020.


This woman is not even grateful to Farah. We all remember how pathetic she was is Om Shanti Om. Dubbing saved her life in that movie. She was a flop, knows-nothing actress. Let's recall her acting in Housefull, Karthik, Break ke Baad. And now she has no respect for Ranveer. Uses him like a tool. Shame on you!

toda love sid mallya ke family ko bhi dedo...doob raha hai mallya..Sid is still so cordial with you. You give love to your ex parents who cheated on you but not the ex who didnt dump you and is still nice to you. kamaal hai

The one who is being nice is neetuji. She posts pics of anyone who visits them. Point is what is Deepika doing there?! Lol considering everything she has said now why is she showing so much love. The pic where she is hugging Rishi is a bit overboard! Ha Ha ha

Ppl saying Deepika is friendly with RK and family ....REALLY?

Ranveer is the ideal husband truly the husband of the millennium!:)

All this RK talk , working with him repeatedly , and her love and respect for his family even after facing humiliation from all of them, just shows that how desperate she was to become their family. Agree or disagree , but reason for her depression was not getting accepted n rejection.
The way RS and his family stood for her and supported n loved her, she should be more respectful and responsible for their dignity than these people.

It’s so funny people screeching at Deepika when the pic was posted by Neetu ji. Deepika has worked with Rishi in Love Aajkal and went to visit him when he is recovering from illness. Just look at all these idiots behaving like they personally know what happens in Deepika and Ranveer’s marriage and she went to visit Rishi ji because she was in relationship with Ranbir once upon a time ROFL! Even Rishi ji and Neetu ji came to the premier of Padmavati and sent her flowers - so they are not over Deepika also?LOL. Hey idiots, it’s called respect. Often people who don’t receive any don’t understand it when other people show respect to each other.

Oh come on as if DP has no idea about Neetu posting it..Neetu posts everyones and DP knows that it will be published, doesn’t matter who does it

Deepika you are a married woman please keep some dignity you only said that you were into depression gave loads of interview where you accused Ranbir about your break up today you are hugging his family .. I understand you felt for Rishi you could send a message to Neetu Aunty to Ranbir why you have to meet them and hug them ... not required

Neetu Singh is a beautiful lady.

Deeps just be your sweet loving self and ignore all the haters. To Rishiji all the best to you Sir and thank you for the entertainment over the years. Blessings to you.

I guess pyaar bhi sirf ek hi baar hota hai applies to DP too

One of the rare moments when I feel Katrina might not walk the red carpet of Cannes or MET gala but has 10 times more of something called "self respect".

Showing she is a good Mrs Kapoor bahu , not giving a shit tat her actual in-laws the bhavnanis will be cringing looking at this

how on this earth do the bhavnanis deal with this lady doing this?! in no culture will people be ok when the wife is constantly goign on about an EX....and now visiting the father of her ex! this is not ok . i would be mad if my boyfriend would be friendly with his exes parents

Ranveer you spinless fool if you dar like this disgusting picture or write a lovey duffy comment under it, then I am done with you, I AM DONE

Deepika has aged she and Neetu look like twins, Deepika's nose is offputting

Muhje teri mohabhet ka sahara mil gayaz hota. Agar tooufa nahi ata kinara mil gaya hota...

Hurricane Katrina the toofan ha ha ha

RK instead of doign shaayari here you must just pick the phone and call her! she will walk out of her marriage in a second. she is Meera of LAK in real life! think it over. plz bring me the popcorn :P

I really like deepika in films but her personal behaviour is so off putting. Everything is not about forgiveness and at first place ranbir and his family are never sorry for treating her like a trash. It's more like Deepika has let the past be past. But a woman should be full of self pride and dignity. Deepika should not hug out with these ugly hearted people.

Just imagine if Priyanka went to meet rishi and neetu then what this pr Mata fans would have said about peecee. Things like attention seeker, despo,trying to gain headline etc.....

uh priyanka did meet them a few months ago? so does every bollywood star that visits nyc like aamir khan

It is disgusting to see negative comment about these pictures. How low an educated person can drop to see negativity her? A young actress visited a senior, a father figure in Bollywood when is not well. Irrespective of her past with the family, isn’t it a decent act? I consider Ranvir a clown in real life. But he makes her happy, and trust him enough to marry him? She didn’t rush into this relationship right away, she took time to see how her future would be with this person and then married him. She must be smart enough to get to top rank by building bridges than burning them. What she lost she found and that’s the end of her love story. Let’s leave it to her to make it successful.

Her once upon a time bff Priyanka was also there, why isn't she bonding with her. Because she is jealous of priyanka's fame. She wanted priyanka's fans that's why she left bollywood at peak of her career and now she has lost to young girls like alia and Sara while her career in Hollywood never even took off.

she is so fake; RK certainly is not her first BF and also not the last however; she had been constantly going on about RK like there is no tomorrow even after being married. RS married becoz he is the babe of success and tolerates her every whim and she just shows how close she is with RK and his family? why not nihar and his family or even sid and his family ? she dated all of them and and she dated RK for less than an year and talks about 10 years ? seriously, telling a lie continuously is becoming the truth is what i see on this platform. i think its the power of the surname RK and his money. i doubt if she genuinely likes RK either ?

Burn Alia Burn... No matter how much you copy deepika and kareena you will still be rat faced cunning woman who backstabbed her friend to snatch her boyfriend..KJO and alia karma will hit you hard. PV pls post

Relax!kat fans..what she did was right.she felt like visiting them,she did it.Its humanity.

why only them ? she was in relationship with her other BF's and she hasn't visited their families like this? what is special about RK ? its not like she only dated him and no one else. how about sid malya, his family is in trouble too did she help them just because she once dated him or is she close with their family like this? she is a user and making use of RK and also RS at the same time.

True! She could have supported Mallya jr when his dad is in severe crisis!! And she was not as heartbroken breaking up with him! Why RK only? Tat to when she continues taking digs at him all the time

kanganas paid bots are everywhere

Now I know why Ranveer was all over Sara during Simmba marry this early Ranveer to someone who's clearly into her ex and has no respect for you and your family, it's clear from the wedding videos that Ranveer sister that she doesn't like deepika, wish she has put some sense into him to not rush into this wedding, Ranveer is a nice guy maybe over the top but nice and deserve a nice sweet girl, deepika is not...feel sorry for Ranveer clearly he lacks love but what to come will not be good when his heart is broken...deepika I have no words for you, you are just cheap

When you are stuck with someone for 6 or 7 years in a pr fake business relationship this will be the sad outcome, first it was the slb movies then Ranveer thought in his mind that this cheap woman and him will make a power couple in Bollywood so let's get married, and now everyone is making fun of him thanks to this cheap woman lusting after her ex....I also noticed his behavior towards Sara but do you blame him, Ranveer has only himself to blame for this mess....chepika chepika chepika like wtf woman have some shame

Geez, so much venom in these comments. Deepika didn't make a special trip to see Rishi, she was already in NY for the MET gala. DP didn't post these pics, Neetu did (on her Instagram). DP is emotionally mature, she doesn hold onto negativity. She's simply giving support to a senior in the industry who is going through a difficult time. Image if she didn't visit Rishi while she was in NY, people would say she doesn't show respect towards an ill man. Ignore the haters DP.

Alia typing all negative comments on DP. Alia's butt is on fire now

Alia kat pc and kangana

Deepika still wants RK seems

DP tries to show people hw nice she is and just lands up coming across as dumb!

When you see a picture like this and are able to find spite to spit out negativity, you really need to pause and evaluate your life. You must be sad or upset somewhere within yourself to always see the worst...even in the most basic moments.
Deepika is a well brought up , respectful and traditional Indian girl. She didn't plaster these photos- Neetu did. They have a good relationship even though Deepika is happily married to the nicest guy in the world. It's applaud worthy of Deepika to go visit an ailing parent of an ex who broke her heart so terribly.

When you see a picture like this and are able to find spite to spit out negativity, you really need to pause and evaluate your life. You must be sad or upset somewhere within yourself to always see the worst...even in the most basic moments.
Deepika is a well brought up , respectful and traditional Indian girl. She didn't plaster these photos- Neetu did. They have a good relationship even though Deepika is happily married to the nicest guy in the world. It's applaud worthy of Deepika to go visit an ailing parent of an ex who broke her heart so terribly.

Hey Bhagwan! She is the RK and family betaal lol

Best comment! Perfect description

RK baar apni pati Parmeshwar me baare mein bhi socho Deepika Padukone!

Mrs.Gorgeous deepika I felt so touching by ur matter is wat ppl condemn abt u,u are still prove that,u r best.wat goes around,it's cmes around.Ur pure heart is higher than dignity.some ppl don't understand that u love and respect RK parents,everybody can't do that and I believe ur wonderful husband knows abt tis and he would happy for u,cos both of u had a gold ❤.stay lovely...

How come Neeru like her now. Spoiled their relationship . Obsessed mom

thats a nice act to visit someone going through tough phase of life. so much hatred for this ! i wonder where is human race heading

it would be nice if she was as nice to RK first and then his parents..taking digs at him in interviews and events. now wat is this all about

if she was craving for attention, she should have went with her husband, Ranveer Singh. That's called a dignified person, pls post.

Well it is right out there that you are nothing but an absolutely useless troll however people have far become used to seeing and shutting down people like you. But what I still fail to understand is that why don't people like you get exhausted living this loathsome life

Still obsessed with RK and his family

She has no standard of her own

She keeps taking digs at RK and keeps coming back to show ‘love’..even at the risk of her own marriage...always goof back on her words...she said she refused Luv Ranjan film but now reports say she is very much on...CHEAP AF

What might have made Ranveer Singh to marry a woman who doesn't even love him and doesn't respect his parents.

It’s looking really fake ..

Its not a big problem for Ranbir to cheat on Deepika as RK was very young at that time. But Cheapika made that into a big issue! And I'm sure that she might have dated Ranbir and Sid Mallya for fame and money

Common folks.. Rishi Kapoor is sick. Lot of celebrities visiting NY are meeting him . Do not we visit some one we know if they ate sick to meet and cheer them up.

For those people who say that the Kapoors were shitty to Deepika you're wrong! Even Deepika also was shitty to the Kapoors!! #Cheapika

Yuck this chipkali don’t suit kapoors lol

rat suits kapoors lol

U don't suit the internet f u

U don't suit the internet f u

But Deepika surely don’t suit Kapoor lol

Muft mein publicity why not Deepikaji...she is boiling surely after Alia spent time with the Kapoor and now she also wanted to do same. This woman is cheap

She has zero care for the fact tat her husband and his entire family will be seeing her hugging her dream father in law. Dude not cool. RS Wat you doing

Ranveer is married to this old aunty?

Priyanka's picture were more dignified with Rishi and Snake Neetu

Always waiting for a chance to be associated with the kapoors

Yuck thank god RK didn’t marry this make up Dukaan ....even neetu looks younger

Where to where! Why does she have to get into all this mess! She is married now for god’s sake

Oh boy

kya nautanki .....deepikas life is only proving a point to the kapoors! eitehr shes talking down RK at some event or interview taking subtle digs or shes rubbing herself on the family members. CHEAPIKA

look at deepika so desperate. showing all her teeth with people who treated her like shit to start with! why cant she maintain some dignity and marriage she is doign lot of WTF stuff with RK and now his family

this is not love this is CHEAP ha ha ha

how come we dont see deepika with her inlaws like this? kapoor khaandan madness like all of RK exes

this called ZABARDASTI lol


Deepika has no self respect she never hugged her inlaws this way . Show off

Neetu look more younger than deepika in this picture.But deepika is also look beautiful and she look fat.

was thinking the same thing! she has more wrinkles around her eyes than neetu

She loves attention from people who treat her like shit

no one forced neetu to post pics, so that’s that. The man has cancer and she had one dinner with them.. so what??

Ranbir Kapoor is cunning and dp is fool


They look such a picture perfect family all three together. Only Ranbir is missing to complete the frame. They were made for each other. Sad it did not happen.

thankgod it didnt happen! shes aging so bad and she is so despo for the kapoor tag! even after marriage she is showing 'love' knwing all the buzz it will create and it wont bother her even if her husbnad and his family will have to read all this

no they dont. deepika you are married now. stop fantasising about RK and kapoor surname. high time

Yes Deepika! You still believe you will be together ha ha ha

Only Deepika PR like you believe tat! She looks terrible and certainly not a match

I don't feel that deepika is anymore the deepika of 2015. She is no more ambitious about her career. More into magazine shoots and ads. She don't mind that alia has overtaken her. And worst is her pr

she is not deepika of 2015 but deepika of 2008 ha ha ha...the kapoor surname obsessed person. nothing seems to have changed. this is crzy considering she is now married and knws what kind of news it will create especially after the amount of shit shes spoken about RK till recently . this woman is called rekha for a reason :P

they’re her seniors in the industry and she’s known them since the beginning. He’s obviously very sick and she had some time since she’s been there all week, really nice gesture by her and also how stunning is she without makeup! Seems like everyone loved her presence

i wish she gave as much love and warmth to her inlaws first

neetu clearly does not even want to be in the same pic as deepika lol

Your comment makes no sense. If Neetu doesn't like DP, she wouldn't have posted these pics.

She is obligated to post

Neetu was right when she said she is not ok with deepika! this girl has no respect.

in her attempt to forver be 'friendly' and 'good friends' with imaginary boyfriend her ex (whose tatoo she still has) she will piss off her REAL husband ranveer singh and his family lol

no mater how liberal anyone is...goign all the way to meet exes parents and hugging them is so strange lol yeh kya hai?

she looks very non kapoor lol she is better match with ranveer singh

yeah rat looks like kapoors.

sure does! deepika and RK are not a grate match physically

Deepika is pure hearte bless her

ewww deepu looks bad in the pic where she is hugging rishi

deepu why were you so hasty in marrying annoyingveer?? you could have been so happy by resolving things here!

Deepika has no dignity

Bunch of weirdos

I hope Rishi Kapoor is doing ok. Man might night be the most nicest person out there, but he’s definitely not someone whose used his cancer to stay in the spotlight, or get sympathy. Really respect him for that. Neetu should have supported Deepika when she was dating him the grass is not always greener on the other side and now Ranbir is just looking tired and old.

do they have tears? looks like

this is so awkward. poor neetu has cut off her face in the pic. the same girl who accused her son of cheating on her and now wishing them liek this. mayeb this is deepus way of saying shes very happy in her life but this comes across as desperate

chalo..her long time dream of being a 'mrs kapoor' has come true in pic atleast....but wish she was as affectionate with the bhavnanis as well. hugging her inlaws...wanting to see those pics

Deepika has no malice even after what Ranbir and his parents did to her. She is in a much better place personally and professionally while poor philandering kiddo Ranbir is still trying to grow up.

Is that Neetu or Ranbir wearing a wig?

RK is looking fit now.God bless u.

bechari neetu and rishi must be regretting their deceision of hating DP initially and now they have no other option but to continue with that short below average man alia

Stop soothing your ego by blaming it ton Neetu. THE FACT is that Ranbir was sick of her and was looking for reasons to get rid of her

lol ...WHY

Truth is Deepika still loves RK

Neetu is trying to get publicity for her flop son and her ugly bahu to be. She knows Deepika will get flak for this pic when it was rishi and neetu begging Deepika for a selfie. Now katrina fans and Deepika haters will again start bashing Deepika.

Grow up loser troller neetu's son has just given a blockbuster movie Sanju where do u see him flop n deepika did a super hit movie which ranveer was more the lead than her so wake up

And alia bhatt liked these pics. Bollywood is so fake.

DP stunned who ? no body noticed her at Met Gala. she was just a blimp. get over it PV.

Nautanki aunty

Cute caption

That’s so sweet!

So many ironies in this picture

RK lost a gems in search of a stone!

This is so sweet. The way she is hugging Rishi Kapoor is so genuine and warm.

She is fake. She's just doing it for RK's attention


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