Deepika Padukone in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People list; Vin Diesel writes testimony

Deepika Padukone has found a spot in TIME magazine’s list of 100 most influential people. Deepika is the only Indian actor to have achieved this recognition to be on the esteemed list.
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Deepika Padukone has found a spot in TIME magazine’s list of 100 most influential people. Deepika is the only Indian actor to have achieved this recognition. Deepika has become a global icon and is an influencer being one of the most followed celebrities on social media. Apart from Deepika, Virat Kohli is also one of the names in the 100 most influential list.

Vin Diesel, her XXX: The Return of Xander Cage co-star, wrote on the magazine’s website, “When Deepika Padukone came in to read for one of the Fast and the Furious films, I knew instantly I was in the presence of someone very special. As soon as she entered the room, there was a synchronicity, a synergy, a chemistry—it promised great things to come. Her schedule didn’t work for that movie, but I never gave up. She was the first role we cast in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. She said, ‘I want to do this movie, but if I do, you have to come to India.’ Thank God I made that deal.”

He further wrote, “So often in the entertainment industry we deal in stereotypes, and people get stuck in certain markets. Deepika is the best Earth has to offer. She’s not just here to represent India; she’s here to represent the world.”

Deepika too shared this news with her social media followers and posted a photo of herself and captioned it, “what an absolute honour! #TIME100

In 2016, Priyanka Chopra was featured on this list.


what an absolute honour! #TIME100 @time

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Deepika is a little cross eyed...It gets very obvious in certain pictures.

what has this got to do with kareena.. kareena has carved a very comfortable niche for herself she is in a stable lovely relationship and has a beautiful son she has never coveted hollywood like some actresses and is in a very happy space people are so insecure of her why else bring her into this topic lets see where deepika is personally in a few years still chasing rk I presume and still not married to ranveer u guys worry about your favourite

i used to follow her insta but now she post so litle... i hope she post more picture ect like before and also happy for her

Meanwhile Bebola is pouting outside some gym.

Bebo has the Royal blue blooded Kapoor Khandan name, Cote Nawab's begam, Saif's millions, sweety pie Taimur, What does DP have???

A self made, multilingual career without god-fathers, and no man in her life to define her. So yes, this is what she has.

The success she has worked hard for.

Haters gonna hate and trying hard to spread negativity. Dp got the cover or not still she is the only Indian actress in the list. So get a life.

*only Indian actor (no male actors made it either)

rk has no global media pull. dating him may have raised her profile when she debuted 10 years ago but her career has all been hers, what favors has he shown her? she’s no star kid and earned it all on her own merit. Go Deepika, this is the beginning, i’m ready to see more from u!

Deepika is looking like a princess that she is . She rules over the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Deepu got mentioned n thats cool yet she isnt on front page everywhere like priyanka was in 2016

Well she has to work harder if not 10 percent of how priyanka works n she isnt on front cover like Peecee was everythwhere

Congratulations Deepika. You deserve it. You are the best. Beauty, talent, hard work, philanthropy, humble, fit body, successful actress, expressive, humane. You are a rock star my darling. Stay blessed Deepika

Aishwarya was on cover in 2003 ,Priyanka was on cover but Deepika did not get a cover.

Neither did Virat Kohli, Satya Nadela... Are their contributions any less? I don't get your point.

OMG this woman has an achievement in her career and people say she got it because of men, and because Ms. Chopra didn't because of a man????? Where are all the fanatical so called "feminists" and their rants. You want to know the real reason gender is such an issue, because people want to tear others down and women do it to other women as often as men.

While Deepika isnt on the Front page cover she only got mentioned yet its quite nice while reaching PeeCee's league will be in her dreams

Hi shakuntela, stay bitter :)

Hope she works harder n improves her acting more

Yet she isnt on the cover like priyanka was

Soooo? She still made it to the coveted list, are you on the list?

Also, the year Priyanka was on this list, the biggest story was the lack of diversity. Priyanaka was the check mark, Time needed. This year, the biggest story is the #Resistance and the #ParklandStrong, Deepika made it to this list!

That picture in black and white has the perfect old world charm. She was so tall and so stunning in that red carpet look.

Lmao keep dreaming!

Eh? dream about what? Try harder loser!

Priya prakash varrier is more famous & influential than deepika. Rip Times Mag !


What number was she at? Genuine question

This list is never ranked, it's more of a grouping of people for the year.

oh! what happened to PC, global diva? oh no, is she not in the list? how come? SRK did not pay?

Yea Deepika isnt on the Front page cover she only got mentioned yet its quite nice while reaching Peecee's league will be in her dreams

Priyanka already on the cover of Times in 2016 yet deepika isnt on front cover like Peecee was

That is because, the year Priyanka was on this list, the biggest story was the lack of diversity. Priyanaka was the check mark, the magazine needed. This year, the biggest story is the #Resistance, the #ParklandStrong and BlackPanther, Deepika made it to this list! This list didn't need diversity candidates.

Ranbir gave her contacts in BW, Ranbir helped her get roles, even now when she had no movies he gave her the fashion show. And she still has his name tattooed on her neck. So clearly she loves him more than he loves her, but he is helping her become great star. So be grateful not disrespecting Ranbur.

She only got where she is because of Ranbir. He's the one that always promoted and helped her, even when she was with others. You all DP fans should thank Ranbir for being so generous with his ex. You know how much DP wanted to be back with him (even now, considering she keeps the tattoo). Even when he graciously refused to get back with her, he helped her with his connections get the movie roles that made her successful.

PC got so insecure that she had to post a throwback pictute on instagram with what Meghan Markle had said about her lol... screams jealousy!

I am a huge DP fan, but you must give credit when due. PC has achieved what no other Indian actor including Ash has in the West. she a household name in the US. Good to her.

Peecee has been on the front cover magazine earlier on while deepika isnt on front page cover like Peecee was she she got mentioned thats quite nice while excuse its Peecee who wrote on meghan markle on Times magazine cover ok

Priyanka wished both Deepika and Virat on twitter for their recognition. Really proud of her as a Deepika fan !

Priyanka has already paved the way for others since 2 years back n aish also did well while now the others r get noticed so get ur facts right n she has wrote for meghan on Times 100 hope u get this well whoever u r

that was a nice write up, people always have the same and loveliest things about deepika. everyone wants to work with her again!

Iulia vantur is the future, even at Fashion show she shines, and neetu only speaks to her..and she also sings and can act. So only Iullia is here to be future great on TIME.

Well done.

She only got this because RK demanded this, because he loves her and wants to say sorry. RK true love for DP and she is really still in love just with RK. By next year they get married and RK and DP have babies. RK is best to any woman.

The only way Ranbir will influence the Times list is to get on it himself.

Love you deepu. keep shining.

She wasn't on the cover but congrats to her on making a list.

Why to change her skin tone lol


Love how SHE represents India! And what a great write up from Vin Diesel!

Yes DP got here because RK helped her. RK will always help her and support her, not like Vin or Ranveer. RK and DP are together linked and any other men or women are just fun.

HERE's a Desi girl! Love her!

Only Indian actress to be in the list. Haters are burning.

Wow this girl is flying high

She looks amazing

DEEPIKA once again makes her fans proud

Deepika isnt on front page cover like Peecee was she she got mentioned thats quite nice yet she has to worked more hard in the future

Deepika is only great with RK, she needs him so much, look how he helped her get a show when all was cancelled, no one helped her, nor Vin nor Ranveer, only RK appreciates her.

Haters gona hate queen deepu rocks.

Queen DP

Thanks vin

She didn't get a cover :(

At least, she got recognition. when will your favorite EVER?

It'll come...

No the 6 covers for TIME 100 are already out, Deepika's not on the cover.

Thanks Vin!

Hi Kat, DP is a superstar much before she met him. He has nothing to do with it. Stop being jealous. PV be fair for both sides and post

I think the comment was about thanking Vin for the intro words on DP. I was thinking the same about his nice intro. So, yeah, thanking Vin for nice words does not equal being a fan of Kat. You should stop accusing people for nothing.

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