Deepika Padukone wants Marvel to introduce an Indian superhero in the MCU; Here's Why

Deepika Padukone in an interview to a UK publication spoke about her Bollywood and Hollywood films, motherhood and why Marvel should think about introducing Indian superheroes.
News,Deepika Padukone,Marvel StudiosDeepika Padukone spoke about her Bollywood and Hollywood films, motherhood and why Marvel should think about introducing Indian superheroes.
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Deepika Padukone struck the right chord with the audiences when she revealed her first look as Malti from her upcoming film Chhapaak. Without second thoughts, Deepika's fans and audiences loved the look and now the actress is busy filming for the Meghna Gulzar directorial in the capital. Pictures and videos from the sets of Chhapaak have been making rounds on the Internet since the team began filming and fans have been going gaga over Deepika's uncanny resemblance to acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal on whom the film is based. 

While Deepika continues to keep the Internet buzzing, the Padmaavat actress in an interview to a UK publication spoke about her Bollywood and Hollywood films, motherhood and why Marvel should think about introducing Indian superheroes. While speaking to the The Daily Express, Deepika called for Marvel to introduce a superhero of Indian origin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Having featured in a Hollywood action film herself, Deepika went on to explain, “I mean I’d say Indian origin. So whether it’s Marvel or whether it’s Avengers, or you know, any of these iconic characters that we’ve seen in cinema, I think it would be very interesting. And I think the world is ready for it to see one of these superheroes, one that originates from India.”

Well, agree or not, Deepika Padukone does have a point. And fans of the MCU wouldn't be any happier if Marvel Studios paid heed to Deepika's suggestion. Russo Brothers are you listening? 


Well, Priyanka is in talks with the makers so she may get her wish :P

because of these Deepika things I feel so bad, looking for the triumph of others, it is always the same with her.

such ignarant fans pc have She didnt even consider for marvel. Director talks about his project for other movie. And director only said we meet one time. Deepika superhero movie happen ıf DC and marvel wants not because of pc

Paid post by pc so that she and her cohorts can denigrate dp.

Hey pv why are you not posting +ve comments for dp?

Judging by recent events and comments on pv it seems that bw hyenas are out in full force and their prey is deepika but she has been there before. She will survive.

Hello beautiful girl. Ignore the haters. There is a reason why they are unhappy you are not. Love you darling. God bless.

Good flirt

LOL Deepika is embarrassing

LOL ! PC and Alia are here ranting and raving against dp. Did Pc have or still has a thing for RS ? Don't think its only professional. We all know Alia's issue....she thinks that rk still loves dp but the truth is he loves Ayan more than anyone else so please lassie leave dp alone to enjoy her married life to her hottie husband. Pv kindly post.

This is DP - even if they casted for a south Asian super hero (which they already have in the comics) it wouldn’t be you. In order to be a successful actress - one has to have the ablity to be from anywhere. That means adopting different accents - which you can’t do.

WTF ! Pv only posting PC negative comments and the thumbs up button works in these instances only. Pc should learn something from the way her life has turned out. Clearly she is not satisfied or happy and for some reason she targets deepika but you know what who God bless no man can curse.

Looks like pv is part of the bandwagon trying to kill deepika's career. Karma will get all of you.

Deepika does seem a confused soul. She is so desperately trying to cut Priyanka everywhere. She does exactly the same thing that Priyanka does. She does not have her own inviduality. She speaks ill about Ranbir and calls him her best friend the next moment. I feel for Ranveer Singh.

Priyanka never gets news that has to do with Deepika, I think you're wrong,

Deepika wants to do everything that Priyanka does. I wonder how she manages to do so. She is not that well spoken ne

She should take diction classes to improve her voice modulation. Its horrible!

They don't want pendu for sure

Trying to leech off avenger's endgame movie coming out and lobbying because Russo confirmed he is in talks with PC.

Yes, they should and take someone else instead of her! LOL!

Ha ha ha ha....

Well well, looks like someone is lobbying hard to become a Marvel superhero. She must be doing this after hearing PC is in talks with the Avengers filmmakers.


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