Deepika Padukone's TLLL asks Kangana Ranaut's Mental Hai Kya makers to be responsible; Rangoli says:Support us

Today, Deepika Padukone's TLLL foundation asked the makers of Kangana Ranaut's Mental Hai Kya to be responsible towards the people who suffer from mental illness and Kangana’s sister replied asking them to support the film.
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A few days back, the makers of Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao’s film Mental Hai Kya found themselves in a dilemma when the Indian Medical Association and Indian Psychiatric Society condemned the title and poster of Prakash Kovelamudi's Mental Hai Kya. As per reports, the IMA and IPS had sent an official letter to Prasoon Joshi, the chairperson of the Central Board for Film Certification, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and PMO asking them to get change the title of the film.

While the IPS and IMS said that they found the title of the film derogatory, demeaning and stigmatising to the mentally ill people, today, Deepka Padukone’s TLLL foundation- which deals with the issue of mental health, has asked the makers of Mental Hai Kya to be responsible as they wrote on Twitter, “Many millions who suffer with mental illness in India already face tremendous stigma. Therefore,it is extremely important to be responsible and sensitive towards the needs of those suffering.” Thereafter, Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli, took to Twitter and asked TILL to support the film, and in a series of tweets, Rangoli wrote, “Dear @TLLLFoundation Ms Ranaut who is recipient of three national awards and one f the driving forces of feminism movement in India through her films like Queen & Manikarnika is one f the most responsible artists,to jump the gun & assume the worse is nothing bt immature,” adding, “All I can say is that for Manikarnika we held screenings for school children in many states of India after MHK we would like to do the same with you.” Not just this, Rangoli went on to say that because the film is a thriller therefore the makers can’t reveal the plot but the makers will acquire all the certificates needed in order to show the film to public. Rangli wrote, “Genre of the film is such ( thriller ) that we cant reveal the exact plot or the parts that the characters are playing but of course we will acquire all the certificates we need to in order to show case the film to public, please don’t be Karni Sena, don’t jump the gun, I assure you, you will love the film.”

Plus, Rangoli wrote that after the film, the TLLL foundation will remove Deepika as the brand ambassador and get Kangana on board because, she writes, “I have a feeling after MHK you will remove @deepikapadukone & get Kangana on board as your brand ambassador,her sincere effort to bring awareness to the cause and sensitive portrayal of the condition will leave such an impact on you.. @TLLLFoundation.” A day after the initial objection was raised, the makers of Mental Hai Kya issued a statement claiming the film “does not offend, discriminate or disregard any person and that it is a “mainstream entertainer which makes a larger point.”

Mental Hai Kya is an Indian comedy film starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao in lead roles and the film will hit the screens on June 21, 2019.

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Deepika is all about her breakup with ranbir followed by a depression( which most people didn't know)

People can be so gullible. Let’s presume these 2 sisters have been oppressed in BW by top directors and Shauned by their colleagues due to their outspoken behaviour.
Has it ever occurred to you guys the ones being bullied are now being the bully.
If you want respect, give respect.
You don’t need to undermine people to get what you want.
Read what the sister typed, she insinuated her sister be given something by removing someone from else from a position.
Like what else is cunning than that.
All of you supporting these sisters, just think to if it was you and having a friend at work going to a supervisor and undercutting you to be promoted.
At the end of the day, they like to promote agitation, and then shine the light in themselves. As these is a way to cause division and get people talking.
She did it for Manikarna. If you did a great movie, and no one supported you, then why molest people with your words.
Keeping doing good movies, in fact open your own production company and hire outsiders from the industry and one say you’ll become so huge that they’ll be forced to acknowledge you out of respect.
But instead you harrass your colleagues just to say you’re brave and outspoken
Silence is the best answer for a fool.

So true!!

It's good that paddu kone's bluff has been called out. She is just insecure.

Deliberatelyy did not read any of the comment cause kj and his posse are her making mojor mischief. But just want to say that can youG imagine if dp and kr were friends...they would be a force to be reckoned with lol ! But the powers that be in bw will never allow that to happen. Good luck in all your endeavours ladies.

No, but I dream! since when Kangna's films interest Dipika, Kangana is crazy, but she is more talented and surely less dangerous to society than this Dipika who plays the woman object that burns herself for her husband (in 2018) and the woman objects for Ranbir in real life with the RK tattoo still on her neck, she does not deserve Ranveer nor this year's filmfare.

A lot of the comments supporting Kangana here are written in the same language Rangoli uses.

Its about Deepika's insecurity. Rangoli & Kangana are straight forward so the nepo gang is trying hard to label them as arrogant and quarrelsome. What's new!

Nepotism product Rangoli is now demanding Kangana to be the brand ambassador of TLLL. Total psycho & shameless character.

Karni Sena never interested & interfered on Manikarnika. It was the drama created by two mental sisters.

Alfred Hitchcock famous movie was called Psycho...TLLL Foundation more than being an actual foundation that speaks about mental health and does actual work for people with mental health issues its seems like a Deepika Padukone PR image making front...instead of having a problem with a movie title for a movie that you know nothing about and haven’t seen, go do things for people suffering from mental health Deepika

Are you living in Alfred Hitchcock era?! Wake up!

Honestly had to read the above article twice, first I thought it was the Indian Medical Association and Indian Psychiatric Society who had an issue with the title, then it was written that Deepka Padukone’s TLLL foundation wrote on Twitter, “Many millions who suffer with mental illness in India already face tremendous stigma. Therefore, its extremely important to be responsible and sensitive towards the needs of those suffering", so I was like OK...
When Kangana speaks about hypocrisy in Bollywood and the fact that all no matter what camp they are behind or what wars they have between each other example this Deepika vs Alia thing now they will for sure stand together at the end of the day in fornt of Kangana and Deepika pathetic attack usin her NGO is a clear example of such hypocrisy
Ms Deepika have you seen the movie, do you know what the subject matter or what issue the movie talks about before releasing such statements, weren’t you seeking the whole industry support when the happened and you and SLB called it an attack on freedom of expression and the art of movie making, you kept asking people to watch the movie first then attacking it so at least you can do the same
Furthermore Kangana Ranauts is a fellow artist that is attacked daily and called mental and a psychopath on PV, so why don’t Indian Medical Association ,Indian Psychiatric Society, and TLLL foundation release a statement stating the using such terms should not be allowed to make fun of people since actual people suffer from mental health issues
Kangana has two more releases this year Mental Hai Kya and Panga and once again I am sure she will not disappoint with her performance
Deepika if you are like the rest have an issue with talent no need to hide behind your NGO, let your work like Kangana speak for itself and if you feel that Kangana is a better actor then you, go work on your acting and put all your energy in that......pathetic everyone in Bollywood is just pathetic and it only takes one honest outspoken person like Kangana to expose them all...when Kangana spoke about nepotism on KWK she spoke about me and so many others like me who are dreaming of a fair chance to stand in front of the camera and act, and for this i am forever grateful to her and will always support her, she a role model in every sense of the word and hopefully one day I can become a great actor like her...

you said exaclty what I wanted to say, beatufl words at the end, Kangana is a role model, a talented actress, a strong individual, wish her all happiness and sucesss

If i wanted to learn about mental health, i would rather hear it from the Ranaut sisters. Rangoli being an acid attack victim and Kangana going through hell with Pancholi and the Roshans plus alienation from powerful nepo gangs........instead of a poor rich girl who had a heart break.

What kind of response is that. This is what happens when you don’t have money to pay for a proper PR and you get your sister to write for you. DP is not a spokesperson for TLLL. It is her foundation and her initiative. She has invested in it and actively participates because it is her real life problem and not a movie role for her. Kangana wants to be the spokesperson of some issue because she is doing a movie role with it ? And randomly she starts talking about flop movie manikarnika. When she plays Rani laxmibai oh screen she wants to be treated as a freedom fighter in real life and when she is acting a role with mental illness she wants the world to give her credit like she is really battling the illness ?

Everytime I read something like 'Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli said this and that on Twitter' ... I swear I laugh so hard that I pee in my pants. Why can't Kanagana own up to the tweets herself and have the guts to say she wrote those, she said those things. And people who actually bash Rangoli for being as annoying as her sister based on the tweets that not her but her deranged sister writes.

These girls have hit a new low of being downmarket. Lower than a snakes belly. Now the sisters are in the pinkvilla comments section writing speeches about themselves.. As if people are fools.

Rangoli is already making fun of mental illness by linking DP’s
Depression and her breakup. DP suffered with depression many years after the breakup when she was with RS already. He too has spoken about witnessing her struggle to cope with it. Depression puts one through very high energy periods followed by a total dark dip and is more common among people who are extremely driven and want to do everything themselves. Breakup isn’t the only cause for depression. Very less percentage of people with depression would sight breakup as a reason. These kind of ignorant statements make the stigma worse.

kangana may be brutal sometimes but she's really the trademarker. i remeber when priyanka was shoting at every show that she's not a feminist and don't want to be called that. And now suddenly all B-town actresses are proud of being feminists. But it was kangana in 2015-2016 who fights for this word to be taken seriously. So with nepotism debates. Bollywood always was nepotistic kingdom, but everyone tried to silence this fact. And Kangana speech on KWK was like waking up for the whole nation. So yeah sometimes she's annoying af but she knows what's right and what's wrong. I think the movie will be awesome and it will bring a light to this very important topic.

Again shows Rangoli’s immaturity in linking deepika’s depression with her breakup. Deepika’s depression she has clearly said she suffered from it after Happy New Year which was way later than her breakup with RK. She was engaged to RS by then. Depressions don’t have a single reason as Indians understand it. Also why this Rangoli woman acts as if she is the PR for her sister and the movie both?

These jealous folks did not find anything negative so started dragging the movie name. In the past there were movies with pagal etc. Where was Deepika when one of the accused in the me too was associated with her company?? Kangana did not call you out on that. Where was your foundation when they loosely used terms like bipolar, mental for Kangana on social media. Stop getting jealous, Kangana and Raj Kumar Rao are going to rock this movie because we are eagerly waiting to see two talented people come together. More power to you Kangana. Bollywood is exposing their true colors when they come in support of each other against you even for a movie title. Rangoli supported your movie Chapak too and still you diss her to be in kjo good books.

Dp wasnt ashamed to be depressed. At least she didnt harassed and stall married men like kangana.

people bad mouthing sisters here are just stupid especially after reading Rangoli's reply to TLLL's allegation.

Padukone is duffer. Rangoli embarrassed her by calling out that she too is a acid attack survivor so she is now settling scores. Her PR gang must have agreed for this dumb story.

TLLF is her tax evasion plan. She starts hyperventilating with everything Kangana does. Paddu kaun!

the big sis, and the younger one doesn't know how to talk...same product having foul mouth.such arrogance!! who gives the big one work? impolite duo..they should be polite and thus they can win both hearts and film..

Deepika is so upset with the ruling party bcz they gave national award to kangana instead of her.. Modi personally write a letter to anushka sharma to promote swachcha bharat... That's why when modi asked most celebs to promote vote... Everyone including Alia(who's mom doesn't like modi) still she replied... But only Deepika didn't even tweet.. She only replies to praises.. Now alia, ranbir upset with kangana so she's like look I can dig... So much of insecurity In her.. Please learn from your contemporaries like Priyanka, Anushka, Katrina they never tried to demote others movies without even watching it.. Shame on you

Now I know why sonam and anushka slamming Deepika before.. Why they talked about her PR.. Why they talked like she looks all classy but very flirty, opportunist and cunning...i thought they were jealous.. But no they were right

You do understand that while these 2 ladies come from film background, they have people promoting them. If Deepika does not use the media to promote themselves who will. Sonam with all her beauty, you can sense the mean streak in her interview. Not to mention, very snappy & entitled
Anushka is also snappy and loudmouths. See eh birds of the same feather flock together. You cannot hide smoke without fire, nobody is perfect but those who go about spreading negative things about others is a reflection of their innate self.At the end of the day, she was following the two actresses and they did not follow her back. People laughed and called her stupid. She did not unfollow but when these same actresses saw the attention she was getting from her marriage, they called it quits and followed her.
Deepika came like a newbie, did not suck up to them, started out mediocre, worked hard and even though she still has a lot to learn, she’s worked hard and achieved. She stays out of drama and only praises what she believes, what’s wrong with that.
How does some take a picture with razor blade in their mouth uphold mental illness?

She hasn't paid her designer.. Over you released an article so to distract she's doing this.. Lol.. Otherwise where was she when me too was happening.. Where was she when nepotism debate was happening? Suddenly wakes up hiding behind ngo and start saying things without even watching the content??

NGOs made a valid point. But only sane and sensitive people will understand. Not these psychopath who attacks each and every one.

Kangana needs attention. Flop self proclaimed queen.

We all support TLLL. This title is inappropriate and insult to people who are suffering from mental illness.

Who 'we'? Only you? Bcoz i suffered from depression for 10 years and i inherited mental illness from my father who was considered psycho by professional doctors. So i know how hard it is, but also i know that one mustn't judge book by its cover. First watch, then speak

Kr pr writing support comments.

Man. They can’t answer normally.

Where were you when the metoo movement was going on??? You didn't spoke at length about it. Where were you when karni sena was attacking manikarnika (kangana supported you but you didn't)??? Where you when the nepotism debate was going on (the so callled outsider)??? You were the one who said dont judge before watching the movie right??? Please deepika find someone else to go after to. and by the way it's not just a kangana movie it's also a rajkumar movie (maybe you forgot that).

Hi kangana , you dudbt support Dp and refuses to sign the petition for her during padmavat. You didnt support Dp. Stop lying . You are a liar and need help. Rajkumar is not sick to attack everyone like you kangana. Stop bashing superstar Dp.
Post this please

Where were you when the metoo movement was going on??? You didn't spoke at length about it. Where were you when karni sena was attacking manikarnika (kangana supported you but you didn't)??? Where you when the nepotism debate was going on (the so callled outsider)??? You were the one who said dont judge before watching the movie right??? Please deepika find someone else to go after to. and by the way it's not just a kangana movie it's also a rajkumar movie (maybe you forgot that).

DP is still milking that old break up.

Kangana is still stalking and harassing Hrithik

Why i always find in support of 2 sis. They didn't attack they simply answered.

Now NGO is attacking a movie title. PR much.

Kangana using Dp to promote her flop movie. PR much

The sister duo can do anything to get attention for cheap popularity. Mental illness is like a play for them. Let's see how far they can go. This movie will be flop written everywhere. Rangoli is the worst product of nepotism.

Whats with this new trend of protesting for movies even before they release or even when they are in making.

Padmavat handled it pretty bad, instead of shutting it up like Kangana shut up Karni Sena during Manikarnika, Padmavat boosted protesters and "petitioners" use movies to garner limelight. IPS started this, TILL hopped on the limelight, + its Kangana's movie, how could it go without people trying to bring it down?

Rangoli is a product of nepotism.

No she is not, you need a dictionary puppet. She is supporting a movie just like us.

Coward kangana is hiding behind her sister account.

The coward is your puppet Alia, she will talk when asked. She does not need to hide.

Flop psycho using superstar Dp to promote her flop movie.

Who is using the word psycho so casually, people and comments like yours should be banned.Dp is long gone now.

Why does her sister always speak hurting others

The way Ranaut sisters are behaving they will be out of work in no time. Rangoli is a bully

The way Ranaut sisters are behaving they will be out of work in no time. Rangoli is a bully

Rangoli s so called bully behaviour i think is a result of circmstamces, she needs therapy

The way Ranaut sisters are behaving they will be out of work in no time. Rangoli is a bully

TLLL attacked 1st! Remember that and Rangoli answered.

Yeah in a crass way as usual.

Very good Rangoli. Replied so politely with stance.

Now NGO is attacking a title of the movie! Desparation much!

haters have you read her answers? she's not bullying anyone, it's very respectful words

I get an inane feeling of negativity whenever I come across articles featuring them. Every time the sisters open their mouth, filth flows. Downmarket!

This glorious example of Nepotism should zip the mouth..

love the comeback! ranaut sisters are singlehandedly exposing bolllywood's hypocrisy and fakes! love it when she says 'deepika was depressed many yrs ago after breakup!...' deepika is still miking it so why can't kangana make a film about it? people double standards much?

so now they’re attacking an ngo for movie pr? it’s

Why is Rangoli taking dogs at everyone

Rangoon is bully

better Than being a puppet


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