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Dhadak Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor shines as Parthavi; here’s why she can be the next big thing in Bollywood

Janhvi Kapoor plays her character Parthavi with ease and showcases her acting talent. She exudes confidence and holds her own in every frame in her debut film Dhadak.
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Janhvi Kapoor’s debut film, Dhadak will hit the theatres tomorrow. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter on the big screen. She stars with Ishaan Khatter in the film that is the remake of the Marathi super-hit film, Sairat.

Janhvi has gone all out to promote the film across the country. She plays the role of Parthavi in the film and the trailer gives a glimpse of her acting chops. Janhvi is an incredible dancer and Zingaat and other songs from the film prove that.

Janhvi confessed in a recent interview that she fell in love with acting and it is the only thing she thinks she is good at. She said that she has been exposed only to cinema since childhood and loves it so much that she wants to make a career in it.

In the promotional interviews, Janhvi has mentioned how she feels responsible towards the audience who have given her mother so much love. She also added that she is aware of the comparisons with Rinku Rajguru.

In the film, Janhvi plays her character Parthavi with ease and showcases her acting talent; she stands her own in every frame. She looks stunning and exudes confidence in her debut. She trained at a prestigious acting school and has emoted beautifully in the film. She has been able to nail every scene and as audience you can feel for her character and the ups and downs she goes through with her lover. Janhvi’s comic timing is noteworthy and she displays finesse in the emotional scenes in the film.

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Please stop planting stories. Almost every review of the film says that Jannvi has a really tough time emoting. She is the epitome of nepotism. She symbolises what is wrong with bollywood, the hypocrisy of Karan Johar and the accurate observation of Kangna Ranaut. When there are millions of talented people killing themselves to get into the movies, it is a national shame that scarce resources have been wasted on such average people because of their connections. Disgraceful!

Move over Alia !!

Loved her performance

Watched Dhadak this morning and Janhvi can act.. She looks pretty too.

the very fact that janhvi's FIRST performance is receiving unanimous praise, but her mother isnt there to experience that pride, just breaks my heart.

this girl is prettier than alia
this girl talks better than alia
this girl is more likeable and relatable than alia
and now it turns out this girl can act too!
move aside sara ali khan, its alia who has got competition now

We'll see when she actually becomes the "big thing" in bw... As of now the only big thing about her are the filled up lips

nailed it dude! i mean common there are so many better talent around .

i think the only 'big thing' is your big ego that makes you say such derogatory things about a 21 year old without even seeing her film :)

The reviews are praising ishaan, pinkvilla has to suck up to nepo kid. Because her mother was the bigger star than neelima azim.

i think ur comment should read, 'DESPITE her mother being a bigger star than neelima azim, janhvi has been able to come into her own, to earn praise for her performance

reviews are praising both ishaan and janhvi.. some more janhvi than ishaan actually...

Can you post one link where jhanavi is getting more praise than ishaan?

Let the paid positive comments begin!! #nepotism at its best..

either someone is really salty or someone has been paid for this negative comment (eh-hm sara ali khan)-
either way whoever has put this comment is defintiely very interested in janhvi to open all posts about her and comment on them.

hmm.. suprisingly this comment above seems like the paid negative comment -essencially the same comment on all posts about dhadak and janhvi.

Over hypedddddd lol

she is captivating onscreen and offscreen... the makings of a star... so happy for her! <3

sridevi would be proud. the baton be passed.

well said!! I think we are comparing Janhvi's 1st performance with her mom's 300 performances. There is only one Sridevi. I honestly feel sorry for Janhvi. Her job is really tough. Give her a chance. I felt she is much better than the other female actresses in the industry who only believe in skin show with zero performance.

true.. lets give her a chance. she is just 21 and trying her level best to prove without her great support. Nobody will be like Sridevi. Not even her daughters. But here she is trying.



whats the reveiw for ishaan ? I like jahnvi but here the main focus is not in ishaan but jahnvi.Its kind of shown to us that this is Jahnvi's movie.I dont like ishaan but he should also be given same priority.Kjo auntu baaz nae ayegi

the main focus is in janhvi because janhvi is the selling point of the film. ishaan could be a great actor but people are going to the theatre to see janhvi kapoor. if ishaan was given the same priority, the movie would not have garnered this attention

The girl in her interview does not do suggestive. Double talk like Alia! She will take over soon, if giving good roles!

lets wish her luck..will watch the movie&then assess her acting...being the legend sridevis daughter there will be loads of expectations and comparisons as well.

Dear Jhaanvi, the way you hold your own after a great loss in your life means a lot.

thats awesome. I was loving her off screen

Alia won't like hearing that. Soon Karan will replace her with Janhvi.

It will be a boon to alia if that happens alia was mind controlled by kjo.her personal life suffered so much.hope it causes a rift between kjo and alia.:)

I'll watch the movie tomorrow. So happy to hear this.

Oh my God! the boy looks like a cartoon!! The girl looks like she can act and can go far but the boy looks so childish. Please post this pinkvilla.

love love love her acting.

KJO you write nice reviews at least wait till the movie is released, vomit

omg those lip fillers

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