Dhadak trailer: Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter's young and fearless love story is worth the watch

The trailer of Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter is finally out. Their chemistry is magical and you'll love the new version of Zingaat.
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The much-awaited trailer of Dhadak starring Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor is finally out. 

Dhadak is an adaptation of Marathi film Sairat (2016) which was directed by Nagraj Manjule. The Hindi remake is directed by Shashank Khaitan and produced by Karan Johar.

The trailer revolves around Janhvi and Ishaan's character Parthavi and Meet, respectively who are in love with each other. Their love is young, first and fresh and they can go to any extent to be with each other.

Janhvi Kapoor impresses with her Rajasthani accent in the trailer. Ishaan Khatter promises another powerful performance after Beyond The Clouds.

The chemistry between Ishaan and Janhvi looks fresh, beautiful and effortless. 

Apart from their romantic chemistry, we also get to listen to the Hindi version of popular track Zingaat

Both Janhvi and Ishaan are looking good and have perfectly got into the skin of their characters. They complement each other quite well.

Just like the Marathi film Sairat, Ishaan and Janhvi's character - Meet and Parthavi has to face challenges in their love story. The music of Sairat was one of the best albums and  Ajay-Atul (who composed songs for Sairat) are composing songs for Dhadak too, hence, the expectations are high.

Dhadak is one of the most-awaited films of 2018. With the trailer being so grand, beautiful and colourful, it has added more excitement to the film.

The trailer was launched today in the city and the event was attended by Karan, Shashank, Janhvi, Ishaan and Janhvi's family members.

Dhadak is slated to release on July 20, 2018.

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Anyone noticed janhvi was wearing sridevi’s dupatta in the scene where janhvi keeps gun over her head. Sridevi was wearing same dupatta on janhvi’s day1 on sets.

I always wished sridevi should have born in this era, thought janhvi would move like sridevi onscreen but after watching trailer I’m totally disappointed with her.

Jahnvi is trending. Thanks to the haters she'll be a success just for curiosity sake

Lol.. Whatever..

Wow.. 216 comments on PV.. I havent seen so many comments on any star so far. Janhvi is definitely famous. thats all Bollywood is needed..

Looks like you are new to PV.. Ash, Bebo, Deepika articles have had more than 1000 comments on PV.

Looks like janhvi took it seriously after sridevi's death, she might have no idea how big her mother made it and her legacy can make or destroy her complete career. There were blinds that janhvi couldn't emote like her mother and even a reporter questioned sridevi about this. But after sridevi's death there was news that her breakout scenes left the crew teary eyed and they were in praise of her. I will not judge janhvi in this 3 mins trailer.

The boy looks better because his character is meant to be all over the place while hers is supposed to be subtle, I can't say for sure if she will go far, the expectations on this girl is way too much for her, she should keep her head down and stop all this inane interviews, she is being over promoted it will boomerang. I don't see that Dangal girl every where but she is doing fantastic work.

PV please post.

janhvi has zero movies to her name as of now. she does her 1st vogue shoot..
and the behind the scenes video gets more views that alia's bhatts bts vogue shoot, kareena's shoot - almost all other behind the scenes videos on the vogue youtube page.
This girl demands attention, and you cant deny that is what makes a star to a big extent.

OMG!!! this trailer is about to reach 20M.... sridevi is still ruling our hearts.

janhvi is getting some hate yeah sure - but face it 90% of the comments are about her
to be a star you need more than just good acting - u need to grab eyeballs - she does - plastic surgery or not.
you need to have a personality - she does
media must love you - they do.
time to face facts, good or bad, this girl demands attention, and thats the making of a star.

I wish Divya Bharti was alive & she could have done this role. Missing u forever Divya

If divya bharti was alive she would be in her 40s.

I just like that she has not overacted. Alia overacts imo. In rom coms and love stories Alia is quite annoying and kiddish on screen Just watch shaandaar and you will understand. Jaahnvi isn’t exceptional she is decent and most debut actors would overact in her role

The trailer has so many similarities to Badrinath Ki Dulhania.Shashank has tried to recreate what he did with Varun & Alia but has failed.Varun-Alia have a natural chemistry which is difficult to match.

She said she watches meena kumari, madhubala I think she mistook meena kumara with shradda kapoor. Better you watch your mummas movies girl, just see her in poombatta movie, she was hardly six yrs and how she acts, she bagged state award for that film. Offscreen there is a reflection of sridevi but it got lost onscreen, the comand, the spark nothing of her mother, failed miserably.

such harsh words are not required. You haven't even seen the movie yet. This is Janhvi's first movie. No one can become another Sridevi. Acting is a continuous learning process.

Please be harsh, let her learn, let her face criticism, let her emerge strong. she is served everything in gold platter, she wanted to debut with movie like siraat and she got it and will be getting movies from dharma, if she is getting everything without knowing their value what she will learn, her dialogue delivery sucks big time, even sridevi was very new to movies when she done malyali movies as child actor, how can a six yrs old girl can blow your mind without knowing the language and malayalam is the hardest language of all, thats what dedication and hard work is and how come same genes trained in best of colleges with best equipment couldn't deliver simple scenes properly and the thing is no one forced her into industry and she said she is passionate about acting.... where is the passion, I can only see a doll standing on the screen.

Dhadak Dhadak. Janhvi Janhvi. U r so pretty,, innocent and cute.. cant wait to see you on big screen.. 20th july is so far. you look amazing in the trailer.

Alia is not as pretty or as charming as any of the entire Kapoor gang, from Sonam to Janhvi, but she is a good actress, so we pretend to believe she's that superstar Karan sells. Janhvi, it never mattered... she is no Sridevi, and that's all people will care about. Her career will be exactly like Esha Deol, only compared to her mother, and neither the looks nor acting skills to back that up. Khushi MAY have the "X-factor", but who knows, stupid to judge someone who is not even an actress. I think her mother's death has changed Janhvi's personality, her second movie will be better I feel, less fake posh whatever this is.

Whatever you say but she is star in making, even though her acting is medicore there is a craze for this girl, may be because of her mother, Janhvi will get chances from dharma because dharma is not about art, its about entertainment and business. People who are comparing her with other debutants, those debutants are good actors but not craze. Hope janhvi brings good acting to the screen in her next movie.

People are commenting on Janhvi's acting based on 3 mins trailer. If that is the case all the movies should be just 3 mins. cant you guys wait for the movie to release.

Alia- pls pack your bags

They over promoted Jahnvi, she’s lacklustre. You know what.. she looks as if she debuted years ago and this is her relaunch movie post surgery refresh. Like Kajol’s sis in Neil and Nikki or Madhuri in Aaja Nachle or Preity in KANK. The face doesn’t work. It’s overpromoted and already lacking in freshness due to unnatural looks. I think she should quit acting and focus on just being a social media influencer like Kylie or something. This is just embarrassing. She can be a designer or create beauty products.. don’t act.

Ms.Kapoor J, you made it. Mr.Kattar you made it then, you made it now. You both are a treat, this is a HIT. Mr.Johar will laugh all his way to the bank. OMG, Ms.Kapoor looks fresh, fit,fabulous, and she can deliver. Mr.Kattar you are a star.

Hi Manish M ;)

Hi ‘someone who should grow up’

hey Kjo...chill man!

Ishaan is fantastic. One of the best I've seen. Hope he fares better than his brother. Jhanvi is strictly average. Will wait to see improvement. She's no alia or kangana. Doesn't have deepikas looks either.

Rink looked the part there ends the comparison. Jhanvi looks fabulous and has matched her. Seriously, itge Women here have problems with her, or the with likes of girls who look like Nysa or Suhana.

Janhvi looks pretty. Sri ki jhalak to bahut aa rahi hai in some shots. Awaaz achi hai.... acting bhi thik se kar rahi hai. She can make it. Ishaan is impressive. All the best to both. I'm sure Sri is happy up in the heaven seeing her trailer. Make your maa proud girl.

May be she will be a good actor, but she definitely lacks the sass of Rinku!!

Is the bar set so low that she’s now “acceptable?” Also, to everyone complaining that they’re still new blah blah blah, can they cut ticket prices for Nepokid newcomer films? Why should we pay full price for half-assed acting? PV PLEASE POST.

Majority of Indian people watch movies for entertainment. If the acting is good it will definitely help the movie. Not all blockbuster movies become hit because of good acting.. There are many factors at play.

After the movie releases people will decide if they like it or not.

Rinku was a newcomer too & did a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better job. Talent always shows. Completely agree with you

Already a fan of Ishaan Khattar. Ctant wait to see the film.

I'd rather watch janhvi much than alia

Sairat was Rinku Rajguru's first movie and her performance was so powerful that she won a National award.. What is Janhavi's excuse for this bad performance?

ISHAN is Dhanush of North India

Thats a great trailer..Im sure movie will be amazing. Sad that Sridevi wasn't alive to support her daughter. Good luck to Janhvi and Ishaan.

I am actually relieved. Jahnvi looks good and has raw talent. a star in the making

boney u need to chill!

Good job jhanvi and ishan, ishan is a good actor, jhay will definitely get better with time, loved the trailer

This poor girl, she decides she'd like to act, she loses her mother, and people still rip her apart before her first movie is even out. Trailer looks great!

So, just because she has decided she wants to act, unfortunately lost her mother, people should like her acting and spend money to watch her films? Sorry for her loss, but it doesn't work like that.

awww poor child - she is going through so much with all that unbelievable luxurious life and unending plastic surgery and chilling. PV, please respect your audience and post this.

The only thing I got out of your comment is " Your life sucks." I am really sorry for you.

ok for a first movie. the only person that i really really liked in debut movie was deepika. they all are bad in first movies after that the may improve

kangana ranaut in gangster, seema biswas in bandit queen, nandita Das in 1947: earth, vidya balan in parineeta, Huma qureshi in Gangs of wasseypur, kalki koechlin in Dev D, Fatima Sana Sheikh in Dangal, Sanya Malhotra in Dangal, Zaira Wasim in Dangal these are all DEBUT performances. please note, none of them are starkids. ZERO. they all went through auditions of some form. they all had to prove themselves as competent actors before they ever got even introduced to the media. and im just talking about the women here. the men are another list altogether.

Ayushman, Bhumi, Sushant and Rajkummar, Vicky and the Dangal girl all received appreciation for their debut performance. So why be a hypocrite by trying to justify a star kid's mediocrity??? It is not like they are so broke they can't afford acting classes or a personal acting coach which even many top Hlywood actors have so they can give their best performance in every movie.

I’m not a nepo kid fan but literally everyone you just named came from theater-tv or some prior entertainment experience.

That's what is needed. Some prior experience. Not just a blockbuster as your first movie because your parents are big shots. That's the way you get to learn how to act well

Trailer is awesome because of fresh faces Jahnvi and Ishaan. Otherwise it is just another love story on Indian celluloid. Janhvi you look beautiful and reminded us of Sridevi in many ways. IGNORE all the negative remarks because you look and act much better than many of the exsisting lot not to mention the newcomers. Sridevi looked much worse in padahaarella vayasu but by the time she did Jagadekaveerudu she was a diva. So All the very best and I have no doubts you have a bright future.

The puppy dialogue is epic!! Even the part where he sings and she’s like wah was hilarious. Janhvi was good ishaan was flawless. I think they have done a good job here.

I liked her voice & dialogue delivery was quite unlike her stupid cousin sonam

She is too made up. The should have kept the looknatural

I mean, forget reaching the height of a debut like Gangster, or Alia’s second film Highway, she’s not even Parineeti in Ishaqzaade level good. She’s reminded me of Daisy Shah. She mumbles when she speaks and looks very self conscious. Poor debutante, from what I can see. I won’t even bother comparing her to Sridevi because that’s just not fair. I will not watch. Please, Nepokid, if acting isn’t for you, don’t force it. You’ll never be like your parents.

Why are you talking about Alia's second movie? what happened to her first movie. This is Janhvi's first trailer. Not even movie. People are so quick to pass judgements.

Alia was pretty good in her first movie, but the role and film both SUCKED big time, and her character wasn't the least bit likeable. that's why her first performance gets overlooked - definitely the worst film of her career.

characters playing by janhvi and parineeti are totally different, Janhvi is launched as glamorous heroine, she has a sassy solo no in dhadak, she will play flower pot roles in big banner movies and will get high pay cheques and will be eventually among A listers. Parineeti is completely different, she can't act as a innocent girl or a hot girl and doing item numbers.

I was incredibly skeptical about this movie as both the leads just look so young and underwhelming but I absolutely lived the trailer. The young lad has definitely got some acting chops and jk is coming across incredibly sincere and promising. She’s young and has clearly worked very hard in her dialect and expression. Rooting for you both!! Well done to the team

Wow. She looks dead behind the eyes. No expression besides bored. No spontaneity. Obviously, she won’t be Sridevi but damn. She can barely get her lines out. Boy looks slightly better.

give her AND SARA a chance! its their first film. i hope both will be better then avrage looker alia

god!!! didn't like the trailer but I'm still watching it on loop, may be because of background music.

They look very promising. For first timers they have done a good job. Looking wise these kids are okay but they are likeable, have the spark and act/emote well. Good see some refreshing pair after a very longtime

Trailer is not edited properly and shashank has gone in his way of entertaining like how he has done in dulhania series and his jokes are stupid, and mass audience like these stupid jokes.

jealous PEOPLE relax! if she she nepo then what is Alia?

Neoptism is bad when the actress can’t act. Alia can act. Jhanvi clearly can’t. HORRIBLE dialogue delivery

This movie is going to be super hit. You cant even type Janhvi's name correctly. She acted well in the trailer.

people be nice! YOU ALL GIVE Alia a chance please give her also a chance. wait for movie. its not like she took your film, if not her someoneelse would work on the movie. relax

I cant wait for this. great music and fresh faces. Loved the comedy

I was hoping to get a glimpse of Sridevi but I guess that will never happen and not fair to compare Jahnvi to her legendary mother. She will have to make her own identity. All these people moaning about nepo issue, I was given an opportunity in my fathers business because of his contact. Its the same everywhere. If anything sometimes the added pressure crumbles you. Imagine the expectations of being the daughter of an iconic actress, instantly you are starting with a need to prove yourself. Last time this happened was when abishek was launched. Anyway if she can which I am sure shell give her 100%, she’ll be successful otherwise she’ll fade away just like many star kids. Until then stop the hate. I hope Sridevi is watching from the heavens and is proud of her little girl

People who are commenting Nepo kids and all are so thick skinned. They spend lakhs of parents money on holidays and education. Where as many poor kids cant afford all this. Its destiny that Janhvi is born to Sridevi. Can't she dream to be an actress like her mother. They are commenting with out even watching the movie.

well, it's not that bad, to be honest.

Im stuck with the title song.

I do not think that Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar are considered Nepokids, in fact their parents did little or nothing for them to be in the industry, although Ishaan was recognized more by his Shahid brother than by his parents. it shows that shahid has no support in the industry

Yes, I recognize him ONLY through Shahid, just like Parineeti with Priyanka. Ishaan and Pari are good, but Shahid and Priyanka certainly blew up because of natural talent, looks, charisma, and were considered outsider.

I agree with you 100%. In fact at the trailer launch I felt bad for Ishaan and his mum, they didn't get the same spotlight as Jahnvi and her family.

just saw the trailler launch she was crying. people with mean comments can be so cruel

I actually felt janhvi's acting was not upto mark in two to three scence like her reaction after ishan's song and also when she says to sing the song in english, director should have given another shot or else he should have replaced them with any other scenes in the trailer, those two three scences brought all the hate to the girl. she has done really good in a scence where she places gun over her head and also when ishaan slaps her.

i don't think janhvi will be successful as an actress. in bollywood whenever the parent is a super duper successful actor, the star kid is always compared to them. especially when parent and star kid are of same gender. same thing happened with esha deol, abhishek bachchan, tushaar kapoor. sara ali khan has more of a chance because she has less to live up to.

Yeap!!!! Sunny Deol was really the only successful star kid of a Super star, even though Bobby was better looking better dancer and a pretty good actor he did not make it big at all. When Karishma Kapoor was launched at 15-16 all eyes were on her to see what she can do coming from a legendary family and that kind of pressure is just not fair on a 15-16 year old but nepo kids really have their own issues and do fade away if they are not good enough or do not have a fan following.

just watched softy then alia was not the best performer! but people arnt even giving jhanvi a chance! she is good as first film

Not convince at all with jhanvi another wasted opportunity on star kids that needs more time to work on the craft rather than being shoved down ppl throats

Who said you to see, go and see what makes your time worth.

First time in my entire life, I couldn't watch the whole trailer. Bad acting is on some other level here. Khattar is not 1% hero material, neither he can act to save his life.

Better watch Janhvi much rather than Alia

Ishaan is surprisingly good! He has a freshness i haven’t seen onscreen in a long time.

I think everyone should stop this nepo BS! Let's accept the fact that we all love start kids. We don't want to watch two unknown people. Star kids bring a different kind of x factor to the screen and in our minds. Ishaan here seems very natural. There is depth in his acting. even more than Shahid Kapoor. Jhanvi is pretty and has tried. Needs a little more intensity. She will get better with time. It is not easy to speak in a different language and accent. First movies are always tough. Nice trailer.

Speak for yourself bro. I would like to see actors who add flavor and depth to the story and make it come alive on screen, NOT remind me of some yesteryear actors because well...face matches.

Jhanvi can't even speak Hindi properly and KoJo thought she can mouth off rustic Hindi spoken in villages ? Seriously ? And gosh why is she made up like a doll ? I hate nepo kids but Alia looked more believable in Dear zindagi as a regular girl than Jhanvi in this trailer !

I don't know why Sridevi didn't teach them hindi when she herself struggled because of langugage barrier.

She is a cute gal, and seems down to earth and humble too. You should see her when people were asking questions, She seems like a nice simple gal, its ok give her a chance, yes they are nepo kids but still its ok, give them a chance, if they are talented they will go ahead otherwise they will not.. There is no need to hate her so much just because she got this movie, yes they are lucky, what can anyone do, life is unfair now its up to them how they cash on this opportunity. If they are not talented and they do not work hard they are going to fail. Anyway all the best to these kids.. for the first movie this is ok, hopefully Janhvi will work hard and give us good performance.. Ishaan seems like an intelligent actor, he will go places for sure and he seems like a nice guy too, Hopefully he will not tale any advice from his arrogant brother.. :)

Ha ha ha trailer is trending no 1, people are watching it again and again and they say nepotism.

She sounds like hema malini?

Star Kids / Plastic Surgeries / Paid, years of PR / Flamboyant Producers /  Superficial Acting - Behold a new set of Superstars are born. Take a bow.

Janhvi acting like a numb robot she should give us something special in the new trailer but she did NOT. Ishaan will be a big superstar in the future.

For God's sake, Sairat itself was so outdated and regressive. Couldn't they think of any other story/concept to launch these nepo kids. Real lack of imagination! And I thought Karan only casts good looking actors?

No doubt Ishaan seems more confidant and natural on screen but Janhvi is also seems good! Come on this is their first movie and they really did a good job than so many actors who were disasters in their debutant movie! Good luck to Ishaan & Janhvi

Already 6 million + views on youtube - can just imagine KJo sitting amongst his group of yes-men and going yeh toh hit, guaranteed...now let's do more promotion and highlight Sridevi connection...

Here's the thing...KJo will make this a hit no matter what and these two, especially the girl, will keep getting offers no matter what - at least for now as long as she is still "young" per B'wood standards. The truth is both are so average, the guy slightly better but he too is just so so...the girl cannot even move her facial muscles, especially mouth. They are trying to tie this up with sympathy for Sridevi and messing with people's minds.

But why does the film remind me of Ishaqzaade?

Rooting for Ishaan all the way.

This will be definitely blockbuster movie..Both actors are fresh and easy on eyes. Janhvi is cute.. First day first show.

if there are CHILD ACTORS like zaira wasim and Darsheel safary who give their dialogues and emote EFFORTLESSLY in their debut films then there is no excuse for these two. some people are saved by having an x factor but that's not here either. the audiences have been forgiving for too long. if i don't see good acting. im not watching the movie. Sairat is on Netfllix right now and i would rather watch that.

Especially Darsheel, the kid was so young and absolute magic! With Janhvi every word she utters seems forced, looks unnatural.

Ishaan is a natural but Jhanvi looks really awkward , from her weird looks to her acting and her heavy voice, he completely takes over the trailer. She on the other hand is clearly not cut out for this.

Fantastic job they have done!!!!!!

The boy is pretty good and the girl has a good voice and her accent sounded convincing but her face had no expressions

There is nothing new or original in this story. But what worked for Sairat was the treatment. Everything about that movie was raw, authentic and natural - even the ugly things. This movie actually is an insult to the original. Both the actors look too well groomed and confident to be believable. It’s a portfolio for two star kids and not a movie. Reminds me of Isha Sharvani’s characters in Luck By Chance!

Janhvi is trying to act but something is lacking, she should work hard.

Why is her mouth always open, I hardly say sridevi’s upper teeth in the movies, unless if she laughs, but it was different offscreen, why can’t janhvi try it. sridevi already given her suggestions, so if she followed it will be great.

This trailer is a lot like the trailer for Ranjhanaa, the fonts, colours, feeling.

janhvi looks so stiff she can't move her mouth properly

I think Ishaan is going to be a next big actor, one can see that spark in him, hopefully he stays away from shahid, be humble and grounded and sky is the limit..

If this movie songs hits 50 million then no doubt movie will be a hit. Janhvi didn’t impress me much in comedy scenes, she looks good in emotional scenes and second half of the movie is completely emotional, so I guess people would come out of theatre with a good opinion and ishaan is great.

I haven't seen much people bashing or disliking Jaanvi on social media and IF.. No one is even talking abt nepotism in her case but Ranbir Alia Sara etc. have to listen to all such things
So do u think Sri Devi's death has created a sympathy for her I mean it's like indirectly she is getting the support??

first see the comment section.. who is praising janhvi.

Bollywood is shit copywood is the more good name for bollywood

She should try in south movies

Flop lop copy of sairrat

Ishaan Khatter will walk away with this movie. mark my words.

Ishaan is really good and I liked him in his first movie as well. I am sure over a period of time he will get more better.. in my opinion he has theater capacity for emoting ! Awesome !!! Good luck. Janhvi’s Hindi really needs to be worked upon or she needs a dubbing. Else she is all made up like a live doll. and voice and diction don’t coincide. But I guess this is her first, there is always a learning curve :)..Good Luck

i guess janhvi doesn't have it in her after all. alia definitely had that x factor which janhvi lacks. but i guess if deepika can improve so can she...let's see

alia never had the x factor imo..she had and still has the opportunities and good films in her hands. jaahvi definitely looks more like a star and has the x factor so to say...but she will need to know how to act otherwise wont make it. just like deepika had the x factor when she debuted...but without proving to act she woldnt be where she is

i hated this trailer...janhvi is crap. ishaan's talented but i don't buy him as an innocent character - he looks too chalu for that.

Watched this trailer several times since morning.. too good !

What Karan said in the press conference about the look of innocence and first love holds true. Both Ishan and Janhvi are able to portray that emotion.

ISHAAN can ACT!!!!...jhanvi was so so only anyone could do her role...she looked a bit active during the tragedy scenes

it was so so still think sara and sushant will have better on screen chemistry. jhanvi has ruined her face with fillers botox and what not there is no freshness or youth to her face she looks older than him

It's janhvi's first film.so cut her some slack.
Ishaan is a good actor but don't forget that this is his second film..Hope janhvi will do better in future.fingers crossed..

I am sure he was good in his first movie too.

Jhanvi will end up as next Sonam kapoor, mark my words!

Ishaan is great in this trailer. Such a cutie. Best of luck.

Simply WOW!! I loved the trailer!! Something good to watch after ages !! Ishan is soul and jhanvi heart of the movie!’ Both are impressive and fresh , super hit!!

Deepika voice was also dubbed in her first film cause her voice was same as Janhvi . Jhanvi did a good job .

janhvi reminded me of Deepika in her initial film she used to have the same kind of voice and dialogue delivery and eyes expression .

Janhvi has the same kind of voice like that of south Indian actresses like SriDevi , Hema Malini and Shreya Saran. She has spark .

Im sure this movie will be blockbuster.. Great music and good looking actors always helps..Janhvi and Ishan got good screen presence..

This is why it's wrong to overpromote a star kid before his/her debut. Janhvi barely can emote, has strange voice add to that her horrible dialogue delivery, also she looks older than her age because of her nose, lips and some other jobs . I never liked Alia but there was a spark in her when she started her career which is missing in Janhvi but that doesn't matter, Karan will continue promoting her but I'm not sure that he can make a star from her. She is Sridevi's daughter and people expecing more from her that they ever expected from Mahesh Bhatt's daughter so it'll not be an easy journey for her. From other side Ishan is really good,he can act, has a good screen presence and boyish charm. The trailer is ok, for those who loved Sairat this is a glam Dharma version of it which is not exciting

Well said! I was pleasantly surprised with Ishaan’s performance and screen presence! Jhanvi, I just wish her mom was around to guide her. She is not a natural like Sridevi, but she can work on getting better, she isn’t bad, but she doesn’t connect for some reason.

Ishan was very good in his first movie as well. What about Janhvi she got Sridevi's character but not her talent. Sridevi was an introvert, very shy and never talked much during her interviews but onscreen she was making magic, she would transforme into someone she is not in a real life and that's a real talent, actually Shridevi was one of few actresses who never played herself and that's why she was ahead of other actresses. Janhvi seems introvert offscreen and she is same onscreen which is visible in the trailer. Also I understand her nose job but doing a lip job from such a young age that she barely can speak?

Even I was wondering why her upper lip looks frozen and it does not move even an inch when she speaks. speaks

I have seen beyond the clouds, he was good in trailer but he was stoned in some scenes, janhvi is good in emotional scenes, people will come out of theatre with second part and you can never compare sridevi and janhvi, when sridevi was janhvi’s age she already had 200 movies to her credit.

Janhvi is overpromoted and got this role because she is Sridevi's daughter who was one of the best actresses in indian cinema ever so it's natural that people will compare her with her mother. I was never expecting her to have Sridevi's talent but she was promoted so hard that made high expectation from her, same goes to Sara. She is also everywhere these days and her PR promoting her to death. Amrita was not as popular as Sridevi but people will compare Sara with Amrita as well.

Completely lacks the rawness and earthiness of the original movie. Only Ishan looks the part, Jhanvi looks too made up and very conscious of herself and not at all believable as a small time girl. Disappointed !!!

I'm glad it does, cos the original was highly overrated.

Something about Sairat was endearing, Dhadak misses on many levels. I went back to watch Sairat trailer, if you watch it you’ll know what i mean...there is a instant connect with Sairat...

Absolutely loved it. They both look promising, and trailer looked emotional... wish them the best. Jhanvi met all the expectation as a debut, im sure she will grow more!

Looks good. Both the youngsters look fresh and sweet. Looking forward to watching this film. All the Best Jahnavi and Ishaan

"janhvi maardala.."
"YASSSS!!! She can act!!!!!"
"make way for these kids bollywood, they are gonna rule in coming years, better don’t misbehave with them."
"Impressed with both! Looking forward to the movie. Also I watched the trailer launch live"
"janhvi is impressive in her first film , she will definitely grow in the future" "Jhanvi is so good for her first movie and has great screen presence"
Are these paid people who are praising Karan Johar and Jhanvi in the comment section.?? Because I being a neutral person, who watches some quality movies time to time, found her acting skills nada/nil zero, ishan doesn't even have the charm and looks of a common person is better at emoting.. Who are the people who get impressed by this level of wahiyat acting? And the reason there are better actors and better looking people waiting for a chance, but Jhanvi's and Sara's of the world get it anyways. She will get roles, she has Karan Johar backing her, there is no point stating the obvious but can people /pr be objective atleast!!
P. S : a sane sridevi fan..

Have you watched the original Sairat? I watched the trailer and honestly, i wasn't impressed. The lead actor and actress are not people you would have thought of to be film stars but guess what? Sairat is so beautiful and so successful Dhadak would be compared to it. So give these new comers a chance and see their work before cursing them

There is a difference between film not being impressive in trailers and a bad actor who cant even emote properly.

She’s better than I expected ..the movie seems a bit cliche tho like a more innocent less sexy ram-leela

Considering it’s her debut, she is good and contrast to sridevi janhvi is struggling in light scenes, but she is great in emotional scenes. Hope she improves much more in her second movie, she is worth giving another chance.

Ishaan looks natural..Jhanvi looks very mediocre...

Ishaan looks like he's 15.

The fake nose, her upper lips will burst, at least you could have asked the ps to give you an Indian nose, no comment on the trailer coz its utter trash


Jhanvi can act. Just hope innocence-snatcher uff Karan Johar doesn't directs her personal life like he did with Alia.

Remember arjun and parineeti in their debut movie. Remember sonakshi in her debut movie. Then you will realize that these two are not good enough even by nepotism standards. Plus they have funny looking faces. No charm in their expressions.

Jhanvi's acting is way better than most of the debutants but her dialogue delivery could've been better.

The worst scene is ishaan riding that bike. It doesn’t go with the movie story, but what to do karan wants everything big. Or is that bike janhvi is going to ride in the movie??

Ishan was really good. He's going to shine in the film. Jhanvi seemed under confident. Her lips were majorly distracting and she wasn't expressive enough in some parts. Compared to other debuts, she seems better than Alia, but not as good as Parineeti.

Why why why did you do that to your lips, such a talented girl and you don’t need to do, just go and remove those fillers.

Ishaan is an amazing talent. Hope he doesn't get lost in the sea of non actors who are children of past stars and superstars.

Two extremely confident debutants...plus a remake of a super hit movie...Karan will laughing all the way to the banks!!

Her lips n nose kept distracting me but yess ladki mein spark toh hain . Much better dan alia's performance in soty . She needs to work on her timing , dialogue delivery n camera angles .......wish sridevi cudve been there at this moment .

She's messed up her lips

ha ha madhuri fans commenting bad about janhvi, but she is way better than any debutant.

make way for these kids bollywood, they are gonna rule in coming years, better don’t misbehave with them.

I have to admit, karan is a genius. He knows what kind of movies work and are a Launchpad for these kids. and what amount of acting is needed (and fill it with fashionable outfits). By watching the trailer, I have to say that only by judging what I saw Janvhi has a long way to go in terms of acting. It is easy to project emotions in a dramatic situation because it gives you the freedom to be loud and burst energy (and she did that well) but where great acting lies is in the subtle emotions. all the focus is on the eyes and tone of the voice. your whole body has to move along. something you can see more in Ishaans acting (once again: only by watching the trailer). janvhi mentioned she likes actresses like meena kumara, wahee R, meryl etc. I suggest she studies how they act and what makes their part convincing (I am not at all trying to say that she should be as good as them, but iif she wants to be recognized as a good actress then it is important to work on your craft). I also think that if this movie took place in UP or Mumbai, it would have been better because the rajisthani accent doesn't sound convincing. Anyways, best of luck to both of them and the maker of the movie. my opinion wont make or break their career, but because I know half of Bollywood reads this blog, it might be of some interest. PV pls post this

Nothing is easy dear, we have already seen how emotion bursts in all A list actresses, it’s just that janhvi took some time to be used to camera, first part of the movie was shot first so she is not that good, second half was shot after her mother’s death, it might hit her hard and she became more open and looks like she worked hard in second half.

Not only did I like Janhvi's acting, she exceeded my expectations in speaking hindi. She speaks hindi really well. Ishaan is just too good!!

Janhvi’s dialogue delivery is quite similar to veteran actress Hema Malini.

because they both don’t know hindi, have seen janhvi speaking in hindi in trailer launch, she is speaking with heavy accent and bookish hindi.

Why did they choose a remake it’s leading to unnecessary comparisons and trolling for talented kids.

Janhvi should work on her camera angles, in some shots she is bang on and in some scenes she is pale. Both the actors will not be affected with the movie result, they look very talented for debutants. She is going to the best nepo product from kapoor family.

Her voice is like sridevi’s

Disappointing. Both very ordinary looking & Jhanvi looks bad in closeups with squint eyes. Innocence is missing. Looks madeup & fake as in all Kjo films!

now dying to catch a glimpse of sara's acting as well..jhanvi will survive..her acting looks better than arjun kapoor.


I didn't like the trailer

It looks like a already watched movie, but they both are great, more than light scenes I loved intense scenes. If they came with new script, it would have gained much more attention.

I was so excited for this trailer but after watching it I can’t help but feel it’ll flop big time!! I also felt jhanvi would be promising but now I got sucked into the anti nepotism movement from the bollywood audience and don’t feel her acting chops are on par with being a leading btown lady.. Ishan might have the acting skills but definitely not the looks.. should not have been casted no where near this film.. dealt disappointed with Karan for making this perfect movie remade for these ‘actors’... coming from a huge KJO fan!!

Where's her bloomin' motorbike ? Janhvi is better than I expected & it's a good role for a debut .

to be honest ishaan overshadowed her i didn’t expect anything much after her vogue photoshoot video
she looks like a doll & doesn’t have energy and expressions
Ishaan is too god

no...not working she looks too polished for a village belle...the rawness is missing which sairat had...

Dialogue delivery was weird & her lips are always opened up.

It was a good trailer but she needs to improve her hindi accent

mira shud have come too for the trailer launch..

Ishaan is a natural

ishaan can be a great actor but not got great looks.
janhvi on the other hand has both looks and acting going for her

Acting wise, Ishaan is better. I have a feeling that he'll shine more than Janhvi in this film. I think he'll do better than Shahid career wise, especially if he remains humble.

Janhvi's voice sounded weird. She also looks older than Ishaan. Considering that this is her first film, her acting wasn't bad.

Success, Team Dhadak

As a madhuri fan I hated jahnvi at the beginning. I wrote horrible comments about Sridevi but now I realise her talent. But I also see spark in this girl. It's in the genes . Good luck

A real Madhuri fan would not write mean things about Sridevi’s kid.

She has to work on her dialogue delivery. Couldn’t understand some of her dialogue. She’s brilliant at emoting. Ishaan looks like a baby

How can a person like ishaan become an actor ? He is below average looking .ewww

wowww very impressive...Jhanvi is a revelation...

She presents beautifully! So promising!!

She has a lovely presence on screen, very easy to watch. I am now looking forward to this!!

Somehow it sucked. May be familiarity with Sairat could be a reason. But truly bad dialogue delivery by Jhanvi. Expected better out of her. Ishaan seemed better in Beyond the clouds. The whole trailer is visual extravaganza.

Star has arrived! No doubts.She is gonna make it big! <3 Miss sri :(

I am a bit disappointed in her acting, she couldn’t express much in the beginning of the trailer, her lips were distracting me as she couldn’t properly move her mouth.
Ishaan on the other hand is a fantastic actor. They are both nepo kids though.

Couldn't stand the trailer beyond 50 secs lol... And her voice rofl!!


V nice..full marks to acting skills

my sridevi is back

omg her acting is better than katrina and sonam

janhvi maardala..

Its her first movie, She Will surely get better with time, She got a great debut film that is centered around her unlike Sara Where it Will be more of ranveers film...

Janhvi definitely has screen presence , reminded me of Deepika in Ram Leela .

Alia and Varun were so bad in student of the year compare to them janhvi and Ishaan are impressive and good.

Janhvi is impressive in her first film , she will definitely grow in the future

Jhanvi is so good for her first movie and has great screen presence .

Impressed with both! Looking forward to the movie. Also I watched the trailer launch live and it was really nice to see the whole Kapoor fanily turn up to support janhvi